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  1. Well, there goes the season... Tough game, tough loss. A lot to regret today, but a lot to value starting tomorrow. A hell of a season until the last minute.
  2. Awful start of the quarter. I think the time out from Mosley was too late again. It's a new game, we need to get it back to our basics
  3. Halftime came just right on time. That crowd was going louder. We need more ball movement, we've got completely stuck on offense after Franz was benched. We have a nice 10 pt lead, I hope we remain patient and set back the pace in the beginning of the third.
  4. And they have lost the challenge:D
  5. Big day! Good feelings again... Let's get this done!
  6. Let's go! Game seven baby!
  7. Awesome 4th quarter... Let's finish it!
  8. Mosley time freaking out
  9. Cleveland has shot 1/14 from 3 these two quarters. Credit to the defense, but that's not going to happen again in the second half. we also need to adjust whatever defense Donovan Mitchell is receiving
  10. We need to adjust the transition defense right away
  11. I think it's time to shorten that rotation Mosleeeeyyy
  12. I like what i'm seeing Jalen Suggs just another of those hustle-winner plays. Let's get it!
  13. Phil4Real

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    I agree here that we don't need Paul George. He's great, but he doesn't fit in a number of ways. And we need a point guard with shooting, but I don't think we're going to find him in free agency upcoming, so I think we'll have to trade for him. But we can find shooters -role players- in free agency and yesterday watching Buddy Hield it occurs to me that the Magic could make him a suitable offer. Just to give an example. I don't know how far the management wants to take a step forward this offseason.
  14. Taking the series to a game seven would be wonderful. And I think we are in a very good position to do that. Hopefully this team can be patient on offense and tenacious on defense, like in games 3 and 4. We've done it before and I think they know where Cleveland is vulnerable. It's going to be crucial to remain focused at the start of the game, it's not possible today to start 10 points down in the first quarter if we want to survive. I will stay up late today, I still have to decide whether to serve coffee or wine xD. I am actually delighted to be able to stay late with such a good reason. Will Allen play today? I don't know what Mosley is gonna do about GH but i hope he doesn't start Caleb tonight.