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  1. I wouldn't do that unless I could get a super advanced android foot. Then I would saw off both for a matching set.
  2. Man. McGrady got screwed.
  3. Hornets @ Magic 2NIGHT

    I admit I had started to give up on him but he has been impressive lately
  4. Hornets @ Magic 2NIGHT

    This is the greatest thing ever made by a human. All credit to the genus, TrueMagicFan07.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I would trade down
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Luckily that's about one more than there are. Defense is banned, remember? If you look at someone the wrong way you instantly foul out. Unless you're a star. Then you can do whatever you want. But only when you're not guarding another star. A guy like Young should excel in this soft ass, chuck 40 3's a game league.
  7. We haven't had one in 9 years.
  8. I agree. (Insert pointlessly categorized time of birth here) people are inferior and soft or something. The rest of your post was kinda lame, but I like the piss taking at "millennial bashers". Also, what? We traded Elfrid Payton? What? When? Who? You'll always be "Lewis4thewin" to me btw. Payton was a terrible choice. At least Gilbert was terribly amusing.
  9. Magic vs Wizards

    Bro what if Westbrook had 26 year old LeBron's body, Shaq strength, Ray's jumper, Rodman's hustle, Bird's clutchness, Magic's court vision and Jordan's competitive drive and basketball IQ?! Bro.
  10. I understand what you're saying. It's just incorrect like always.
  11. Not really. It's pretty simple. The point isn't that everyone else is bad defending the pick and roll. It's that Payton is substantially worse. And he doesn't shoot. He isn't a pariah or a scapegoat. He just kinda sucks.
  12. It's just a tired joke at this point. Like my life.
  13. I think Vancouver to be a Grizzlies fan. Or maybe Seattle...
  14. Oh boy. Another 5 years of this might be too much for me.
  15. Sad to here of Butler's death. I remember him well from my peak years of basketball viewership. 38 is way too young to go. Real shame.