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  1. OnlyFranz

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I’d be happy with Jones too honestly. He shot 41.4% from 3 and McConnell was at 40.9% so not too far off. Either way I really think guard is the position we need to address in the off season if we want to continue playing deeper into the post season next year.
  2. OnlyFranz

    2024 Off-season Thread

    You’d be surprised what a competent pg who can get into the paint and shoot the 3 would do for this team. Are they all stars definitely not. However having a veteran pg who can contribute on offense would be a step in the right direction for this young up and coming team. Plus it would give AB control of the second unit where he would see plenty of minutes without getting too over whelmed. When he shows he’s ready to be a full time starter you just insert him with the 1st unit and let the vet run with the 2nd unit. I honestly don’t see the fit with Ingram here. He would take too many shots away from our young duo because he plays a lot of 1 on 1 basketball, doesn’t necessarily set his teammates up to score, and is always injured at some point in the season for an extended period of time.
  3. OnlyFranz

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I’d try and pry one of Nembhard or McConnell from the Pacers for a realistic solution that wouldn’t mortgage our cap flexibility or future.
  4. OnlyFranz

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Ingram needs the ball in his hands to be effective on offense and he isn’t a good defender, that’s a hard pass for me with BI. We need a starting pg not another forward to take touches away from Paolo and Franz.
  5. Bro at the end of the day we are die hard Magic fans. Even though your takes are ridiculous I appreciate you and it’s all love. We want the Magic to win a championship and that’s what matters!
  6. Nah that was all me and I’ll own up to it. Jay just talks out of his a$& and doesn’t back anything up with facts or stats. Quick to call out fans who oppose his crazy takes too.
  7. Franz should have gone for the reverse layup that way he could have used the rim for protection and actually gotten the shot off. Can’t be mad at the results we hung in there the whole game besides shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers, missed feet throws, and poor 3 point shooting. If we force a game 7 and go back to Cleveland I’m hoping Mosley gives AB some burn if Cole Anthony continues his abysmal play on the road. Last night anytime he got beat off the dribble he would immediately foul the player and send them to the line instead of actually trying to contest the shots.
  8. We have a series ladies and gentlemen! I hope we carry this momentum and steal the next game in Cleveland. It would be beautiful to close out this series at home.
  9. The Cavs are getting the benefit of the whistle on their end but when we get fouled the refs swallow their whistle. If they would call the game evenly we wouldn’t have such a big free throw discrepancy between the 2 teams. That’s basically the difference in the game right now and the fact we are making silly turnovers.
  10. WCJ not providing anything on offense and his defense has been subpar on Allen. We should put Goga in there to give the defense some rim protection and physicality in the paint. Allen is getting whatever he wants down low.
  11. I agree. Also seeing the ball go into the basket may do wonders for this young team. Paolo is cooking tonight and after reading that article on ESPN about him I can tell he was ready for this moment.
  12. Wow I’m speechless! Let’s take this momentum and change the series around.
  13. I’d love those signings. I was asking to trade for Monk last offseason and Hartenstein is a great starting big but I doubt NY lets him go.