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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I agree. I would not trade down. We need star power not role players.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    He is a freshman.... young players will have ups and downs. .. especially at pg
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Watching curry in the playoffs, I dont see us passing on Young.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Funny thing is that young, imo, will be best fit and best player available. We pass on him, it will be like the hawks passing on chris paul for m. williams - because someone thought williams had crazy upside. We pick another sf or pf and it will hurt the rookie and/or one of the other players on the team like gordon or isaac.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Young is my pick and I think him or lucka would have the biggest impact for us in the draft.
  6. Clifford the big magic coach

    We have been linked to Casey
  7. Clifford the big magic coach

    He is coach of the year and top record in the east. We could do worse.
  8. Clifford the big magic coach

    I sure hope you're not referring to his comments on race issues, because that would speak more about you than stan. The comments he said about the country taking steps backwards were spot on. Any one that says differently is not trying to look hard enough and is not effected by the issues. Some people are just more aware than others.
  9. Clifford the big magic coach

    He said himself, his systems don't work in today's NBA.
  10. Clifford the big magic coach

    I can agree with that comment.
  11. Clifford the big magic coach

    Only a hurt 17-18 point curry was on the team before mark got there. Mark wanted shooting and passers on the team. Lee, klay, green, barnes, ai, Bogut, and moe all came under mark. He helped build the Warriors. Kerr is the one that was given a stacked team that mark help create.
  12. Clifford the big magic coach

    You of all people should know teams have to grow. He started and helped develop that team. The same could be said of the early Jordan and bull teams. There is a development curve that teams go through.
  13. Clifford the big magic coach

    I agree. I never said he was not flawed in some areas. It just doesn't discredit his body of work. We all have areas we must improve on. You never mentioned the other points I brought up. it is not about just seeing the negative in people.
  14. Clifford the big magic coach

    Fellowship, bonding, and working together
  15. Clifford the big magic coach

    Lol. Not sure I or Moe Buckets agree with much you said. Mark Jackson took a team that had not been to the playoffs in 4 years to going to the playoffs in back to back years. His teams were an offensive force and he got offensive players to play defense. The Warriors were respectively 9th and 14th in assists his last two years. Plus, he helped the development of the splash brothers, dreymon, and h Barnes. As a coach you should have the assistants you feel comfortable with. Furthermore, being a child of God called Christian, I understand what he meant. That is why some people like Mark Jackson.