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  1. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    IS KYRIE IRVING'S INJURIES A CAUSE FOR CONCERN? Cav's Nation by Rob Parks September 6, 2015 "Irving has been plagued with injuries throughout his NBA career. It’s virtually impossible to go through one season, let alone an entire NBA career, without sustaining any major injuries. Things happen and players get hurt. While injuries are a part of basketball, there is definitely some cause for concern when it comes down to Irving and his injury history."(September 6, 2015 - Date of article) "From a broken bone in both hands to injuries on either or both feet, Kyrie Irving has already dealt with enough injuries for a 15-year NBA veteran." https://cavsnation.com/is-kyrie-irvings-injury-history-a-cause-for-concern/ KYRIE IRVING'S OTHER CAREER INJURIES 2013-2017 AGE 25 (6 Years Experience) DATE___________ DESCRIPTION_____________CAV'S RECORD __________________________________________51 -31 (2016-2017) 04/10/2017______ Left Knee Tendinitis______ 02/04/2017______ Sore Right Quad 12/31/2016______ Right Hamstring __________________________________________57 - 25 (2015-2016) 04/03/2016______ Sore Ankle 10/01/2015______ Knee Surgery __________________________________________53 - 29 (2014-2015) 06/05/2015______ Fractured Left Knee Cap 05/22/2015______ Left Knee Tendonitis 02/27/2015______ Left Shoulder Strain 01/21/2015______ Illness 01/04/2015______ Lower Back Tightness 12/28/2014______ Left Knee Contusion 12/11/2014______ Left Game- Left Knee Injury __________________________________________33 - 49 (2013-2014) 03/16/2014______ Left Biceps 01/02/2014______ Sore Knee 12/20/2013______ Flu http://www.foxsports.com/nba/kyrie-irving-player-injuries
  2. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I hope the Magic does not trade Fournier. I absolutely love how he plays (not including the turnovers.) I remember his first year (when he was traded to the Magic), I didn't know who he was, but he quickly made me a believer. His shots were falling and didn't seem to miss a bucket. He was making much needed shots to help keep us in the game. After he made a shot, I would yell out "Fournier"! Then I would say, "I love myself some Fournier!" His next year with the Magic, things started falling apart with the TEAM (the trades, a new coach, poor coaching strategies, players not utilized properly--playing out of position.) I don't think we should blame Fournier. Some of you say that he is a ball hog. And some of you mentioned that the team needs shooters. Well, who was Fournier going to give the ball to (that could make a basket). I don't think the players even knew what they were suppose to do. They looked confused out there on the floor. Well, last year, when Fournier was a starter, we were ahead in some games and should have won, but the coach put the bench in and that's when things started to go downhill. The coach waited too late to send the starters back in. So Fournier tried to bring the team back. He did have some steals, and at times, he gave up his body scrambling for the ball on the floor. (Fournier plays hard, and he backs off from no one--on the opposing team.) WE DON'T SEE WHAT GOES ON IN PRACTICE! The coaching staff did not have things figured out until the last several games of last season. That's when we started to look like a team, better ball movement, up tempo, and we won a few games. I did not read the comments you said he made about wanting/needing better players on our team. Well, I don't think you should blame him. If you look at his basketball profile, he has played professional basketball much longer than any one player on the Magic--internationally and in the NBA. I think he is a better player than some of you give him credit for. He just needs some help, not charmin soft players. Elfrid Payton is another story. I wanted him gone. Up until last year, he use to take his time bringing the ball up the floor. He was a show boater. He played well when he decided to play well. I don't care about the triple-doubles he had last year. Yeah. . .he played up tempo the latter part of the season, but I still don't trust him. The same goes for Russell Westbrook. I'm glad Durant left OKC. You talk about a ball hog (Westbrook), he didn't get all of those triple-doubles, which included very high scores (40-50 points) because he didn't trust his teammates to help win the game. He didn't invite his teammates to the party because his goal was to set a record. Westbrook held his team back. I can understand some of you wanting to make a big leap. You say that you don't want the team to be mediocre. Well, I feel your pain. I look at where the Golden State Warriors came from when Mark Jackson was coach. I remember someone commenting saying that a number of the players were not high draft picks, such as Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, but 2 or 3 years ago, their general manager started bringing in players that fit their system. The Warriors did not generate interest from all-star calibre free agents until a couple of seasons ago. We have to just trust this new general manager and president of basketball operations. I would rather be mediocre this coming season and enjoy watching our team win and play solid basketball like the good old days with Darryl Armstrong and Bo Outlaw (Heart and Hustle). Finally, I hope and pray that Evan Fournier does not get traded. SAVE EVAN FOURNIER, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  3. Who has the best hair?

