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  1. Gamethread: Magic vs Heat - SEASON PREMIERE

    Mauro killing it! Love it. Hopefully the Magic comes out killing it as well. Awesome!
  2. Magic vs Spurs

    Are we talking about the Tball game?
  3. Magic vs Spurs

    Are we talking about the Tball game?
  4. Magic vs Spurs

    yea. but his defense will get him in. AG and Gordon will have to step up in offense.
  5. Magic vs Spurs

    I honestly think that Ross will take the starting role over Fournier.
  6. Magic vs Spurs

    I am at a t-ball game and following the game on my phone. Somehow I find the Tball game more entertaining.
  7. Official preseason thread

    Eh. He needs to get better in defense and his shooting percentage is not really that good yet. He needs to improve his shot selection. The only thing you can compare him to Curry is his range. Thats it. This coming from a fan of his. I think he is going to be good but not Curry good.
  8. Official preseason thread

    There is some. Anything sorrounding Gordkn and a pick might do. The biggest question is if they will be able to resign him. They will be way over the cap .
  9. Official preseason thread

    I think 7 will be better for those from the UK. 12 vs 2 am. I will be ok with either. Looking forward for this season! Appreciate you stepping up!
  10. Official preseason thread

    Ouch! Feel sorry for the guy. Spurs not doing well with Walker and him suffering mayor preseason injuries. Maybe they show some interest on fournier now.
  11. Official preseason thread

    We have a game tonight
  12. Official preseason thread

    I know this is off topic and I apologize beforehand but want to extend an invitation to any of you who wants to join us for the fantasy league this season. It appears as there is an open spot this year. Please notify and inform Mauro your intent and desire to join.
  13. Official preseason thread

    On a side note, Is it me or people are seeing Mario differently since signing with New York? He is all of the sudden better than last year and so far I have not seen anything different from him. I wish hime the best and still are upset for letting go like that but come on. Even his fantasy value and rankings are way higher. Just because he is a knick now.
  14. Official preseason thread

    I imagine from playing video games.
  15. Official preseason thread

    Yea... lets give Mozgov some rest.
  16. Official preseason thread

    I think That is the first time I see “Vuc” and “Best” been used in the same sentence.
  17. Official preseason thread

    Yea. I think a combination of Bamba and Isaac will likely take some of that offensive production. I think the offense will flow if we improve our defense. We need to see more of that transition offense. DJ, Gordon and Ross will have to step up as well. They need to become more efficient shooters.
  18. Official preseason thread

    I was been sarcastic. The good news is that he is only missing a few games most likely and not 4-6 weeks as he usually does.
  19. Official preseason thread

    Good news. That means he is out for tge rest of the preseason.
  20. Official preseason thread

    All of the sudden Vuc is the worse offensive player in the league and problematic center. Nonsense. He is neither. He is a good teamate and a center who is a decent rebounder and offensive player who happens to be an extremely awful defender who I, like most of you, dislike. He is just not good enough to continue been our starting center when we have Bamba in our roster.
  21. Official preseason thread

    Perhaps but he is on his last year of his contract and that by itself makes him valuable in a way.
  22. Official preseason thread

    A little harsh.
  23. Official preseason thread

    I dont know what you were expecting out of him. He is just that. Good offensive player with very little effort in defense. Honestly the whole video is bad. His laziness and poor effort in defense. Still, somehow, coaches along the league see him as an asset. Stan said this morning that Vuc, in his opinion, is the 2nd best center offensive guy in The league after Jokic. Jokic, Vuc and Embiid. In that order. Crazy. But spparently that is the feeling along the league. We need to trade him sooner than later. We dont want his value to continue going down.
  24. 1st Preseason game: Magic @ 76ers

    http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=24864772 loved how he throws the ball back at him.
  25. Official preseason thread

    Love it!