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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Schedule looks brutal (80% of teams .500 or better) from here until the trading deadline on Feb. 8 in 2018. We could be 15-38 to 18-35 the way we are currently playing. FO evaluation and asssessment period looks like activity at trade deadline will increase. I would still try to pry another 1st round lottery pick for next year's deep draft from someone (Cleveland who has Brooklyn's pick or Philly who has the Laker's pick is where I would start) giving us two first's and two second's (ours and the Lakers) next year plus two firsts the following year (ours and Memphis). Draft will be the best foundation to build upon considering the current status of our team.
  2. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Read the Cavs are listening to offers for the #1 Nets pick they just received from Boston. And maybe want to move Love and get a point guard as insurance. My thought is offer Vuc, Payton, and Heronja for Love and the #1 Nets pick. Probably would be turned down but is a starting point.
  3. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Considering Otto Porter signed for $106 million for 4 years as a RFA, we may have to pay some big bucks. I say at least offer to extend Gordon as long as it is fair and not a low ball offer. 9 teams are projected to be under the cap next year down from 14 last year and 27 the year before which is in our favor and the fact we can match is also in our favor. Not in our favor is Lakers can create 2 max spaces, 76's and Hawks will have $40 mil to spend, and Bulls will have $50 mil. There are some big time free agents but, as usual, most will sign with their current teams. If Gordon has a good year then it is a good possibility he could get "Otto Porter" offer. And I think it could come from the 76'er's, maybe the Lakers if they fail to get any of the big guys. I am thinking for Gordon and his agent to agree to extend it will take $20 mil per year like 5 year for $100 mil. No matter what if he has a good year it is going to cost us some money, probably more than $20 mil/year
  4. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Love the movie motif for our current state. Cannot disagree like Catalina even though her one statement of our youth and potential direction is spot on (Isaac and Gordon together will be special). We cannot afford to pay the center position $29+million much longer. Since Biz has no trade value it will have to be Vuc and I like Vuc. Then hopefully we will lose enough this year to get one of the top 10--3 or 4 centers in next year's draft unless we get lucky and get the #1 pick and can get Doncic. With Payton and Gordon going to restricted status this summer (assuming no extension) salary cap will become a huge issue and a rookie's salary structure (the rookie center previously mentioned) vital to making this work. (in the KI trade Cleveland insisted on a rookie salary structure and they got the Nets # pick plus the center). Good GM's know that and I think ours does too. Our salary cap guru may be our most important asset. I think we are bad (bad mediocre) right now but with the right moves (need one more good rookie, trade a center) we could , because of our good young players, get to GOOD. Would love to see some wins but not at the expense of our future. Catch 22!
  5. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    33.5 may be the max only because the East is so weak. West will be brutal (30 games home and away I think) and I see us realistically going 6-24 (8-22 at the best) vs the West. Leaves us little wiggle room in the East to get to 33-34 wins-- if we win 8 vs the West would need 25 (25-27) or 26 (26-26) wins vs the East. Cannot see many wins vs Cleveland, Boston, Washington, or Toronto and Charlotte (who only improved) owned us last year. Next season depends on improvement of our players AND management not trading (probably at the All Star break) any starters for the future. We will need a good start (Nov and Dec) to have a chance. If FO uses this year to evaluate and monitor progress, as has been indicated, it will be up to the players to get wins to convince FO to keep everyone!! Hoping for the best but being realistic at the same time.
  6. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Love the fact that Gordon is playing with the best players. Has to help him! I am excited about Issac and Gordon eventually playing at the same time.
  7. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    forgot to add something....keep it to the NBA. lol
  8. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    The NBA is FANtastic. I agree with you on the Celtics and I hate the Lakers too!!! Hoping the Cavs void this deal so we can have drama back! Just think Cavs/Celts feud, Lakers investigated for tampering (Can we bring back the tampering with Shaq charge?), this is great drama. Who and what else does everyone else hate?
  9. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Perhaps, but Pacers FO just was not real aggressive in free agency. Salary at $91 million, below the cap and not much activity in free agency when they could have been. Just a feeling they are more in rebuild mode.
  10. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    2020 1st rounder will probably be in the mid to late 20's range and thatt is the best part of this deal. Looks like a Hennigan or John Gabriel type deal for us. Hope there is no truth to that deal.
