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  1. Knicks get a Bargain Maaaaan damn!!!!
  2. Me saying patience isnt premature at all
  3. We are developing them letting them play through mistakes it will benefit us i the long run. Just wait my friend
  4. Mo Bamba played so well against the 76ers tonight. — 19 points — 8 rebounds — 1 assist — 8/12 FGs (75%) — 2/5 3PTs (40%) — 1/1 FTs (100%) — 2 steals — 2 blocks
  5. Nope they are giving him all the chances to come back 110 percent
  6. Not losing on purpose no.. we playing the game so to speak. And it's working
  7. Our development is clear to see this year. Wendell, cole, franz and even bamba
  8. We have 2 stars in cole and Franz just be patient please
  9. In time you will see. Nothing in life is guarantee of course. But they have their strategy and i am cool with it
  10. Exactly. Playing the long game
  11. Our progess is nice. Cleanly holding out J.I and Markelle on purpose. Stealth tanking.
  12. Who is the announcer with Jeff? R we on nba tv?
  13. Apparently this is very recent
  14. If we was at full strength we would of won more i can tell you that much. What i just shared matters hugely. We have been decimated. But this will all be a siliver lining and when we are good next season i still wait for your pessimism hahahaha respectfully
  15. This is all i need to say LOL
  16. Damn right!!!! Mayhem. A healthy J.I is a absolute weapon of a player
  17. Fultz and Isaac for me too also. Management are playing it safe especially with J.I. Markelle is going to be fantastic when he is back. I guarantee his shots finally good. Watch... our Management r killing it. We need to nail the pick in 2022 and we are set!!!!!
  18. Wendell center. Gillespie back up
  19. I think its all 3. I think we are definitely going in the right direction
  20. Good company....lol. we got 1!!!!!
  21. Franz is SPECIAL. WeltHam have nailed him that is for sure! I would bet my house Franz is at minimum a all star. I think he could be generational. Time will tell. This was a lot of: “How do you want it??” from 3, finger roll, pull up, hesi, lefty, post up, step back, pump & drive, fast break. The kid is RIDICULOUS!! Tune in and watch the games. Ain't you fan??? looooooooool