    Again, you choose to ignore what my thread was trying to generate interest in, even after I explained that it was an attempt to have members suggest a NICKNAME for TWO players, Isaac and Simmons (not the name of the TEAM - Orlando Magic). At least what I was trying to do was not to tear down the team or any one player but give either a player or the team an identity that is fun and likable.. What you are doing is headed in the wrong direction. While I dislike some of the "over-the-top" hairstyles, I think it is wrong to make a contest out of judging these players on who has the best and the worst hairstyles. You are saying that these hairstyles should not be allowed on the Orlando Magic team or roster. You also mention that it impacts the team and how these players play. I think your APPROACH is wrong and appalling. Look at the entire league of players with unusual hairstyles. Do you think the guys on our team are going to change their hairstyle because the fans take a vote on it? Last, but not least, to add fuel to the fire, I'm waiting for those inappropriate pictures mimicking the hairstyles. CARRY ON!!!!
  4. Who has the best hair?

    Donald Trump, is that you? I suppose those who joined in are your supporters. Oh, lord. . .don't even start!!!
  5. Meet The Jedi(s) - Jonathan Isaac & Jonathan Simmons

    Thank you so much, jec. . . It means a lot to hear those words.
  6. Meet The Jedi(s) - Jonathan Isaac & Jonathan Simmons

    Thanks, Soul Bro.
  7. Meet The Jedi(s) - Jonathan Isaac & Jonathan Simmons

    You guys are really overreacting to the topic of this thread. I Used the topic as an attention getter. I even included a list of other suggested nicknames. But some of you jumped all over the "Jedi" part. Lighten up fellas and let's move on from the Jedi controversy. Btw, Catalina Maria, I'm a female . SORRY!!!_I KID... I couldn't help myself. Just having fun. :D
  8. Meet The Jedi(s) - Jonathan Isaac & Jonathan Simmons

    1. Why did they call Julius Ervin "Dr. J" - He's not a doctor. 2. Why did they call George Gervin "The Ice Man" - He delivered, but not ice. 3. Why did they call Earvin Johnson "Magic" - He did not perform on stage pulling rabbits out of a hat. 4. Why did they call Shaquille O'neal and Dwight Howard "Superman" - Neither could fly above the clouds. 5. Why did they call Chris Anderson "Birdman" - Does he look like a bird? 6. Jackie Robinson had several nicknames - Including: "Dark Destroyer" and "J-Rob" 7. Why did they call Darryl Dawkins "Chocolate Thunder" - (Rest In Peace) - Btw, Stevie Wonder gave him that nickname Many of the sportscasters referred to these athletes by their nicknames. It's been a tradition for ages. IDK - I guess I'm just bored--Carry on!
  9. Meet The Jedi(s) - Jonathan Isaac & Jonathan Simmons

    REPLY: From TMF IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD, THE MAGIC WILL BE WEARING THE DISNEY AD/PATCH ON THEIR JERSEYS NEXT SEASON WALT DISNEY WORLD MAIN STREET PARADE DRAGON I'm not saying change our main logo; however, we should (in some instance or manner) use an alternate logo or magical resemblance emphasizing strength, power, and nastiness. (See the Bulls, Timberwolves, Grizzlies, Bucks, etc.) **STUFF SAYS HI!!!**
  10. 1. J (ice) and J (easy) 2. Blues Brothers 3. Smash Brothers 4. Jedi(s) or Jedi Brothers (Thanks Soul Bro for using the term "Jedi")
  11. New Orlando Magic jersey - what's your thoughts?

    **Double Post
  12. New Orlando Magic jersey - what's your thoughts?

    Thanks NameIsOrlando. I borrowed that star from the All Star logo when the All Star game was held in Orlando in 2012. So that star has been there since 2012. I don't know if Orlando or the NBA has the rights to it. But there is our star.
  13. New Orlando Magic jersey - what's your thoughts?

    My version of the "stars alternate jersey". You all know TMF had to weigh in on this. ______
  14. 2016 Playoffs Thread

    Payton, you certainly don't want to (anger, insult, poke fun at) 2 women within the span of 2 days do you? one being your fiance and the other is a participating member of this message board. :svgsad: