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    it would probably get them banned, but i wish one of the reporters would say hey mose you say the same thing every night. How are You gonna get them to keep moving the ball in the clutch?
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    Complaining about Cole after that game specifically is WILD. I was more scared that anyone other than Cole was going to shoot.
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    The last 4 losses put a spotlight on just how thin our backcourt is. Harris out the last 2 and Suggs out the 2 losses to New York and Indy. It’s why most of us were so upset for sitting stagnant at the trade deadline. Markelle was horrible again last night but people are afraid to say it because he’s an awesome dude and we all feel bad for him. Behind that AB is too raw, and Cole and Suggs are way too inconsistent. I still can’t believe a pro basketball team had a quarter where they shot 3-22 from the field… insane
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    Too bad, did not capitalize on a fantastic game by JI
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    CT, the last game Markelle played in, it was him coming off the bench. He did not take anything away from Paolo and Franz. He was able to draw attention to himself, leaving it open for Paolo and Franz to do their thing. Markelle did not clog up the paint each time Paolo went in for those thunderous dunks. While Markelle handled the ball, the opposing players were more focused on what he was going to do instead of waiting for Franz or Paolo dribbling into paint and triple-teamed while trying to make a layup.
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    I would have to disagree. , Kelle comes in and can calm the team down and get them back into running some sets, Ingles can to a lesser degree. AB can’t do that, at least not yet. I’m not sure if Cole will ever, though there are flashes - he’s just not a natural PG.
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    That game was over at half yet I inexplicably watched until the end. The Admiral Schofield points in garbage time were fun. Jalen Suggs getting riled up by Grant Williams and just going into ***** you mode was hilarious when we were already up like 25. That (definitely not a travel) behind the back Paolo dime to a stepping back Suggs 3 was one of the most fun plays of the season. Good W and rest for the starters and JI. Let's go.
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    I want to resign Fultz and give him a rental! Just at a vet minimum contract at this point.(or 5-8 mil max) We already did him good with a big contract, he needs to return the favor if he wants to be part of this. Hes a great mentor going forward and he can still play. But he’s definitely not the type of player, he used to be. Very sad!!
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    I'd take either of them for our starting PG spot. Beggars can't be choosers. And to nitpick about 44 points in 44 shots in yet another win against the Celtics, with a game winner while being a 7 to 1 underdog, seems unnecessary. No Trae, Okongwu or Jalen Johnson playing, either.
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    Agree about Your first statement, disagree about Cole If You watch him in clutch time, he never even looks for anyone else. Yes he had an amazing game, and often does, but just as often shoots us out of the game. The final seconds of the Kings game was as much about him playing hero ball as to trying to get a win. Dont mind if he starts the rest of the year, or we give AB a bit of burn, but for the future... Yes, we need the point guard that You describe To me, Cole is not him.
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    Even with all of that, it was a two point game with about two minutes left. At that point all the guys who want to win the game by themselves started to go one on however many and take bad shots. It’s at the end of close games when passing is most important that we just stop. No one trusts their teammates apparently. It’s happened repeatedly. It’s very aggravating.
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    Watching Ben McLemore and Jabari Parker duke it out in the Spanish League wasn’t in my 2024 bingo card
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    https://www.theringer.com/the-bill-simmons-podcast/2024/3/22/24108344/orlando-magic-john-calipari-kentucky-future-anthony-edwards-experience Bill Simmons and The Ringer gushing about The Magic! Man people love Suggs. Simmons called him the best defensive guard in the league. He also says having Issak is like putting in Bill Russel for 15 minutes every night. What an amazing season for us as fans.
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    Im rooting for Markelle. But the idea this team will suffer without Markelle or regret re-signing him is just not true. We had our longest win streak of the season with him on the IR. He's 13th on the team in minutes played and 14th on the team in TS%.
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    I’ve got severe PTSD from the Knicks and Pacers games a few weeks ago, really not confident tonight but hoping the boys can pull it out the bag tonight! Let’s go Magic.
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    You and I don’t often agree, but for once we are 100% on the same page!
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    NBA free agents I'd like us to consider signing this summer: Jrue Holiday (P.O.) D. Russell M. Monk G. Allen T. Jones Kenatvious Caldwell-Pope I like the idea of starting two guards who can drain the three alongside Franz and Paulo. I don't trust Harris long-term, but our real weakness right now is in our bench. I don't see how we roll with Kelle and Cole next year.
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    Also Gary Trent really said to himself "these guys have 25 million in cap space in the summer, are in desperate need of shooting and I'm a free agent" going into this game. Dude was on fire.
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    Ya'll can say what you want about Ingles, but good things happens when he (and JI) is on the court. Ingles is a good passer.
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    Yep, I’m here! Surprised to be losing after one but we always seem to struggle in Toronto. Raps playing hard. This would be a bad loss, but I’m optimistic we’ll be able to turn it around. Talent usually prevails in these matchups
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    Glad we seem to be over Brooklyn. Little disappointed we couldn't step our foot on the gas and blow them out honestly we had chances. This was a Paolo game that felt like a vision of what prime Paolo will be like. Just took what the defense gave him every time down. Didn't force anything, got to the FT line and found his teammates. Made it look easy. I've loved Gary Harris lately. The defense has been awesome and he's shooting it well. Jalen's confidence in the jumper is unbelievable right now. The way he's letting it fly it's hard to believe he was ever a bad shooter. Good W. Heat and Pacers lost. Let's go.
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    Can't wait til the days where we don't have to play guys like Cole Anthony anymore. He's a horrible watch.
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