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  2. MagicFanDan

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    Can’t believe we lost to the Rockets.
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  4. Maybe. But he'd have to leave Wood open under the rim. If he comes over we could very easily give up a dunk there, it's a tough read only muddied by the fact that both Franz and Bamba help off their men but don't really manage a contest. It's not a great possession all the way around really, Cole gets beat far too easily, we get several guys helping and none of them contest. Watching it back at least Wendell has a man to guard, from the looks of it all Bamba has to do is stick his arm out and he's made a game saving block, he gets there and then kind of stops? Just a bit of a weird one, that's why I'd rather have had Franz guard the ball though even if he gets caught on the screen he can use his length to affect the shot, Cole kind of just gave up.
  5. Regarding the bolded part, I didn't like specifically his approach to the first gordon jumper, I think he should have gone for the block but was instead tracking the guy behind him. IMO that was a bad choice, he could have swatted that easily
  6. Cole is really improving. He must focus now on reducing turnovers. Sometimes he is turning the ball over without any pressure from defenders…
  7. He's got talent but he needs to slow down and develop his BBIQ.
  8. At least Mauro got one out of three! :P Great loss for the tank, but I surely expect a lot more from them, still really inconsistent. At least they tried in the last few minutes without giving up even if down by 10+
  9. This is a weird loss. I dunno I feel like we're better than the Rockets and we can play a lot better than we did last night. Loved the 4th quarter execution after that time out with about 3 mins to go. Cole was cooking, Franz made some great decisions. Good stuff. Don't think I'd have gone with Cole on Gordon those last couple of possessions. Gordon is bigger and stronger and just bullied his way to the rim. Think I'd have gone with Franz, I know he's a rookie but his length could have helped. WCJ is great. His defense is awesome. If this is how he's going to play defense from now on he should no question be the starting 5 long term. Has a huge impact on the offensive glass too. Wish we'd let him try his luck posting smaller guys more often. Eric Gordon had a season high, a 2 way guy hit like 3 huge shots in the 4th and we lost. On to the next one.
  10. I had the Magic +2.5, Cole greater than 20.5 points and Franz greater than 1.5 3s. Nice consolation prize for us not getting the win.
  11. He’s been really bad, like I don’t even know if we should bother developing him. Such a bummer
  12. Really nice inbound pass, and a good looking shot from Cole that just didn’t drop.
  13. I plan on a turnover or bad shot every time I see R.J. dribble drive in the half court. Awesome to see one go in but thankful he's back on the bench in crunch time.
  14. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Rockets Official Game Thread - Fri., Dec. 3rd @ 8 PM

    Bally Sports Florida programming is back.
  15. Thanks! Game just came on 1:44 left in the 1st quarter.
  16. Bally Sports Florida is having Technical difficulties and are replaying the Chuma Okeke inside the magic. Does anyone have a working link to the game?
  17. Last week
  18. cole goes for a career high tonight
  19. Yes, I forgot that part! My curse is alive and strong hahaha
  20. To all forum members: if you want to make easy money, bet on the opposite! :P
  21. Several bets for tonight’s game Magic win Cole and Franz combine for 40 Cole and Carter combine for 40
  22. Like the Franz, Cole, WCJ pics to center it!
  23. The Neighborhood Bully

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

  24. However bad this season gets for us it surely won't get as bad as losing by 70+ points to the Memphis Grizzlies.
  25. Toyota Center - Houston, TX Friday, December 3rd at 8:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 5-16, 5th in Southwest Division | 5-18, 5th in Southeast Division GO MAGIC!
  26. TrueMagicFan07

    TMF's Playoffs Wallpapers...and More

    Toyota Center - Houston, TX Friday, December 3rd at 8:00 P.M. TV: Bally Sports FL 5-16, 5th in Southwest Division | 5-18, 5th in Southeast Division GO MAGIC!
  27. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic vs Nuggets Official Game Thread - Wed., Dec. 1st @ 7 pm

    If nothing else it got us out from under Gordon's money and complaints and we almost get a surprise in a few years with a pick we may have otherwise forgotten about. And given the poor luck this Denver team has had with injuries thus far, it is not guaranteed that it'll be pick 30 either at this point.
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