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  2. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    What a wasted draft pick...
  3. Magic @ Wolves

    Not if they understand context. Well, they understand it but probably don't care about it. Also, we suck again. Lame.
  4. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    If we make line up changes then maybe
  5. Sound effects at Amway

  6. Sound effects at Amway

    I think the sound effects are just to childlike and annoying. I don't see how the players can concentrate with the ray gun, the one that goes faster and faster as the players run down court. etc. When I watch Cleveland, Golden State, LA, New York, I hear more music not like Amway its like nintentdo, starwars, just constant noise. I think it hurts player performance and is embarrassing to them.
  7. Magic @ Wolves

    Money. That simple.
  8. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone guys. We will beat the Celtics tomorrow!
  9. Yesterday
  10. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I think Collin Sexton is better than Deaaron Fox. I'd be more than happy with him.
  11. Magic @ Wolves

    As we should! I still attempt to make sense of the method in-which they chose between Victor and Evan! It is my contention that the Serge trade would not involve Evan. So with that said, we can do far better on defense with Simmons as the starter and bringing up a G league guy!! Wes maybe! I am also open to JI starting in his slot! What do we lose?
  12. Magic @ Wolves

    If that happen then we can get rid of him too
  13. Magic @ Wolves

    No, we needed to keep Francis lol
  14. Magic @ Wolves

    Is there any concern of a Cuttino Mobley situation out of Evan Fournier if we trade Vucevic?
  15. Magic @ Wolves

    To be honest I'm ok with anything that gets rid of Vuch. I'm not the GM though so I don't have to make smart moves lol.
  16. Magic @ Wolves

    Unfortunately he is a follower and not a leader. And I think that comes into play on his d. His effort is on d is a reflection of whole teams effort on d. The whole team came out in the 4 th to put in maximum effort. And he was doing his part.
  17. Magic @ Wolves

    We also need him to make his damn free throws. 2-7 from the line is inexcusable from your starting point guard. It’s a different ball game down the stretch if he’s 5-7.
  18. Magic @ Wolves

    Last night was a great example of this. Terrible defense the whole game. Lock down defense from him in the forth
  19. Magic @ Wolves

    What makes me question is his inconsistencies on defense. He's a very capable defender and he showed that in his rookie year but he doesn't always show up there. As far as his shooting, he was asked this previous summer if he's been working on it and he was basically nonchalant about it. Saying yeah but it's not my game. I'm working on strength and stuff. The two areas that we really need him to work on to be more consistent is the less of his worries.
  20. Magic @ Wolves

    Us declining Mario’s option completely diminished any trade value he may have. I do like the idea of Hill though, really wanted him in FA but we couldn’t afford him
  21. Magic @ Wolves

    DJ makes 22 mil per year??? Really???
  22. Magic @ Wolves

    I don't question it at all. I do question the magics teaching. His shooting form is bad and should have been corrected by now. His arm should never go past a 90 degree angle on a ft attempt. He shoots it like a little kid who doesn't have the strength to throw it that far. I can't for the life of me understand why this is not fixed. It is not that hard to see it or fix it.
  23. Magic @ Wolves

    I think a trade with Sacramento makes a lot of sense. Give some package of Mario and Vooch for Hill and WCS.
  24. Magic @ Wolves

    Yeah it is. A winning mentality is consistent perseverance and not settling for piss poor effort. DJ's 22 mil per year does make it difficult. Maybe it's best to trade Vuch for a low cost high potential pg like a Rozier? Or Smart? Would love to have that guy here. Don't think Boston would do it though. I also question EP's "winning" mentality.
  25. Magic @ Wolves

    yeah. Winning mentality is just a code word for playing hard consistently and having enough experience to make the right plays. I don't know if we really need deandre Jordan. The cost to obtain him/ cost to retain him might be too high. We might be fine with a platoon of biyombo, speights, and birch.
  26. Magic @ Wolves

    I just think we need guys who give effort. With constant effort winning will come and along with that a winners mentality. We need guys who play hard and play to their role with no push back. I think DJ would allow for everyone to fit more comfortably.
  27. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    It's funny how this board knew this 3 years ago. Amazing how management keeps trading everyone except Vucevic and Payton. My god do they even watch the games? Anyhow i can see LA trading with us for a package around Vooch. Jordan has a player option next year, in fact 4 players on the Clippers have player options. They could shed alot of salary quickly. I would assume they would want the second player on an expiring contract.
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