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  1. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    Say Say what you want about Otis. Otis and svg, had us winning every year.
  2. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    It started with some really bad trades: T. Harris trade and the trade Victor trade. We lost a lot of young talent for nothing. We also traded away our 2nd 1st round pick in a deep draft this year. So bad GM moves, plus poor player development has caused the issue we are in now. Plus, we need had the ping pong ball fall in our way and get the top pick. Mario has been playing better with time, but he is a key factor in our failure. He needed to produce and play better for a 5th pick. Sometimes, it his hard to believe he is a 3rd year player. As for this year, I will say that, with out our injures, we would look a lot better. It started with our pgs going out and then Johnathan Isaac. Now, 4 out of 5 starters are out. Not many teams will win with only there second and third units.
  3. He looked fine his rookie year. He has not improved and looks worse.
  4. PG play is more than just passing. Dribbling is a big part of it. Mario doesn't get enough min to Ave high amount of turnover. What does his plus minus look like? That will tell use a lot.
  5. Are you saying he looks good?
  6. I watched the games. There is a reason we have limited his useage. I wish he was better.
  7. He turns the ball over too much. I can't get behind him at pg.
  8. I agree. I remember him sucking at pg. I believe it was the month we lost Payton and we had a big losing streak. It might have even have caused the Harris trade. Around the time Scott asked for Jennings. The crazy thing about Mario to me is his change in athleticism. I remember him dunking on people in summer league and catching 1 hand lobs. Now he seems to barely be able to be over the rim at times. That draft Pick was on me. I was a big fan. But he has really regressed. J Ice / Isacc looks much better and comfortable on the court. Mario does not look like a three year player. He talks about how much he works but then I see him miss Easy Defensive rotations. I just shake my head. Dude, you Have been Pro since 12. Just watch the film.
  9. I just think we are in a shoot, pass, dribble league. Teams are looking to draft players with those skills.
  10. They said it could be too early for him to come back. bridgewater will also be back soon.
  11. he has been hurt though. right?
  12. I personally take the blame for it. He was not projected to be this bad. He has a lot of nba tools. His basket ball IQ is just very low. He is still lost after 3 years.
  13. it does look bad. both rookies are looking better than him... Big statement