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  1. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    I'm glad he did. As a black woman, I know that braids can cause damage to your hair, causing hair to fall out and leaving bald spots. Even though Evan Fournier is a Frenchman, he wore that male bun on the back of his head and it created a bald spot, causing him to shave all of his hair.
  2. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    Hello my brothers and sisters of TrueBlueNation and fans of the Orlando Magic. I don't want to get off topic, but I'm seeing too many personal attacks on members of this message board. Some of us have followed the Magic since it's beginning *raises my hand*. It's fine to disagree, but to 'out' a participant because their opinion does not align with everyone else' opinion is, in my opinion, taking things too far. Message board members are entitled to their opinions--positive or negative--but does it mean that they should not post an opnion for fear that it appears negative in their accessment of the performance of players, the coach or front office? Is a message board member limited to the number of negative comments they can post? Does it mean they are not a fan if they post a lot of negative comments? I don't agree with some negative comments that are posted, but I have never given a down vote. For me, if there is no diversity as far as what is posted on this message board and everyone is always agreeing with everything--BORING!!! If the back-to-back negative comments are not violating the rules, ease up--Okay?. GO MAGIC!!!!!!!
  3. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 NBA Summer League Watch Thread

    I admit I didn't see full games, but when I tuned in to watch, I watched long enough to see Black passing the ball. He was pretty much walking and like: "I'll throw the ball over here and over there." He seemed to be moving in slow 'mo'_tion. I didn't see any energy and athleticism ("get up and go"), or breaking down defenses, nothing that made ME feel he has potential to be a good point guard. Maybe he is reserving it for the real games and is trying not to get injured before the season starts. The only thing I see of value is his height, 6'7", which would allow him to dominate shorter point guards. /That's just my 2 cents.
  4. TrueMagicFan07

    TMF's Playoffs Wallpapers...and More

    Season Opener 23-24 Amway Center - Orlando, FL Wednesday, October 25th at 7:00 P.M. EST TV: Bally Sports FL Here We Come!!! Orlando Magic Add Two More Players with High IQ, Versatility and Athleticism by Selecting Anthony Black and Jett Howard in 2023 NBA Draft Head Coach - Jamahl Mosley MAGIC'S 'A TRAIN' (Lyrics) (Adaptation of the Singing Group--The O'Jays--song, 'The Love Train') GO MAGIC!
  5. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    I would like to see Chuma waived or traded. He does nothing for me. I would rather keep Bol and Goga. Bol played really well when he played more minutes the first half of last season. For a player his height and being linky, he does hustle, getting down on the floor for loose balls. He also pushed the ball up the floor and made a few layups (contested). As I said, Bol did all of this in the first half of last season until Goga joined the team. He, too, showed flashes of being a promising good addition to the team. The problem was that Mosely should have never had Bol and Goga in the game at the same time. It became awkward for both of them as far as where they were so to be on the court. Goga had only been with the Magic for a short period of time.
  6. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    That's funny, but it is how I feel about Chris Paul joining the Warriors. As I have posted so many times, the Warriors are my second favorite team. I won't stop liking or watching the Warriors, but I will have a hard time watching Chris Paul. I had almost given up on Draymon Green because of his whinning and almost costing the Warriors a game because he has been ejected from a game. Now, the Warriors will have 2 whinners, Paul and Green. Also, Paul is injured a lot, and he is suppose to be Steph's backup.
  7. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    Hi, harryfromphilly. Although I'm a true blue, die-hard Orlando Magic Fan, I was taking a break after watching and pulling hard for the Denver Nuggets to beat Miami in the NBA finals. I watched the drafts on TV to see who the Magic was picking, but other than that, I have not been into the Magic board discussions about the draft and free agency because those discussions have been above/over my head. Especially conversations about what players should or should not be paid and cap space. For me--being a 'gurl'-- a lot of the discussions have been too deep for me to follow. :) Can't wait to see the product the Magic puts on the floor for the 2023-2024 season. GO MAGIC!
  8. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    Me too!
  9. TrueMagicFan07

    2023 NBA Playoffs Thread

    I'm pulling hard for the Nuggets to win it all. It was unreal the way the Lakers were able to win each series with the help of the refs. The number of foul calls in favor of the Lakers were so ridiculous. The way the Warriors were bumped by a Laker player when fighting through screens and the foul was called against the 'Dub'. LeBron was at his usual, bulldozing his way to the basket and drawing fouls. And, of course, Davis was rewarded mightily with free throws. Edit: Game 1 - Lakers 12 fouls; Warriors 24 fouls
  10. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Heat - Sunday, April 9th @ 1:00 PM

    The game is back on Spectrum TV (Bally Sports FL).
  11. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Heat - Sunday, April 9th @ 1:00 PM

    I always watch the Magic games on Spectrum Cable TV, but they are showing a women's tennis match. What's up with that?
  12. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Heat - Sunday, April 9th @ 1:00 PM

    I know we must move on to talk about the game. But here is a shout out to you, ball junkie, for being one of a few who kept the game threads alive by your participation. Thank you.
  13. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Heat - Sunday, April 9th @ 1:00 PM

    Thanks to you, harryfromphilly, because you have inspired me in so many ways by your participation on the TBN message board.
  14. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Heat - Sunday, April 9th @ 1:00 PM

    A special thanks to you, jmmagicfan, for being there for me. Thanks to all of TBN nation for being loyal fans.
  15. TrueMagicFan07

    Magic at Heat - Sunday, April 9th @ 1:00 PM

    Thank you, CTMagicUK, for the acknowledgement.