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  1. zollman

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Initially after Game 7, I was all about seeing the Cavs swept by Boston… but after last night, the more they win, the better it makes the Magic look?
  2. We had the mojo till we got jinxed and all the negative short sellers dragged the team into the depths of hell
  3. Hold the line and weather the storm!
  4. This has Jinx vibes, should delete. Won both quarters, keep it going.. steady eddy!
  5. Love seeing Paulo’s Mom getting hyped in the stands!!
  6. Glorious National TV Exposure
  7. Words cannot express my disdain for Niang
  8. Lead could be bigger but I will take 6 after 1!
  9. This is what it is all about!! Pumped!!! GO MAGIC!!
  10. Wooo Hoooo!!!! Rise and shine Magic faithful! It’s a beautiful day for a Game 7! Let’s get the road game monkey off our backs, so we can take on the Celtics!! Beyond satisfied with this season no matter the result today. Also, I wish we had the local coverage atleast to finish out this series. LFG MAGIC!!! Whoooooooo!!!