  11. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    So now that KI is traded I see the Eastern conference like this. Cavs and Celts--# 1 or 2 with slight edge to Cavs especially if they get D Wade Wizards and Raptors # 3 and 4 Bucks #5 # 6, 7, 8 are between the Hornets, Heat, Philly (if healthy), Pistons, and Magic in that order---#8 could be a huge battle and I give us a shot. then the have nots Pacers, Nets, Bulls, Knicks and Hawks are playing Philly ball next year vying for #1 pick---good thing for them is that it is a deep draft
  12. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Cavs got a great deal and Boston did wwll also. That is what happens when you have assets. Cavs got closer to warriors and, if D. Wade joins the Cavs, as reported, then in the words of SedDef Mattes it is "game on!" Wonder if Cavs or Celts could be enticed to give up one of those good first round picks next year. Probably not to us!!!!!
  13. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

  14. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I am convinced he can shoot at the NBA level because he could shoot at the college level (80% FT shooter, 35 % 3 pt shooter, 50% 2pt shooter). If you are a poor shooter it shows up especially in FT shooting. Usually percentages increase when players become pros's. Also he played mainly guard and SF until 3 years ago so he had to shoot some. The question becomes not if but when? In this case hopefully sooner not later.
  15. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Always will love my Magic but I am also a realist and this article from CBS sports reflects many of the opinions on this site. Probably another long season. I hope that the last two words of the last sentence is what I hope we see, On a second note is anyone else happy like I am that the NBA is investigating the Lakers for tampering. Like they have not done that before (i.e Shaq) Hope the Lakers get what they deserve. CBS Sports rankings suggest Orlando Magic may not yet be watchable by Philip Rossman-Reich1 day agoFollow @philiprr_omd TWEET SHARE x COMMENT The Orlando Magic have made some modest improvements this season, creating some optimism for 2018. But the Magic may not yet be League Pass darlings. There is a lot of talk these days about how the Orlando Magic will do during the season. The team kept much of the same starting lineup while working to improve their bench more. The hope, it seems, is for the team to build off the limited success they had to end last season and bolster the bench to make some type of Playoff push. The Playoffs seemed to fall closer to the Magic with the changes that happened throughout the conference. It is going to be an intriguing season. But the general consensus about the Magic is the team made some modest improvements, but it is still too flawed to invest in fully. Orlando just does not have the tell-tale signs of a team ready to take that next step. The national television schedule reflects that too. The Magic have only three games on NBATV and none on the cable networks. They will be an anonymous League Pass team again. There are other concerns besides winning and losses in the course of a season. The team still has to try to fill seats for 41 games and get people to engage with the team on television. The team’s struggles last year accounted for a significant drop in television ratings. But so did the team’s play style. Orlando played a lot of games where neither team could eclipse 100 points and the Magic struggled at times to hit 90 early in the season. Much of the excitement of a potential Playoff run died off as the team’s offense tailed off. When the defense went with it, the Magic were nearly unwatchable. Not unless you had some allegiance to them or you had to (say, for work or a blog or something). Did the team improve things this year? Likely not. There were no changes to the starting lineup and no marquee names added to the team. The Orlando Magic might be a better team than they were last year, but that is no guarantee they will be a team everyone lines up to see or get excited about on League Pass. Chris Barnewall of CBS Sports ranked the NBA teams by League Pass watchability and listed the Magic 28th on the list. It is hard to argue with him: Few teams have been less compelling the past few seasons than the Magic. They may have exciting youngsters like Jonathan Isaac on the roster, but there is no reason to believe in Orlando right now. They have no 3-point shooting, too many centers, and their style of play is just brutal. There is no getting around it. The Magic have not quite improved their offense from last year. The team posted a 101.2 offensive rating last year, 29th in the league. Even after the All-Star Break, the Magic struggled offensively overall. They were 26th in the league with a 102.9 offensive rating. It was still a team without a star, without much shooting and without much to draw people in. Not to mention, Frank Vogel-coached teams have never been known for their offense. Without the strong defense that became his hallmark, the team struggled. And things got ugly at times. Even after the All-Star Break, the Magic were not a great offensive team. They played a better up-tempo style and had some better individual performance, but the parts did not improve the whole. Not entirely. The Magic still went 8-16 after the All-Star Break. Aaron Gordon is one of the few saving graces on the roster. He seems able to provide a highlight dunk at least once per game. And there is still a significant amount of hope he can turn into the player everyone envisioned when he became the fourth overall pick. But the team’s lack of balance and clear identity — not to mention budding young stars — does not make it a marketable team. Or even necessarily a watchable team. NEXT: Inside the Orlando Magic's 2018 schedule The plain fact remains, if the Magic are going to become a League Pass darling or a Playoff team, they will have to surprise everyone