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  1. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    I think I saw someone online say that Zion said he was super impressed by how professional Moore was and how he was always able to stay ready even when he wasn't playing for periods. Sounds like a good locker room presence. He'll mostly just be a situational bench shooter I imagine but I like it.
  2. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    It's surprising but I like it. I'm guessing it doesn't look like there are any TPE moves to be made so instead get a veteran guard who can shoot and re-evaluate the trades for Ross, Harris and the TPE at the deadline.
  3. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    He might be a bust but it's not like it matters that much to us next year.
  4. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Brooklyn have got 16 guys under contract at the moment. I wonder if we could take Doumbouya and a 2nd round pick into the Aminu trade exception. (Would save the Nets a lot in tax) Free look at an athletic forward for nothing.
  5. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Teams negotiate this stuff. Some picks do things like this. Some don't. I can't see why there should be any rules specifically stating this needs to happen. Both teams agree to trades and pick protections as they happen. Limiting what protections can be put on picks would only lead to fewer trades which is not what the league or the teams want.
  6. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Cavs acquiring Lauri Markannen... Not that I care about the Cavs but that doesn't seem like a good move.. Portland getting Larry Nance in the deal is great for them. Think he's almost exactly the big they needed to play with Dame.
  7. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Oh I'm with you on the fact that anxiety can affect people differently. I guess I should say he's good at hiding it if he is anxious, because he comes across as supremely confident.
  8. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Apparently there are rumours that Suggs has some anxiety issues that seem to be being put out there as an answer to the question "why did the Raptors pass on Suggs" (full disclosure I haven't heard the source but it apparently came up on a Jay Bilas podcast) and to be honest that sounds insane considering everything I've seen of Suggs so far.
  9. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    There aren't really any free agents worth making a run at. Harden, Irving and Beal all have Player Options so could be FAs but seems like Kyrie and Harden are going to sign max extensions with Brooklyn. The best UFA is Zach Lavine. Apart from Lavine and potentially Beal I can't see anybody I'd be super excited about paying 20m never mind a max unless you think there's any chance you can get someone like MPJ from Denver as an RFA (highly, highly doubtful). Even if we don't use the Fournier TPE there's still potential we could facilitate somebody signing and trading for Beal or Lavine or whoever in the summer with our cap space.
  10. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    I'd imagine we're hoping to use the Fournier TPE to grab some assets that would eat into that 30m space. Also any Gary Harris trade would also probably eat into that as he's an expiring so taking back more salary + assets for him could be on the table. If the Magic were going to use that space on free agents they probably could have started this summer by using the MLE. The fact that they didn't bodes well that they're not going to spend needlessly next summer I think.
  11. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    I've been wading into the 2022 draft too. Then again I'd probably be doing that a bit even if the Magic weren't projected to have a high pick. That being said I think we can all agree it's pretty likely the Magic will have a lottery pick so there's no reason not to start familiarising ourselves with the prospects. One thing I would say though is this time last year mocks had BJ Boston, Jalen Johnson, and Keon Johnson all in the top 10. A lot can change between now and then.
  12. CTMagicUK

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Basically the Magic have the hardest schedule in the league: