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  1. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Ok...lol I think that Sixers team can win for sure. You have a healthy Embiid, Simmons, and Lebron...add in a hopefully improved Fultz, Reddick, and other role players. They’re a solid matchup for the Warriors I think. Boston will still be tough to beat. But it would be Houston/GS and Boston/Philly in the east for years.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    https://es.pn/2LToFU8 not sure this has been posted yet but ESPN shared their prospects they think could be draft steals with a pretty good analysis of each: Robert Williams Wendell Carter Miles Bridges Kevin Knox Lonnie Walker
  3. Clifford the big magic coach

    So give me an alternative to get excited for? I'm assuming we go PG with #6, I saw Magical (I know his opinion isn't worth much here) tweet about how much time Trae spent with the Magic the last few days. Is there any activity in the offseason or is it another sit on our hands type of year? I personally think we can make a few moves to get competitive and start setting a culture, but who those names are, I'm not sure.
  4. Clifford the big magic coach

    How much worse? I’m sure you’ve looked up the stats but he was their #2 on offense behind Hayward, at least I would think so.
  5. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Yeah but it’s kinda fun watching Lebron vs Durant. #1 vs #2.
  6. Clifford the big magic coach

    Yeah there hasn’t been a history of injury but the body type is slender. I have the same concerns with Isaac honestly. I would feel better about Bamba than Young though
  7. Clifford the big magic coach

    Watching the game now...I hold to what I believe...Hood just needs the minutes. Coach didn’t know what he was doing, till the media started saying “Bench JR and play Hood” and now Lue looks like a genius when he got the idea from Stephen A Smith
  8. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Man you just dont want to give this guy any credit do you? His first game in 6...and he is 7-9 for 15 pts and 5 reb...they could’ve had this all season is Lue didn’t bury him on the bench. I’m telling you this would be a smart pick up for us.
  9. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    I wouldn't mind Vuc staying if he was willing to come off the bench and help the team that way. But we HAVE to look to trade him to get as many piece we can toward this rebuild. Him saying that we're so close...that's just word-play, we're no where close being competitive. We are 2-3 years away minimum IF we make all the correct decisions and the coaching staff develops the way it needs to. Do I think it is possible to make moves this summer and next summer to be in a position to fight for a middle seed in the playoffs come 2020? Yes. Do I think Vuc is apart of that plan? Personally no. I think he and Fournier are our best pieces not named Gordon and so we look to trade them for pieces that will help us toward that 2-3 year goal.
  10. Clifford the big magic coach

    I'm worried Bamba is another Greg Oden. I think he's a guy who looks good with potential but in an NBA that is getting smaller, faster, and shooting from further away...I just don't think Bamba fits that style of ball. Isaac does, AG does, Vuc does not (shot is there but not fast, liable on defense), Biz does not. I would much rather go after Bridges than Bamba. I also don't think Kemba would come here. I'd love it personally because I think he can be that fire competitor that our team culture needs, but I think if Kemba leaves Charlotte, he's going to someone he believes to be a contender (would Kemba in Cleveland make Lebron stay?). He won't leave one struggling team in the East for another team (that finished worse than them) in the East.
  11. Clifford the big magic coach

    I just think you and I disagree on Hood. I see Ross as a declining player and Hood who is stuck on a roster with an incompetent coach. I think they are similar players, but I don't think Ross will ever rise to a level where he would be a starter in this league. I think Hood just needs the opportunity and confidence. We saw that in Utah, he hasn't had that opportunity in Cleveland.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    That draft pick may make me throw up just a little. He's talented...but man I just don't trust that injury. My gut says thats another Greg Oden waiting to happen. I hope I'm wrong for the kids sake and the Magic's sake, but yeah...I don't think we can take a risk like that in this draft. If Trae is a big risk already, why would we feel comfortable with MPJ?
  13. Clifford the big magic coach

    The problem you run into is the injury bug. If we're hit with that again, you're really in trouble. I think it would be smarter to do a total reset. Trade Vuc, Fournier, Ross, Mack... and if at all possible Biz, for as many pieces and draft picks as possible. Then you go after maybe one key FA (I'm on the Rodney Hood train) and draft our PG (most want Young, I'll take Sexton/SGA). Slide Isaac into the versatile 5 spot, Gordon plays the 4, Hood at the 3, Simmons at the 2, Rookie at the PG. That's enough to be at least respectable this season. Also Mario is a free agent, so we'd have to resign him, but I'm not sure he entirely enjoyed his time in Orlando, I don't expect him to resign. And you forgot Iwundu. PG-Rookie/DJ/Mack SG-Fournier/Simmons/Iwundu/Rookie SF-Ross/Rookie PF-Gordon/Isaac C-Vuc/Biz/Birch That's who we have on the roster next year (I'm assuming we resign AG). That's why I say we trade Fournier/Ross/Vuc/Mack...if we could somehow package two of these guys for a draft pick and a reasonable player, and maybe a 2019 draft pick and an expiring vet...I'd be really happy. Then you throw the MLE at a free agent or two if you find the money and the right length of contract. I'm okay with another year at the bottom of the East (ideally, I want to fight for a playoff spot but thats not realistic right now) as long as in the 2018-2019 season we are establishing a culture in Orlando and are no longer seen as a joke in the league. That's my #1 goal for this season.
  14. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Yeah, I 100% agree. I always felt like EP was a bench guard and not a starter. I know everyone hates the "what ifs" but what if we jumped on the versatile athletic roster trend really early...trade Fournier/Vuc and build around Dipo, Harris, AG...man I really feel like that core could be something special.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    My draft list for this year includes: Sexton, SGA, Bridges (for 1st round consideration) and Simons, Brown, Devonte Graham, Diallo, Allen, or Metu (2nd round) I would love for us to sprinkle a little magic on our phone calls to other GMs and convince either Denver or LA to deal their lottery pick to us. I think we target a PG/SG/SF with our 3 or 4 picks this year. We need to let Isaac and AG have room to grow together. I would love to get Harris back from LA but I don't think they'll want to release him for anything we could offer. Find a way to trade Fournier + Vuc and turn them into promising young talent and draft picks. Then we let the Biz deal fizzle down to nothing, unless he has some sort of resurgence (which I don't see happening)