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  1. Luke_FfS

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Well, maybe not a great % of us, but the fans always tend to believe we've made a master move.. until showed differently. Everyone was in love with Poole tough, and look what happened. Wasn't the point of the post anyway! :P
  2. Luke_FfS

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    That applies to the Magic too though. We were almost on 2nd round, but the level is very flat. We need to improve a lot still, both internally and with the right moves, to reach the contender position.
  3. Luke_FfS

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Interesting, as always, Lowe article. Is not Magic related, but somehow it also is, considering the "small move" we didn't made last february. https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/40197976/lowe-boston-celtics-derrick-white-small-trades-turn-good-teams-nba-champions A lot of times we fell in love with players that are hot in the playoffs, or had a career yeat before free agency like Monk. Those players are usually very costly, and doesn't always maintain the expectations (as Magic fans we have a clear example with Byiombo, but doesn't forget Jordan Poole, that everyone wanted after he exploded in playoffs a few seasons ago). The great move is the under the radar one, and for the right fit.
  4. Luke_FfS

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    I love the optimism as always (I refer to the fact that we're surely better than Indiana, not to you Jay this time :) ) but optimism alone doesn't win a title. Talking about the ring, NBA has been really different recently, that's what... 6 years in a row with different winners? And not always the usual big markets. Rules change has make it more open for everyone, hope we've enough to finally get there.
  5. Luke_FfS

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    A lot of interest for playoffs! :P Still in love with Aaron. And watching a few games here and there, we don't only lack a PG, or shooting, but a lot of IQ too. I know that Paolo and Franz will learn with time and experience, limiting turnovers, making the smart play, finding the right teammate in the right moment... but still, we'll need more. Playoffs series are a result of a long list of important details. (13a 0t games, that's what a MVP does, even if sometimes look as slow as Ingles!)
  6. Luke_FfS

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Too many? :P
  7. Sure, but they're still younger. :) Another big difference is their crowd... amazing as always, while in O-Town I believe that the opposite team doesn't feel that kind of pressure.
  8. Luke_FfS

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Also, it's not like other GM's are completely stupid... they already know that we're a terrible 3p shooting team, and I don't really believe that a post-season interview could change the price we've to pay in a trade... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm not sure if this post belong there on in the playoff section, but whatever... even if I've wrote that I'm really happy for what our players have done, and that we surely exceeded expectations (and I stand by that), I'm still deceived by both FO and coach. Last offseason, CTMagic rightly corrected me saying that Ingles was only a PF at this point of his career, too slow to play SG/SF. Too bad our guard rotation has been so terrible that we were really playing almost all his minutes at SF, with Moe+Wendell/Isaac, in a lineup we shouldn't even consider. Then some time at SG too, and in a certain point of game 6 (if I remember correctly) a lineup of Ingles-Franz-Paolo-Wendell-Isaac. The other hot point in the playoffs, as I wrote multiple times, was to shorten the rotations. 14 of the 16 teams involved in playoffs were already playing a 8 man rotation by game 2, even the ones that were easily controlling the series. A 9 man rotation with heavy minutes to the starters (around 40) was the exception, while there were also 7 man rotation at the end of some matchups. In a league where guards and 3 point shooting are more important every year, we constantly choose size and length. Our big lineup would have been great in the 90's maybe, not anymore. When other teams make a trade at the deadline, we stay put, even if we've glaring problems that were even more exposed against CLE. When coaches start to implement a shortened playoff rotation, we maintain the regular season one (10 players and full bench lineup even in game 7). When everyone ZIP, we ZAP. Did we really believe we're that smart? Are we? Did we know better than other FO and coaches? When I see those in-game decisions, when I read those Weltham and Parker declarations, I'm not so optimistic about the future as we should be with such a young group (not clearly a contender still, but we could have easily won that first round series).
  9. OKC is actually younger than us. Hard to swallow because we could have won this series, but I'm proud of all of our guys anyway, they've exceeded expectations for sure. Lesson learned in this series will help them in the future, being up 18 in game 7 and lose it's a hard lesson for sure, but that's what happen when you lose the right focus and cohesion. Now it's time for FO to make the right moves, without further indecisions.
  10. We absolutely could do it!
  11. Yeah, I'm delighted too, and even more cause we stopped DM big night, but even if I'm as happy as possible as a Magic fan in the recent past, let's not hide the fact that we won DESPITE some terribile coach choices (kudos to all the guys for the way they're facing the playoff athmosphere) and a little injury luck (Allen with problems, Mitchell with problems even in a big night, LeVert playing only 7 minutes) With Allen already out, for them it was a big asking, their rotation was terrible and it showed big time with only the two guards being able to provide points. Let's go up a notch and steal a game away.
  12. For Harris? This is really getting out of control... I've probably never seen such a weak backcourt rotation in a playoff team, but going that route is not the solution IMO. And coach isn't exactly helping the confidence of the other guards out there. No trust at all to Fultz, and indirectly to AB and Houstan?
  13. Will be another learning experience, whatever happens. I'm also not confident cause Mitchell has the experience and a lot of great playoff games in his CV, until now we had him under control more or less (more in O-Town), but I always fear he gets hot. We had Harris on him initially, made a good work, and then Suggs probably even better. Keep it up.
  14. Two more things I forgot in my last post. Even if Isaac is able to stay with Mitchell/Garland, one of his strenghts is interior def, covering all the weakness of his teammates and moving when is needed the most. If he has to stay outside the arc, that ability is lost. And when we had the super-high lineup at the start of the 4th quarter (with no starters and then with only 1, Suggs), Cleveland had both Mitchell and Garland in, as it was a key moment of the series. NY last night has played all the starters almost 45 minutes... I don't pretend the same and I know Thibs tend to wear out his players, but we're so young, game 5 was possibly the most important one... IMO, we should have played all the guys that were working, and bench every rotation one that was not helping at all. 6+ minutes without either Banchero/Wagner was madness for me, in every game of the series, but especially in that one.
  15. Luke_FfS

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Look at what a simple playmaker, with no lenght or phisicality, could do only being smart... McConnell from the bench I'm talking about. We don't even have a real PG in the starting lineup. And PG is no Paul George! :P Again, I love him, yesterday I've only shared my positional doubts, but he would also request max money, it's not in line with the age of our group, his injury track is not that good... I mean, I wouldn't be unhappy if somehow we convince him to sign with us, but I'm not sure it's what we really need.