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  1. Agree about the passing, or lack thereof last game. I’m a little more ambivalent about the driving to the basket. I saw Gordon and Fournier try to force drives repeatedly, going one on three or one on four. It usually didn’t work out well.
  2. JJZFL

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    Well said. It’s still just making excuses, even if seemingly more sophisticated (not really as your discussion shows).
  3. I agree. But I also think it works in our favor. Let them believe this was a fluke game because we got lucky instead of a wake-up call for being outplayed. I hope they believe that every time they lose. The more complacent they are, the better.
  4. Extraordinary poise for a team with almost no playoff experience. Clifford keeps them centered.
  5. It may depend partly on whether this is mostly psychological, and if it is, whether a new environment will help him get over it.
  6. We did it. Amazing!!!
  7. Agree, especially considering the way we’ve been fumbling away the ball. They must be nervous or over hyped or something. Biggest game most of them have ever played in.
  8. What’s with all the unforced turnovers lately?
  9. JJZFL

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    If Charlotte was that good, they wouldn't be one game away from elimination.
  10. JJZFL

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately probability doesn't work like that. Otherwise if there were 3 games left and we had a 34% chance of a good outcome in each, we'd have a 102% chance of being successful, which obviously isn't correct. The math works like this: Charlotte has a 51% chance of beating us (accepting the numbers below). Charlotte also has a 62% chance of beating Cleveland. The probability of both those events occurring is obtained by multiplying (not adding) the two probabilities. Thus there is about a 32% chance that those two bad outcomes occur, again assuming those estimates of 49 and 38 are accurate. If we lose both remaining games, that means there is a 32% chance we aren't in the playoffs.
  11. I was wondering the same thing
  12. And Truman was president
  13. JJZFL

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Totally agree. Young isn’t out and he could go off for 50 himself if we aren’t focused on playing defense the way we can.
  14. Pistons lose. Nets look like they’re coming back against Toronto unfortunately. Heat-Celtics too close to call.
  15. Yep. Agree that the team looked tight. They aren’t used to big games with the expectation of them winning. Probably why Issac shot so terribly.