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  1. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    This is not true. That's just a Magic fan. Cole doesn't follow him on twitter. Took me literally seconds to find a tweet of this guy saying Cole could be out of the rotation if he doesn't play well.
  2. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    Still. FVV apparently wants the max. No thanks.
  3. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    But I'm not too worried that report that said we were interested in trading Suggs for FVV didn't even know when he was picked (called him #3 pick). And when have any of our moves made it to the press before they happened?
  4. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    If we trade Markelle for FVV a lot of the good will WeltHam have built up with me gets flushed. That's not a good move.
  5. CTMagicUK

    2023 Draft Thread

  6. CTMagicUK

    Magic vs Knicks - Tues. Feb. 7 @ 700 PM

    Yea I echo the above. Thanks TMF for keeping the game threads coming.
  7. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    Not entirely sure to be honest. I imagine we'll work him back slowly. He could take some of Bol's minutes in match ups where we need some forward defense.
  8. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    Chuma is nearly healthy. Been assigned to G league.
  9. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    To be clear the deal would be like Lavine OR Derozan + Dalen Terry + Coby White + picks or something. Brooklyn could then try and ride out this year as a fringe playoff team and move Lavine/Derozan in the summer for more stuff. You're right the Bulls probably don't have the best offer though.
  10. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    I'd love to be the third team in a KD trade. Maybe take a piece who's good but not what a rebuilding team would need for like the Denver pick + Hampton/Bamba/Ross or something. This just came to me and could affect us: I wonder if Chicago would be ballsy enough to do Lavine or Derozan + stuff for KD.
  11. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    Have a feeling both Dallas and Brooklyn have more deals to make. Not sure if Brooklyn will look for (or find even if they do explore it) a KD trade though.
  12. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    Kyrie to Dallas. Intriguing.
  13. CTMagicUK

    Magic at Hornets - Sun. Feb. 5th @ 1:00 PM

    Magic win again. Love it. Paolo is such a FT tank.
  14. CTMagicUK

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    Agreed, dumb. He moved faster in that scuffle than I've ever seen him move on a basketball court in 5 years. Think this hurts any trade value he had too.