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    I hope Lebron fails miserably as a Laker
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    Yeah coz it was Devos family’s fault for Shaq turning down more money from the Magic (which was offered) and for D12 being a douche bag. The Magic have been committed to being a classy and philanthropic organization, and they are willing to spend on players, build state of the art arena, and if not for bad luck (Nick Anderson free throws and early Jameer return) we may have been more competitive. We may not be perfect but we’ve given our heart to this organization and are still committed to doing so by bringing top notch management that has helped both Toronto and Milwaukee.
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    Nice to be back here. Been a while.. I'm from Estonia. This guy can ball, in Estonia he played in Kalev/Cramo and in VTB United League, they batteled strong teams from Russia (CSKA, Himki, Zenith and so) He played very well against them. I'm pretty excited to see him play in summer league.
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    I dated a girl with a lazy eye for a while. Unfortunately she was seeing other guys on the side....
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    Some people can’t be pleased and apparently don’t understand you don’t fix a bottom feeder trash team in 1 trade or 1 draft. Trust the process. Let it happen. This move made us slightly better and saved us a little money. Idk why people are complaining. It’s just a little move with little risk with possibly a little reward. Who cares? This isn’t gonna be the last move we make before the season starts. R-E-L-A-X
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    I'm just going to be blunt and say anyone advocating a Westbrook trade at this point just doesn't know anything about basketball. I get that people are unhappy with Vucevic--I guarantee you'll be even more unhappy when Westbrook is on our team and needs to be paid 46 million dollars at age 35.
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    The Gordon hater is here—to eat crow. Gordon has been the best player on our team this series and the 1 guy whose gone 110% on both ends every game. If only other players were elevating their playoff play on the big stage like he’s been doing. Oh well.
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    We should rest Grant for the rest of the season.
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    Have you all hit your heads recently? After years of unanimous agreement that Vooch needs to go, you’re now comfortable rebuilding around him? Last few years with no viable replacement on the roster: “TRADE HIM, GUY SUCKS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” This year after just drafting his obvious, high-ceiling replacement: “Well let’s not get too hasty here... I mean the guy has been playing pretty well.” Does it not alarm some of you that even in Vooch’s “good” year, we’re still 20-28 in the weakest Eastern Conference in recent memory? What part of his Renaissance has translated to anything meaningful results-wise?
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    I legitimately might cry if we get kemba. Family is all from Connecticut. Most of my best sports memories are from UConn games. Some of my last memories of my Dad are excitedly talking about kemba. He died from terminal cancer in his early 50s a few days before kembas big East tournament run. My mom is convinced his death had some karmic sway over that championship run. Kemba is as close to a holy figure you can get in my family.
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    I feel like calling either of them cancers is a bit to much. These aren’t bad guys embarrassing the franchise off the court getting suspended and what not. I think Vuch is a baby. I don’t really have a problem with Evan. I always liked him more than most. I’m just ready for a change. He’s the best natural scorer on this team so if we lose him we better bring some offense back. Vuch is a baby but he was happy to resign with Orlando when he could have left. He’s been a good guy in the community and always speaks highly of Orlando. Don’t get me wrong I’m ready to move on for sure—but when we trade him I think it would be entirely unfair to view his time here as a cancer.
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    Y’all are truly hating. Post All-Star break we were #1 in the league in defensive efficiency and had the #3 record in the East. How does everyone assume we will still be fighting for the 8th seed with this same hungry team?
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    “Vuc has shown interest with Boston. It appears to be a mutual thing.” Pass it on so it makes the news circuits.
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    If this series makes us give up on Vuc then it will be worth it
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    Basketball reference has us at 38.5 wins, the 7 seed, and a 57.5% chance to make the playoffs. Think we need to really shoot for that 7 seed. There's not a series that we have a good chance to win but I think Milwaukee is the worst matchup for us. We handle Toronto really well because we're built to handle siakam, it doesn't really bother us to have Kawhi take Gordon out of the game, and I'm not as worried about Augustin and fournier defending Lowry and Green. Philly or Boston are definitely winnable. Philly with Simmons is easier to defend and they don't have the depth to kill us. Boston should just out talent us but we won the season series against them so maybe there's just something there. Milwaukee is the only series that I think is a definite 4 or 5 game series. The rest I think we can push to 6 or 7 if we play our best and maybe if the other team looks ahead we can steal one.
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    Btw those jerseys should become the main ones
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    Not sure wether to believe this or not.
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    I’m 100% pro tank. But some of you guy are absolutely ridiculous about the lengths you want to go to tank and how upset y’all get. Imagine being the hornets/bobcats. You are the most awful team in league history. You get the top odds. A franchise talent lies at #1 in Anthony Davis. You don’t win the lottery and end up with MKG and now you had a whole lost season for nothing. Stuff happens both ways man. Just be a fan enjoy the season and get excited about the player we get. Cause a bust can happen ANYWHERE in the draft. I am pro tank but I am not gonna let a win here and there get me all butt hurt like some of you. Go ahead and downvote me but y’all get pitiful about this stuff sometimes.
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    Best thing about payton being traded is not having to hear you talk about hating his floppy hair anymore
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    I guess Jeff isn't seeing the same thing that we all see every game so I thought I'd help him out. Dear Jeff, Vuc hasn't been injured and he still sucks on D. We are getting killed in the paint! By the way nice FA signing on Simmons. Dear Jeff, Biz has hands of stone. Please tell coach to stop running plays where he gets the ball at the top of the key. By the way nice signing on Speights. Dear Jeff, Fournier and Vuc play buddy ball and are holding back the development of our only real star. Please trade them. By the way, AA was a nice signing as a veteran presence in the locker room. P.S. Marios still sucks too. Trade him as well. Dear Jeff, Go out on the court and take a few 3 point shots wearing a baseball cap with no cardboard in the bill. If you can see the rim let us know. Just sayin'.