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  1. Gamethread: Magic vs Heat - SEASON PREMIERE

    Well done, man. Way to kick off the season.
  2. Official preseason thread

    That’s fine with me. Anything that gets rid of the current incentives to lose.
  3. Official preseason thread

    That’s fine with me. Anything that gets rid of the current incentives to lose.
  4. Official preseason thread

    I disagree. I think the league would be better off with no lottery at all, or a severely watered down version. I’d like to see a system where every team that doesn’t make the playoffs has exactly the same random chance at any of the first 14 picks. Anything that incentivizes teams to lose has no place in professional sports.
  5. Official preseason thread

    Thank you for that clarification. Obviously I didn't correctly understand what they did. They reduced the benefit of tanking a little bit but not nearly as much as I thought. I wish they had made the bottom 7 completely identical. As long as they keep just tinkering around the edges, teams will continue to tank. A few will hit it big, and others will follow our route, and be bad for a long time.
  6. Official preseason thread

    I don’t think tanking works that way this year. If I understand correctly, the bottom 7 all have the same chance at picks 1-7.
  7. Official preseason thread

    Very good post. +1 from me.
  8. Official preseason thread

    Preseason has ended but the regular season hasn't quite started yet. Perhaps we need an "in-between seasons" thread or something like that :)?
  9. Magic vs Spurs

    We gave up 60 points in the second half, including, starting about mid 3rd quarter, many uncontested layups. We gave up 29 in the 4th quarter. We can parse the statistics to try and find something good out of that but I think it’s missing the forest for the trees.
  10. Magic vs Spurs

    Not after the mid-way point of the 3rd quarter. At that point we just gave up
  11. Magic vs Spurs

    Ross looked horrific tonight.
  12. Magic vs Spurs

    I agree with you but that's still worrisome to me. Hallmark of this Magic team past few years is that when they hit a rough stretch they fall apart. They need to play hard even if the shots aren't falling, develop some mental toughness.
  13. Magic vs Spurs

    They are nowhere near good enough to just blow off the last preseason game when things aren't going their way. Certainly not a good game in terms of establishing an identity as a team that others won't want to play.
  14. Magic vs Spurs

    Yeah. They've stopped playing defense and are just going through the motions.
  15. Official preseason thread

    I have no idea how many games we’re going to win. I just hope we compete night in and night out. If we do that the team will be worth watching. If at some point Vuch just stands around watching people go past him, and they don’t take him out, it will be time to turn them off.