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    I guess Jeff isn't seeing the same thing that we all see every game so I thought I'd help him out. Dear Jeff, Vuc hasn't been injured and he still sucks on D. We are getting killed in the paint! By the way nice FA signing on Simmons. Dear Jeff, Biz has hands of stone. Please tell coach to stop running plays where he gets the ball at the top of the key. By the way nice signing on Speights. Dear Jeff, Fournier and Vuc play buddy ball and are holding back the development of our only real star. Please trade them. By the way, AA was a nice signing as a veteran presence in the locker room. P.S. Marios still sucks too. Trade him as well. Dear Jeff, Go out on the court and take a few 3 point shots wearing a baseball cap with no cardboard in the bill. If you can see the rim let us know. Just sayin'.
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    Basically, my hypothesis is we could trade vucevic for a point guard and we'd be fine
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    Ummm. I’m not sure this reads the way you meant it to read.
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    Relax. This is all part of our plan to get down really big so that the starters get "mad" and make a big comeback in the second half that only falls short by 10 or so.
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    Gordon will go off tonight. 42 pts 13 rebounds 4 blocks.
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    I think we are at the point when we can try ANYTHING and not be much worse than we have been playing.
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    I think it is. I just don't see all of a sudden guys coming back and just start winning. I'm calling it. Season died 12/14/17 at 7:47AM.
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    The way Mario works he'd shut down Griffin but give up 18 points to two way contract fill in jamil Wilson
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    Rajon Romeo sounds like the world's greatest wingman
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    The magic have lost since the beginning of the season four starters for ten games or more plus our productive first round pick for over a month and our back up pg for multiple games. What other team in the league has had to go through this? we can all be great at hindsight. But a lot of us were not fans of Harris and although some wanted to keep oladipo he was not as productive as Evan at the time we traded him at similar ages. Last year Vic was even worse at okc. He went back to his college area where he was treated like a god and his ego was boosted to a new level and his game also. Would that have happened here? Who knows! we all should be thrilled at AG's improvement and Isaac's possibilities. That is something to build around. We do have assets to move and get a more athletic balanced team. Be patient. I know it sux!!! I have been a fan since nick Anderson was drafted. So I am extremely knowledgeable of the disappointment this team can give. But I have learned to look for the bright spots. And right now I believe we have a player on the precipice of becoming a great player and one who has all the skills to join him. I will revel in that. I hope you all will to. Go Magic!
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    The only thing missing in Mario is his confidence. It's been destroyed here I am not sure he ever had it but it sure has not been enhanced by any of our coaches. But a coach has to show confidence In some players by letting them make mistakes and not yanking them. Mario seems to have never gotten that opportunity here, I hope maybe one day he will find it in himself or finds a coach who will.
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    He's really not. He just decides to be 25% of the time. The other 75% he causes huge issues that makes him unplayable. Nobody who is against vucevic disagrees with his peak level performance. He's objectively won games for us. But there's 1. A level of consistency that he doesn't show to be a starter 2. An attitude problem he shows that's detrimental to the overall success oid the team 3. A fatal flaw (interior defense) that we can't hide.
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    Here's the link http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=21619838
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    I've done some math! I think we should trade vuc and Fournier for deandre Jordan even if it costs us, say, a top 8 protected first round pick. BUT WHAT IF HE LEAVES THIS SUMMER? Well, that's the math. We could make a trade like vuc and Fournier for dj and Wes Johnson and if Jordan leaves we'd be able to manufacture $30 million in cap space and a Augustin - Simmons -Isaac - Gordon - biyombo ross iwundu Wesley Johnson 8 man rotation.
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    "Guys have to be able to accept constructive criticism and transfer that onto the court and do what’s best for this team," Simmons said. "You can do as much talking as you want to, but if you don’t physically do something about it yourself then we’re just doing a bunch of talking and barking for no reason. " J. Simmons for nba.com
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    Time to blow it up. This isnt working and we are doomed to be stuck in the 8-12 slot for years and years. The rebuild was a failure. We missed the top players every single time. Its ok.. just acknowledge that and stop trying to "win now." We can't. Trade everyone now while they still have value.
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    Seriously, people need to stop with the Mario Hezonja "maybe he's going to suddenly be an NBA player" garbage. I was a big fan of him on Draft night, too, but he's shown pretty clearly that he's terrible. His best season was his rookie season, and that was very bad for a 5th pick. The man has a single-digit AST% with a TO% at nearly 20. His PER is in the single digits. He has yet to prove he has one viable NBA skill; he can't dribble, is a timid and inconsistent shooter, seems genuinely mystified by very concept of team defense, and seems to be getting slower and less athletic already at age 22. He is the least mentally stable player on a team of mental midgets. We need to accept that he's awful and move on.
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    No they're not. They're weak and mentally like a bunch of 4 year olds. Skill gets you places, attitude gets you ships.
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    Now we know why Skiles quit............... LOL
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    To be honest I'm ok with anything that gets rid of Vuch. I'm not the GM though so I don't have to make smart moves lol.
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    Something has snapped in my brain when watching Vooch. It's like I've been bottling it up all this time and now I just can't take it anymore.
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    We are playing better with DJ imo
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    He was looking for Vooch but forgot the bench was on the other side of the court.
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    We knew this road trip was going to be brutal. Let's not enter panic mode just yet.
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    We need to run more plays for gordon. Can't have him consistently taking only 10 shots a game
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    He will be ok. Watching this team play today is giving me a non-traumatic concussion.
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    Fournier is out?!!! Release the beast! Gordon!
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    Not necessarily, they also have the Bucks pick which is heavily protected and the Miami pick.
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    I see I was Bang on then lol keep it going AG
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    Westbrook is like a *****ing cat5 hurricane every year. You just prepare and hope your house withstands the storm
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    Full interview with Jeff Weltman from earlier today
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    AG on Victor: I'm proud of him. He looks comfortable. They give him the freedom to be the player he's capable of" Should've saw the look he gave when he said that too. AG on moral victories: "I'm not into taking moral victories. Coaches might but I'm not." DAMN! I love it!! We need to be building around this guy. Fire Vogel if he disagrees.
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    We really are. We looked our best in that 3rd quarter when we had DJ/Simmons/Tross/AG/Vuch Since then, it's been soft ass basketball
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    More power to all you guys. I just can't think about the draft this early in the season; too depressing.
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    This is the new mock draft site https://www.thestepien.com
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    Orlando Magic = Definition of Insanity
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    Biyombo is actually doing ok lately. Guys have shot 29% against him these last 5 games. The recent improvement brings his interior defense to 50% for the year. That's really good. For reference its almost identical to Hassan Whiteside.
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    Figure this as good of time as any to issue this reminder: Never Google search Fournier.
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    We have two guys, two starters who gripe about things like benching and shots but doesn't put in the defensive effort when shots aren't falling. There in lies the problem.
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    I'm still pissed over that bull**** call
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    After those last 4 minutes from Fournier i never want to ever read another Gordon ball movement story
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