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  1. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Oh yeah, I have heard, and you appear to have found some good sources. Indeed he has been in the Viper den, but whom better then one who knows all the nooks and crannies? They never were able to put him on the Lolita Express plane to Epstein Island with the other pedos. They did have one pic of him with Epstein but not compromising just in the NY circles. I agree; he says things sometimes to throw off the media and others and that has been mentioned as well on the Twitter QAnon hashtag thread.
  2. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I do! I just hope they disclose everything to us as it will blow a lot of people away. To be honest with you most people take their liberty and freedom for granted and if you study history you will find that there are time periods that the people had to fight for their rights and freedoms in the past, this will never change as their will always be a segment of the population that will always be striving for power and control; its their inherent nature. So, we are there right now and the globalists whom have linage ties to Hitler (Merkel) and his ideology are trying to do the same thing. When your life has always been smooth sailing like many of the folks today you have no frame of reference therefore no fear. The good news is that we will win and win big, but we have come very close to losing quite a bit especially if Hillary would have won. I’m not saying Trump is perfect, we’ll have to watch him as well, but he has done good things like made us energy independent, getting countries to contribute 2% of gdp for NATO, stop sending aid to countries that hate us, bringing manufacturing back so we’re not dependent on others and create jobs, I can go on and on. I don't particularly like him, but he’s the best option right now by a long shot.
  3. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    You folks are getting ready to learn a lot and if I’m wrong then so be it as I will be leaving this board shortly anyhow, but if I can enlighten a few it was worth the crap I take. I’ve been studying this a long time and take these sound bites and misinformation with a grain of salt as so much of the time they only show part of the conversations and misrepresent the rest. I’ve seen it over and over again. 90% of the news is fake and they will be exposed, so before you folks sling your arrows at least give it a month to see if indeed what I’m saying is true. I’ve already called the Fed restructuring yet no kudos from anyone, funny how that works as only the negative gets any traction on this board which I’m fed up with it.
  4. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Folks, CNN is not news; it’s propaganda. Did you not see them for 2 years saying that Meuller had the goods on Trump and he was going down and then nothing...... that is just one sampling, but significant. They are one of the lowest rated news sources as well as Morning Joe. To get the real news you have to dig deep and look at alternative sources as well and then contemplate everything.
  5. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    It’s not I don’t trust you it’s I don’t trust your info sources. Trump puts his foot in his mouth all the time; that I will agree with, but results matter as to what he had done fo this country up til this point until the Chinese govt started this. It will pass and more information will come to light that I think may change your stance on most of this. I have made a lot of predictions and I feel most of them will come true as I mentioned the Fed would reorganize as they did a few days ago. As my predictions come true I will remind the haters on this board of this and then I will be off this board for good. quick question? If not Trump who? Joe Biden please...... this guy can barely speak, lol or Hillary.... really....... Bernie is going to get screwed again, but he’s probably in on it to get votes for Biden. Bernie was the only one with a consistent message; I’ll give him that.
  6. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Sorry, but CNN, NY Times and The Guardian isn’t gonna do it for me. They lied about the Meuller case for 2 years.
  7. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    So this is what I mean, I was given a - for this comment that I made asking about some information; so this idiot obviously is being childish by giving me thumbs down. It’s not even an opinion, just asking a question you ... Chatted with another solid person on this forum that’s leaving this board as well because of these jerks. Your driving good people away that have good positive insight. Grow up....
  8. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Thanks, Interesting Bill Gates! I don’t trust him and I especially don’t trust the media and you know the old saying; birds of a feather flock together, something just doesn’t smell right. You know Bill had to step down from his board along with a record number of CEO resignations. This tells me they all conspired together to accomplish something that will hopefully be revealed to the public shortly. The Great Awakening is almost upon us....
  9. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I don’t understand the open border policy and giving money to people that break the law to get in here; it makes no sense to reward people for breaking the law and do people realize that by offering this to the illegals it comes from our pot of money which ensures our standard of living goes down; the money has to come from somewhere. A lot of the younger generation doesn’t understand fiscal responsibility. If your parents have always provided for you and whenever you need something just ask, well that’s not the real world and that is precisely what their selling, it’s scary because much of the youth has come to expect it and they don’t realize it comes with a price different then what their parents offered with their love and a foot up in this world.
  10. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Spot on and a thumbs up and yes; Trump all the way! I give this analogy to my diehard liberal friends and wife from Canada: let’s pretend for a moment that you have a corporate job and your employment is solid, your 401k is fat, your getting raises and have security, but your CEO is a jerk: would you want to fire him? Probably not. now there will be those who are negative as usual and say that’s not the case right now, but if China didn’t act so irresponsible with the virus we may not be in this position, but things will get back to normal and by bringing manufacturing back we are ensuring stability in the future; basically reversing everything Obama did. One of my predictions is Obama will be charged with Tyranny in time. People have to realize that in order to essentially run the free world you need an alpha dog to deal with these dictators and liars like China. You need a tough SOB that most people including myself wouldn’t want to share a beer with. Results matter in this world!!! I don’t like Trump, but I respect him and what he’s sacrificed for all of us and it is plain as day how the media is corrupt and have an agenda. Trump didn’t need this crap as he was a billionaire and now his life is in jeopardy as well as his family members. Dammit he even donates his 400k salary to charities.
  11. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    From what I could see unless you have a different link: Bloomberg and climate change Oct, 2015
  12. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Ok, so all the haters who have been calling me crazy over my predictions and giving me - , I can report that the Fed was indeed reorganized yesterday when Trump signed. More predictions to come true shortly and then at some point I will probably leave this board due to all the negativity, it’s not worth the uneasiness of conflict when life has so much better to offer when one looks in the right places.
  13. Magicpassion

    2020 Official Draft Thread

    I like Vassell too, I’ll bet JI has the beat on him. 6’9+ wingspan; he’s our guy, lol.
  14. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Previously I mentioned reorganizing the Fed, busting pedos, human trafficking and charging our corrupt politicians with Tyranny through military tribunes. Now you’re starting to be disrespectful; how disappointing.
  15. Magicpassion

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    You’re respectful and I can appreciate that. You are obviously more educated and mature then some on this board, but be careful saying concentration camps someone may label you as a conspiracy theorist.