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  1. FENDI

    Grade Our Draft

    BPA and team needs. We hit two birds with one stone.
  2. FENDI


    Probably not. Around 2005 at the earliest, if I'm not mistaken.
  3. FENDI

    2014 Draft Thread

    ***** you rob hennigan. ***** you.
  4. FENDI

    2013-2014 Trade Watch Thread

    Haha "gun" were the days
  5. FENDI

    2013-2014 Trade Watch Thread

    Am i late for the party?
  6. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/419154-hedo-to-pheonix-do-the-raptors-get-the-better-end-of-the-deal Turkoglu is reportedly taking a pay cut to facilitate this trade by waiving $5 million from his trade kicker and $6 million of his guaranteed money from his contract from the final year.
  7. well, I may be wrong, but it seems like JJ has like a trade restriction or something. Similar to that of Gortat's.
  8. well, its pretty damn late to lessen the salary. hehe
  9. True that, I still think we're still only as good as last year. ECF. But in order for us the make it to the championship and win it, I still think we need changes to make it work. And obviously, one of the factor, is still the go-to guy during clutch time. This team doesn't have that closer to take us over the hump.
  10. FENDI

    Duhon at SG

    I actually found JVG or was that Mark Jackson's remark on the game saying thay Duhon is actually a better defender against 2 guards than the point guards because Duhon isn't as quick as you would think he is.
  11. FENDI

    The Human Victory Cigar

    He's actually a good player., but doesn't have the heart.
  12. anyone that has stream links?