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  1. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    Well that's that then..
  2. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    `Close game now, wtf I might have to start watching
  3. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    I've turned this garbage off.
  4. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    What did I miss? I'm only putting it on now
  5. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    Early game today / tonight which means I can watch it live. I'm not expecting much but the last early game we won against the Knicks. Hopefully it's a good game to watch! The team is already feeling the support on Facebook
  6. Magic vs Knicks

    He could just be in the zone. I play sport at a high'ish level (not basketball, unfortunately I'm ****) but after a game I don't speak to anyone, even team mates (win or lose). I completely zone out and they are cool with it. Feel free to throw a link up to the interview if you have it though.
  7. Magic vs Knicks

    I dunno what people are getting annoyed about, Magic won and we have no stars on this team. Why do people expect so much, we are no better than last year, we are pretty much the same team! Vuc had a great game, Payton played with energy and created some great passes to find the open player, he should have had 9 or 10 assists but he's not surrounded by shooters.
  8. Magic vs Knicks

    Would be great if we had Ryan Anderson or JJ now, the last 11 3 pointers Magic have taken have been missed.
  9. Magic vs Knicks

    Payton is playing well
  10. Magic vs Knicks

    Finally an early game I can watch live! I'm not expecting much but win or lose I just hope it's a good game to watch. TV: FOX Sports Florida & BT Sports Europe TIME: Pregame coverage begins at 3 p.m ET
  11. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Spurs

    Right that's it I'm buying league pass! Great win Magic
  12. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets

    Glad I didn't stay up to watch this by the sounds of it. I see Payton got a hamstring injury. Tonight against Cav's is gonna be a tough game
  13. Official Game Thread : Magic vs Nets

    Couldn’t agree more he got way too much when he was signed
  14. 2017-2018 Official prediction thread

    I predict it will be very similar to last year, a few surprise wins, a winning streak or two but overall everyone remains average and we miss the playoffs. I do hope I’m wrong and I feel awful typing this after a great win last night but not enough has changed in the off season for me to see we can get much better.
  15. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic vs Heat - 7 PM EST

    Great win, hopefully this will continue. As someone said somewhere else “we have a better record than Golden state”