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  1. magicdoc1

    Magic @ Nets - Wednesday, January 23 @ 7:30 PM

    Oladipo!!! Men.. tragedy. Wish him the best! Prompt recovery.
  2. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/nba-trade-rumors-lakers-exploring-‘other-options’-to-fill-void-left-by-lonzo-ball/ar-BBSCkDI?li=BBnba9I jajajaja
  3. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Yes. That is why I said NOT this year
  4. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Lol. Just for 24 hrs.. reload!
  5. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Not this year.
  6. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Well.. they can have Mozgov.
  7. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Have enough cap space And money to overpay free agent players to come and play with us.
  8. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Unless Brogdon.. No way. OkC and Pelicans has nothing of interest.
  9. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Where? Mad with ownership or DSJ?
  10. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Im not proposing a trade. I was just presenting a point.
  11. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    If you can get Beal out any Vooch deal, then I am all in. I just don't think Vooch will Get us that type of talent back. We might have to move one of the BIG in the process and I am not sure we want that at the moment.
  12. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Once you offered them a first round they will take it. Taking Conley’s salary is big enough for them. Gasol might have more value in the league and more desire among other teams and the cost of getting might be higher. They will attach Parson on him. Conley and picks Gasol and Parson
  13. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Not to mention he is a great teammate a locker room guy. Exactly what this teams need.
  14. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    Is not him. He is on a “Get Out” Trans.
  15. magicdoc1

    Trade Thread

    DSJ still available.