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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Vogel out. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/984411125029785600
  2. Official 2015 Offseason Thread

    Somebody was waiting for Lowe talking about the Magic (and Tobias)? Here
  3. Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    Dalambert >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Howard :tongue:
  4. Game thread. Magic vs Brooklyn, March 25th, 2011

    It's terrible when Duhon has to finish the game and you have a 20m point guard on the bench.
  5. No Cav's Game Thread?

    8 pages for a (No) Cav's Game Thread? Wow! Finally the forum it's active! :tongue:
  6. Making The Video - Fouls, Flagrant Fouls, Calls and Non Calls

    Here we go, Marc. http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=15qahrb&s=7 Maybe I'm biased, but for me this is a flagrant.
  7. As I've stated before, Gortat jumper was already very good when he was still playing in Europe. For some reasons, he's never found a way to show it with us, and I'm still convinced that Stan should have tried a little harder to find a way to play him with Dwight. But this just in the past. Also, his defense on Dwight was above average at least. Especially considering how patethic was R.Lopez on him.
  8. Making The Video - Fouls, Flagrant Fouls, Calls and Non Calls

    With 7mins left in the first quarter, there's a pretty hard foul on him. I've the file of the entire first half, but no idea on how cut it into a clip of the foul alone.
  9. Stan Van Gundy is Awesome

    Acting this way, they're only showing SVG was right. Shutting down people it's not the way to solve problems, but probably, they're really not interested in solve anything, thinking it's all perfect right now. http://www.nba.com/2011/news/03/11/stern-van-gundy.ap/index.html?rss=true
  10. Stan Van Gundy is Awesome

    I really love SVG to be that honest, and I'm waiting for another response, even if Stern thinks that he's imposed some kind of silence on him. I love it, even if it could end being a bad thing for the team we root. As BMP's said:
  11. Exactly my thoughts. Very well said!
  12. Official Playoff Seeding Discussion

    Right now, I'm not worried too much about other teams record or schedule.I'm way more concerned with our team consistency. That said, last night we've lost an excellent opportunity.