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  1. TrueMagicFan07

    2024 Off-season Thread

    I agree 110%, JJZFL. I have posted the same assessment of AB as a starting point guard from day 1 last season. I just don't see what some of our posters/fans see in AB. It's his passing the ball to Paolo and then running to the corner that has been my issue with him. Yes, he is not bad defensively. He is allegedly 6'7", one inch shorter than Magic Johnson. AB will never develop the same IQ and basketball ability like Magic Johnson and some of the point guards playing in the league today. Some of you brought up some stats from last season claiming AB shot lights out. Well, I either missed or fell asleep during those games. Someone posted a clip highlighting and claiming what a great basketball player AB was in college. I know these were highlights, but all I saw was AB dishing/passing the ball. I kept watching for him to shoot the ball. Not once did he do that. It was all passes.
  2. Mitchell is trying to pull off an Isaiah Thomas (former Piston) where Zeke played through a playoffs badly limping. But Mitchell's training staff might inject him with something that will have him flying like superman in game 7.
  3. We are already on the map. Talking heads are talking about the Magic. I suppose this team can be called the cinderfella team of the nba. Get it? (Cinderfella instead of Cinderella)
  4. My Theme Song for the Magic “LET’S GIVE ‘EM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!” Song by: Darius Rucker - Country Western Singer I can’t get that song out of my head since the Magic made the playoffs.
  5. Yeah. The Cavs were probably letting Mobley rest so as to play others on their roster to see who can step up if needed in Round 2. /Wink, Wink. ;)
  6. I sho did, T2GS, in case anyone else scrolled past my post and didn’t read it. ;)
  7. I know Mobley is hurt. Is Mitchell hurt too?
  8. And please keep Cole on the bench.
  9. Mitchell is too quick for JI to be guarding him.
  10. CrazyHorse, you and fanfor2long are so funny! You 2 keep me laughing. :D
  11. The Magic stopped running the way they did at the start of the first quarter. The Magic had the Cavs on their heals.
  12. That’s okay. Let Mitchell get his 40 pts. Stop the other Cavs from scoring.
  13. Haha! I’m using a tablet to watch the game. I kept tapping the screen because I had not seen any posts/reactions in a while. :D
  14. What happened to Cole’s shot?