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  1. I'm ready for Vince to go off tonight.
  2. 2014 Draft Thread

    This forum hasn't changed a bit.
  3. 2014 Draft Thread

    Exum both scares me and makes me excited. I feel like now, this whole draft could end up being a crapshoot instead of the "guaranteed above average to superstar" lotto we thought it was a year ago. Or it could end up being the 2003 draft again. Who knows. I sure don't. I miss you all.
  4. 2014 Draft Thread

    Hedo 2.0 homey. I want Napier (if we don't go PG at #4) or TJ Warren if we decide to trade down instead of picking at #12. Love u 2 babe.
  5. 2014 Draft Thread

    #4: Parker, Wiggins, Exum, Smart or bust. #12: Gordon, Anderson, Young, or bust.
  6. 2013-2014 Trade Watch Thread

    Baby for Dudley get it done.
  7. Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    alfredo sauce
  8. Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    I don't know but I do think Chris Webber would help our frontcourt with Tony Battie being out for the year. get it done otis!!!
  9. Movies

    He goes by JoJo Whalefoot now since going more folktronica.
  10. Movies

    Pacific Rim 8.5/10 The Heat 8/10 This is the End 8.5/10 Man of Steel 7.5/10
  11. Movies

    LOL no. It was a solid 7.
  12. 2014 Draft Thread

    If the Knicks suck and Denver sucks we might.
  13. Post your Music

    It's bloody genius.
  14. I love energy guys so Osby can stick around as long as he wants if he plays like that.
  15. Welcome To The Orlando Magic Victor Oladipo

    Ok the VO5 thing is pretty cool.