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  1. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Jason Beede on X: "#Magic forward Paolo Banchero shares a message on his Instagram Story for Markelle Fultz: “love always brother, appreciate u and glad I got to lace em up w a real killa” https://t.co/bDlpECRuMn" / X
  2. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    His shot was flat dating all the way back to the World Cup last summer. He had no arc on his shot, whatsoever. It was back on those 5 3pt attempt yesterday, which was nice to see.
  3. Shine88

    2024 NBA Summer League Thread

    Orlando Magic on X: "Franz Wagner vs. Japan: 27 PTS 8 REB 3 3PM https://t.co/6ZqWGmctdb" / X
  4. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    https://x.com/FawzanAmer_/status/1814365634085441719 Franz look like he got the arc back in his shot. It was pretty flat last season.
  5. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    The Memphis Grizzlies are trading forward Ziaire Williams and a 2030 second-round pick via Dallas to the Brooklyn Nets for Mamadi Diakite, sources tell ESPN. Williams was the 10th pick in the 2021 draft. Solid move for the rebuilding Nets.
  6. Shine88

    2024 NBA Summer League Thread

    Maledon isn't eligible for a two-way contract.
  7. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Orlando Magic HQ on X: "Paolo Banchero officially welcomed Corey Joseph to the Magic on his first game as a rookie… Remember this? https://t.co/TREayzgIuR" / X Forgot about this.
  8. Shine88

    Markelle Fultz Appreciation Thread

    Never forget the 20-21 season when he played a key role in getting us off to our hottest start since the Dwight era. Back to back 20 point games against Washington. Really brought the energy we needed. Did the same thing in 22-23, when I thought we was going to be in the Wemby sweepstakes. We started off 5-20 w/o him and finished a couple games over 500. with him.
  9. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    hello and welcome on X: "a cory joseph sighting at summer league https://t.co/ZZd8SrrbIL" / X Joseph and da Silva sighting.
  10. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Solid vet. Been around a lot of winning organizations. Played with some of the top players of this generation. Good mentor for our young guys.
  11. Shine88

    2024 NBA Summer League Thread

    Pacers got themselves a steal in Furphy. The kid just plays basketball the right way. Was surprised when he slipped to the 2nd round.
  12. Shine88

    2024 NBA Summer League Thread

    Rough start, but turned it on in the 2nd half.
  13. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Jett is ready to make a jump this season. He reminds me of JR Smith. He got one of the quickest releases. Should compete for a rotation spot.
  14. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Bud Carrington showed out last night. He was the best player on the court the featured the top 2 picks (who were both good). I was hoping he felt to us at 18. He was the only prospect from this class that had lead guard upside. He reminds me of Markelle before TOS. Washington has a bright future with Bud, Bilal and Sarr. Once I heard OKC was high on Bud, and Washington traded for the 14th pick, I knew he wasn't falling past 14, being that Washington GM is an OKC guy.
  15. Shine88

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Shams: Kawhi Leonard withdraws from 2024 Paris Olympics.