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  1. I guess that means Hezonja doesn't play at all?
  2. In the abstract, no one can question this reasoning. The real question comes up if another team offers him a max or near max contract. Is Gordon good enough to tie up that much money with, or would it leave us locked in to mediocrity?
  3. It’s terrible for any professional sports league to have some teams openly acknowledge that they’re trying to lose. No commissioner of any sport would tolerate that. Even though I totally disagree with the notion that extreme tanking (Philadelphia) is the path to success, and even though this team is now suffering due to attempting a tanking strategy, I fully agree with the league plan to further incentivize winning by reducing the perceived benefit of losing.
  4. We were hardly setting the world on fire when they were playing. In fact our record the past 13 games or so is close to 500. We’ve been playing some of our best basketball without them. I’m more worried they’ll push Birch and Hezonja out of the lineup. They’re the only ones really worth watching right now. Do I really want to see more empty numbers from Vuch?
  5. Final score: GS 129 Suns 83. A 46 point loss. This is what Payton supporters are hanging their hats on? This is evidence that he’s making his team better? Who cares what individual numbers anyone is putting up when their team is suffering a disastrous loss even by blowout standards? You guys are kidding, right?
  6. I guess you can always be worse. To say we didn’t tank when we had the worst record in basketball for those three years is not an argument I’d want to make. To say we didn’t tank hard enough: same kind of argument as we didn’t tank long enough. You can always be worse and be worse for a longer time. You think that’s the key to success, go for it, but then don’t complain if your team wins 20 games a year for a decade or more. You’re taking a huge risk. As far as I know, the only team that’s ever made themselves that bad on purpose was Philly, and they suffered through many seasons of really bad basketball. Their GM got fired, and it was such an embarrassment that the league has made rule changes to discourage anyone from ever doing it again. And they’re hardly contending for a championship, even after all that. That’s the model you want us to follow? That’s the high probability road to success?
  7. We had the worst record in the league from 2011 to 2014 and we didn’t tank. Not sure what your definition of tanking is, but it appears to have exceptionally high standards. Would we be tanking if we won even one game in a season?
  8. What do you expect Borrego or any coach to do? Vow to lose? Tell the players to miss shots on purpose, or have all 5 stand on the same side of the court when they’re on defense? Tanking means purposely putting a team out there that isn’t good enough to win. I don’t think anyone believes that the players and coaches shouldn’t try to win.
  9. Yes. Put together the best team you can and build from there. Get a good draft pick or two, make a good trade or two. Multiple posters have already documented in recent posts how this strategy has worked for multiple teams, and how none of the current top teams got to where they are by following the Philadelphia scorched earth tanking approach. Do you really think we’d be worse off than we are now if we had tried that? The tanking strategy that you’re so excited about turns the team into a disaster when it fails. Which is where we are right now (insert rolling my eyes emoji)
  10. Not only that, but what is it that people want the coaches to do? Tell the team to lose on purpose? We’re already holding out four of our potentially better players.
  11. So, this has been a good discussion. Lots of good, well thought out and well written posts. And none of the juvenile personal attacks that were unfortunately common a few years ago, and have no place here. I disagree on this issue with Magicman28 but I respect his opinion and the logical way that he presents it. We all want to put the odds in the Magic's favor. But we evidently disagree about how to do it. Of course, being worse means a better chance at a high draft pick, although there is enough uncertainty so that even the worst team in the league has a less than 50% chance of getting the first pick. However, that is only looking at one side of the picture. That's the benefit of being bad. The negative side of being a bad team is, well, you're a bad team. You've dug yourself a deeper hole. Now getting a pretty good rookie, like say a Wiggins, might not be enough to turn things around. So I don't believe that "tanking", which to me means intentionally building a losing roster, puts the overall odds of getting better in your favor even though it does increase the odds of getting a high draft pick. The positives aren't worth the negatives. Contrast that approach with what a number of other posters have described in recent posts. Keep the team competitive, put out the best roster you can, find a draft pick or two that people overlook, make a smart trade or two, and you may be right back at the top without running the risk of creating a horror show.
  12. Facts are wrong about year 3, and so is the premise. You can bring a new guy in and say "we're not tanking anymore" but if you have a bad roster, you're still tanking. Doesn't matter what your stated intentions are, only what you've built.