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  1. Jay Magic

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Washington up by 15 at the Jazz with 9mins left in the 4th
  2. The team cannot gel properly without Fultz and Isaac and the picks we have coming in. We can see glimpes of something of course. Im more interested in seeing flashes for the remainder of the season. Maybe a break out game here and their. Roles for next year will have nothing to do with the final games left this season. Just get a top 3 pick hopefully number 1 and we are ahead of the curve Obviously we all have our own opinions and thats what it is all about.
  3. Mane is a project of course but he gives me Oladipo vibes in the way he moves
  4. Nice to see RJ playing better and Cannady looks like something
  5. I am taking Ross..Fultz and Isaac over Marc Gasol.. Kanter and Patrick Beverley haha. I am not gonna comment further. Each to their own. But man hahaha Kanter gasol and Beverley over those 3 hahahahahaha
  6. I hear you. But me personally these next 20 games or so are absolutely meaningless in regards to the teams outcome next season. We are not gonna gel much without our 2 main starters who are hurt. The gelling for me starts from training camp for the next season. A top pick plus another lotto pick along with: Cole Anthony Markelle Fultz Wendell Carter Jr. Mo Bamba R.J. Hampton Jonathan Isaac Chuma Okeke Plus Ross.. Harris..and cap space We are up to something with that roster for sure. Thats my opinion
  7. Hahahahaha Beverley?? Ill take fultz.. Pat williams I'll take Isaac I'll take T Ross over Kanter I hope your list is not in order also LOL Marc Gasol at 18??? Hahahaha
  8. Yeah compete and lose is fine. Getting smashed is not. But we will forget these games soon enough.
  9. Looks like this now yes i agree. Next season will be different. As long as we have good health
  10. I will definitely go with those 3 being in the top 100 players. My opinion of course. Find me a 100 better players hahaha joking. Would take long
  11. Best 100 players? Fultz.. Isaac and Ross
  12. Should not of even played. He was moving poorly yesterday
  13. Gotta see improvements in the 2nd half thats all i ask. Win the next 2 quarters
  14. To be honest i am totally ok with losing. Bigger picture has the be the mindset guys. Stay with it
  15. Hopefully management decision works out in the long run
  16. Wendell is 4-7...the rest of the Magic are 2-18.. woaaaaaah
  17. last FG came at the 7:16 mark of the quarter. That is what we call a scoring drought. EMBARRASSING
  18. What are we doing. Cole needs to fix up
  19. Okeke is special. Very intimate and very skilled.
  20. Jay Magic

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    The 1 that go away. More than anybody i wanted him for us. Cade is that level of potential talent i believe
  21. I think we may win tonight. Oddly
  22. Wanna see improvemed performances from all young guns.
  23. Jay Magic

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    We all appreciate you and your game threads. Okeke is playing