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  1. All Eyes On Me

    2020 Official Playoffs Thread

    Too bad the draft flattened out so bad that we decided to trade out of our pick instead of grabbing a guy like OG Anunoby... #eyeroll
  2. All Eyes On Me

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    It’d be fun to watch Aaron play with the splash brothers. If it gets us the # 2 pick I could be intrigued. Gets us one of Lamelo or Edwards to help out on the wings
  3. I’ve heard December as a rumor, but I’ve also heard as late as February for the 21 season to start
  4. Well, interesting season y’all. Excited to see what moves we make in the offseason
  5. Cut it to 3 and Clifford inexplicably changes the lineup out of the timeout replacing Ross with Ennis. Game. set. Match
  6. And he’s still in after the timeout?!?! Lol.. Cliff wants to go home!!
  7. Wow... James Ennis... just wow...
  8. Back up to 11, 5:42 left... let’s see if we got one last run in us
  9. So proud of the fight in this team
  10. Still can’t get over that “flagrant” on Ross. If Middleton doesn’t react like an absolute baby, it’s a complete non issue
  11. I saw a pretty obvious reach on Connaughton on that play, not sure why the focus or the call was on Divencinzo
  12. Vooch is completely out of gas
  13. Tony Brothers and Scott Foster both need new careers. Laughable
  14. The NBA is a complete joke... that’s a swipe at the ball