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  1. Magic vs Bulls

    Well. It's been fun guys but clearly I'm not meant to be a Magic fan. Like this **** is ridiculous. I literally can't watch a game that's not total crap. Had a great few years. Laters.
  2. Magic vs Bulls

    Wow. Start as you mean to go on in the 4th. Are we just resting guys for Sunday now?
  3. Magic vs Bulls

    Less than 20 points in the last 2 quarters. Shameful.
  4. Magic vs Bulls

    Apparently this team has been good this year? Literally all I've seen is terrible performances with no fight or hustle. Maybe if I turn this off now we can have a miraculous come back.
  5. Magic vs Bulls

    Finally a whistle on one of our drives.
  6. Magic vs Bulls

    Why no Speights? We can't hit a shot.
  7. Magic vs Bulls

    I think I'm just cursed. We need something to wake us up.
  8. Magic vs Bulls

    When you don't run offense for him AG has to force his own offense and that's when he turns it over. I don't get it.
  9. Magic vs Bulls

    No way they got that off.
  10. Magic vs Bulls

    Why don't we run any offense for AG?
  11. Magic vs Bulls

    What on earth is happening. Taking terrible shots and playing no defense.
  12. Magic vs Bulls

    Mack has not been good. We need Payton back as soon as possible.
  13. Magic vs Bulls

    Haven't started the 3rd well.
  14. Magic vs Bulls

    Simmons is a beast.
  15. Magic vs Bulls

    Wow. Slow start.