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  1. Jay Magic

    Playoff predictions

    Clippers 4-1 Rockets 4-2
  2. Jay Magic

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Then i see MCW comment on Instagram and @ing chuma saying lets get some 1 v 1 live action going then!! love it!!
  3. Vucevic is averaging 18.3ppg more than last postseason (from 11.2 to 29.5). Any guess where that large of an increase ranks in NBA history? Yup! Largest in NBA history via Twitter
  4. please give it a rest. that was last season.
  5. Markelle needs to play Better
  6. We are folding. Soft embarrassing
  7. Fultz needs to play 40mins too. ***** DJ
  8. Embarrassing. Undermanned. You name it. Evan really really needs to vanish from this franchise soon as the season finishes
  9. Fultz just try to takeover with Vooch please that's all i want from today.
  10. Finally someone on this Magic team starting to show some toughness.