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  1. Ross, coming back from a sore knee, was on a very tight minute restriction. He wasn’t going to get any more minutes last night. As bad as we’ve been so far, the Magic still have to keep in mind that it’s very early in the season. Not worth pushing to win a game or two now at the expense of a longer term injury to one of our players. Expect Ross to remain on limited minutes for awhile. As far as Fultz is concerned, we were all worried over the summer that he’d come out looking good but then start having problems with his shoulder again. I’m sure the plan is to try and avoid that by keeping his minutes limited. I imagine there was input from the medical staff about this before the season started. That won’t change right away either.
  2. He’s basically been getting 24 minutes per game.
  3. The answer apparently is that we can’t. Could be a long season.
  4. I think Fultz is on a minute restriction.
  5. Well on the bright side we won the first half. So it’s kind of a tie because each team won one half :)
  6. Scoring better but we’ve also given up almost 30 in the first quarter
  7. Important game. Can we beat a team with a better record then us, a team that isn't a doormat, at home? That would be a big step in the right direction.
  8. Very good and needed win. It’s important to win the games that you should. Having said that, so far the only teams we’ve beaten are all at the bottom of the standings. It will be another step forward when we start to beat respectable teams. Looking forward to seeing that soon.
  9. JJZFL

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    So did the Sentinel run any kind of a big preview of the Magic this year which I missed? Or are they not doing that any more?
  10. We sure need this one. To lose at home to the Grizz would be the low point of this season so far.
  11. JJZFL

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Is Hezonja actually playing reasonably well for Portland this year?
  12. Ah. Tanking rears it’s ugly head already. Put out a bunch of young players who aren’t ready, let them get obliterated, and call that “development” when you’re actually setting them back. No thanks. Been there, done that.
  13. Well on the bright side we beat the spread
  14. I completely agree. Aside from the first call being very weak, it was basically a game turning call. Usually officials won’t make those calls unless they’re very clear. That being said, he completely lost it and foolishly committed the second very blatant foul.