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  1. Nope. Keep shooting young man. Don’t care about air balls. Next shot.
  2. Sorry never heard anything about him
  3. We’re making this trash Harrel guy look like Shaq.
  4. As long as we make the spread lol
  5. It’s a talking point I’ve seen. I’m not gonna bash specific people. Just hyped about Fultz
  6. Now is the time for people to say Markelle Fultz doesn’t have star potential again
  7. jec

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    One is hoping Fultz breaks out into a star. Another is hoping Isaac gets healthy. Eventually moving away from Vuc and potentially Gordon who could still have trade value. There’s still a lot of unknowns of course.
  8. We need his points. Fultz to Fournier is actually one of our best combos. I’m more worried about at least a few other players’ shot selection than I am about Evan’s.
  9. It physically hurt me to watch him in the Suns game, where his only meaningful contributions included dribbling the clock out and banking in a lucky shot
  10. Well, we needed that
  11. Just so you know, I and I’m sure everyone else appreciates your dedication to this forum. Your enthusiasm and regular game threads are greatly appreciated. And I’m sorry if you feel you feel you haven’t been taken seriously in the past; there were a lot of sarcastic personalities here back in the day, present company included. It’s always been in good fun and laughing at each other. Anyway thanks for all your contributions. Now lets beat the Kings.
  12. So this is one I really want before that brutal back to back
  13. I mean... that is a pretty accurate description yes
  14. I think us missing 3 of our main rotation guys and losing by 4 points on the road isn’t the time for a fire sale to the team that beat us.
  15. Well. Vegas was right on the spread.
  16. Wow what a spectacular failure of a final few minutes hahha
  17. Nice. Hopefully you make it back haha.
  18. Would be a nice one. We’re only +3.5 underdogs on the road. Not bad.
  19. I dunno but it’s killing my chances to say “Croatian Sensation”
  20. I wouldn’t even be mentioning Fultz in any trade discussion. I would laugh and hang up.
  21. I would further argued that having duplicate skill sets isn’t inherently a bad thing. Nor does it preclude them from playing on the court at the same time.