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    Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    Good to see the recognition. Thanks
  2. Manu Ginobili

    GT: 1/9 @ DEN (9PM EST)

    BBD was key, both in terms of production, hustle and chemistry. Anyway, since this is not a playoffs season, it gives JV the chance to see what AN, Hark and Vuc can produce with more minutes. Nik, BBD, Afflalo, JJ, Etwaun, Nicholson, O'Quinn and Harkless are keepers. Nelson is not my favourite because of his lack of D, but he is a good offensive guard. I wouldn't mind getting a more solid PG. Let's build through the draft next two offseasons, while keeping the core young guys.
  3. Manu Ginobili

    5 months after the trades... how do you feel about the team

    When the trade was about to happen, my wish was: Howard + Duhon + Turkoglu + Richardson for young players with potential (could be Vucevic, Morre) + rookies (Harkless) + future lottery picks + expirings When all was said and done, I liked: - Vucevic / Moore / Harkless - The amount of picks - Sending out Duhon and Richardson - Keeping BBD and Redick I was torn about: - Bringing Afflalo. Have always thought highly of him as a player, but just didn't see the point of basic rebuilding with quality guys. It was supposed to be all potential, raw, upside. Not ready guys like Arron - Keeping Nelson. Never a good defender, and has been continually declining since 10 playoffs. At the same time, always a positive leader and can be really good offensively from time to time. I disliked: - Bringing Harrington. Not an expiring contract, a perennial scorer for losing teams. - Keeping Turkoglu. I think he was a great player once, but nowadays he is almost useless and taking valuable minutes away from youngsters. - The quality of the draft picks received - Letting Anderson go. Price was really a lot for a guy his caliber, but was starting to blossom here, and still very young and overachieving (except in the postseason). As it turns out, hopefully the model for rebuilding is not just being atrocious and running into the #1 pick, but building a good core from scratch and adding a few pieces. Me, personally, I would like NOT TO MAKE ANY TRADES for a long time, and just build through the draft and getting a huge FA when the time comes. Meanwhile, seeing this team competing for a playoffs spot and with an explosive offense is not too shabby. Certainly not dreamlike, but not a bad scenario after Howard practically destroyed the franchise.
  4. Manu Ginobili

    Official Game Thread: Magic Vs. Timberwolves

    And people still want to trade him :svgsad:
  5. I don't agree at all with the notion of trading BBD. The guy is pure hustle, team-first kind of player, who is having his most productive season so far. Why the need for more trades? Keep the young core, add a few draft picks and just sign a big name FA when the time comes.
  6. Manu Ginobili

    Is Anyone else enjoying watching the Lakers?

    Chris Duhon starting PG for LAL We are all witnesses
  7. Manu Ginobili

    Is Anyone else enjoying watching the Lakers?

    They had possibly the worst coach of the league, and replaced him with a middle of the pack one.
  8. Manu Ginobili

    PHX @ ORL Game Thread 11/4

    JJ our own Harden? 3 20 pt scorers? BBD breaking out? Three guys named Nikola Vucevic, Daequan Jones and Etwaun Moore starting? Rooks playing? Your 2012 Orlando Magic
  9. Manu Ginobili

    2012-13 NBA Season Thread

    For me, so far, that man tops Shaq, Kobe and LeBron as the best player since MJ. I do think, however, that LeBron will be better when his career comes to an end.
  10. Manu Ginobili

    Game Thread

    NOT seeing Duhon in the white unis is the highlight of the season
  11. Manu Ginobili

    The Official NFL 2013 Season Thread

    Your D vastly overplayed our O. They were all over the place and the new formation with Kaepernick didn't work at all. Eli simply doesn't do anything wrong against us, and Bradshaw was the best runner out there. It was that kind of day.
  12. Manu Ginobili

    The Official NFL 2013 Season Thread

    49ers won in a nailbiter, struggling and then getting a heave in the End Zone for the winning score
  13. Manu Ginobili

    The Official NFL 2013 Season Thread

    Faceoff was not bad at all. Also, could you be more off topic?
  14. Manu Ginobili

    The Official NFL 2013 Season Thread

    Only taking into accounts stats while not watching anything is your specialty. Because if you think 49ers didn't dominate the Packers last sunday, then you didn't watch the game. So you might as well shut up and let people who see things talk.
  15. Manu Ginobili

    The Official NFL 2013 Season Thread

    Garcon is a beast. His only mistake so far was that play in the SB. He will be a Top 5 WR soon