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  1. TrueBlueDrew

    Magic vs Celtics_Mon. Jan. 23rd @ 7:00 PM

    Man... you guys weren't kidding about that Celtics away crowd. That's insane. Embarrassing for Orlando natives.
  2. TrueBlueDrew

    Magic vs Celtics_Mon. Jan. 23rd @ 7:00 PM

    yeah...I know they said a 10 minute cap on him tonight...but maybe 15-20 wouldn't be bad :) he looks good so far.
  3. TrueBlueDrew

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    I also think we can get a lot better for TRoss from other contenders or maybe apart of a 3 or more team trade. He's seems to be a valuable commodity for playoff hopefuls who need that extra scoring boost. Maybe LA (either of them) or Dallas or someone else. My hope is that there will be some combination of Ross/Hampton/Chuma/Bamba/Harris for either another player that fits our timeline a little better or gets us someone who could turn into a star next to Paolo and Franz. I know Jordan Poole hasn't had a great year but that's a name that jumps into my head. Or someone else to backup WCJ.
  4. TrueBlueDrew

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    If the Magic do move on from Mo Bamba in search of a genuine big to help out WCJ...who do you think is the best realistic option? Warriors - Wiseman? Spurs - Poeltl? Kings - Holmes? Another name? What about another scorer/facilitator? If Fultz/Harris/Franz/Banchero/WCJ remain our starting lineup...unless Isaac returns healthy and as good as we remember, then you could have Fultz/Franz/Isaac/Paolo/WCJ (which is just exciting in my opinion) Cavs - Okoro? seems lost since Mitchell arrived. Spurs - Johnson? They're probably building around him but I think he would be a good get as a 3/4 option on this team. Plus with Fultz at point, he could slash, which is what he has always been good at. Knicks - Rose? I realize we probably don't need DRose...but if we parted ways with Harris and Anthony for Rose and a pick...I think he could be another vet voice if we also traded Ross.
  5. TrueBlueDrew

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    Definitely wild haha but I agree with others on the forum who have said they don't want Lavine. I think he's a talented scorer but he doesn't seem to be a great leader in the locker room. Has always come across as super selfish to me.
  6. TrueBlueDrew

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    I'm not saying we should do this...but this trade is WILD and would land us with Zach Lavine haha https://fanspo.com/nba/s/general/trades/ecN-06rdXjZcd0/-the-bulls-reset-plan-
  7. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Ehhh.... defense in a pro-am is going to be a little bit different than against the NBA pros lol Jimmer Fredette also threw up scary numbers at one time.
  8. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Magic get: DM Jazz get: Isaac, Suggs, Hampton, Cannady, 2023 1st, 2025 1st, 2027 1st What would you say?
  9. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 NBA Summer League Thread

    Yup. Your number 1 draft pick has a limp. He looked better than the #3 draft pick in almost every way. Even though it was ugly, he helped the team to a gutsy win in OT. Might as well give him some rest and gear up for the season. I could care less about summer league. Winning a SL championship means nothing. It's not even helpful for the organization because it's not your starting lineup on night 1 of the regular season. Of course, everyone wants to see the #1 v #2 but I'm not worried about it. Let's just get the W when we play them in a few months. Let the starters continue to build rapport off-court and start working out together, come into camp with good chemistry and build toward that future. We have a lot of things to be excited about! Don't sweat the small stuff.
  10. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    See I think its the opposite. I want a strong distributor with Paolo, Franz, and WCJ. For me, I think this (assuming we make no other moves) is the best starting group Fultz / Anthony / Cannaday Suggs / Harris / Hampton F. Wagner / Ross / Okeke Paolo / Isaac / Bol WCJ / Bamba / M. Wagner
  11. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Fultz / Suggs / Anthony / Hampton / Harris / Cannady / Ross Gonna have to make some room here. Who would you prefer (assuming we won't make some out of no-where trade for Mitchell) be your starting PG / SG? Who is the bench PG / SG?
  12. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    I would love Bridges but I'm not sure what we would need to give up. Gotta make way at the guard spot somehow unless Hampton is willing to be 3rd string.
  13. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Isaac/Hampton and lots of picks for Mitchell.
  14. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    But isn't that the point? We have the youth. We need the vet presence. Isaac's value is higher to us, so lump him in to a blockbuster trade to get more out of his trade value that he might get if he was in a package with Ross and just one other team.
  15. TrueBlueDrew

    2022 Off-season Thread

    The jpg won't upload but this trade worked in the trade machine lol Magic Recieve: Seth Curry and Joe Harris Nets Recieve: Russ Westbrook, Harrison Barnes, Jeremy Lamb, Jonathan Isaac, and Horton-Tucker (3 first-round picks, 3 second-round picks... including our 2024 1st) Lakers Recieve: Kyrie Irving and Terrance Ross Kings Recieve: Kevin Durant Thoughts?