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  1. Magicpassion

    Magic @ Nets - Wednesday, January 23 @ 7:30 PM

    Hopefully they’re showing some of the players for a trade. We look uninspired!
  2. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

    I think we may end up resigning Vuch; he is probably the best center available and Bamba is a ways off. We will have to replace Fournier’s offense; question is who in the free agent market or trade can replace his production at the 2 that would want to come here? Many have complained about the tandem, but who will come here that is better without giving up our core?
  3. Magicpassion

    Magic @ Hawks 3:00 Game Time

    Feel bad for Vuch, happy we won though. I voted for him.
  4. Magicpassion

    Bucks at Magic

    I think it depends on where we are in the hunt.
  5. Magicpassion

    Bucks at Magic

    I can live with that loss; good effort while missing a starter. Who knew Martin could drain the 3 like that?
  6. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

    Looks good, but I’d really like more scoring at the 3, Issac is still pretty raw as well as Bamba. I want them to get minutes and not stunt their growth but not sure Smith and Matthews can replace the loss of scoring from Vuch and Evan. Vuch and Fournier like it or not was our only go to players for a basket in the starting line up, however AG appears to be coming on.
  7. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

    We are embarking on a critical time at trade deadline as it appears we may be falling out of playoff favor, perhaps moving Vuch and Fournier at this point is a prudent decision; depends on talks with the front office regarding Vuch and who will replace their offense?
  8. Magicpassion

    Magic vs. Nets - Friday, January 18 @ 7 :00 P.M.

    Unfortunately Isaac was showing some rookie play especially when he had the lane to the fast break; Critical play
  9. Magicpassion

    Magic vs. Nets - Friday, January 18 @ 7 :00 P.M.

    We need a closer.
  10. Magicpassion

    Magic vs. Nets - Friday, January 18 @ 7 :00 P.M.

    Looking sharp so far. Russell may be auditioning for us.
  11. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

    I’ve been reading up on DSJr it appears his down sides may be length, character questions, ? Play making and I believe a couple knee injuries. His upside is high, but I wouldn’t be real upset if our front office didn’t give up a lot for his potential. We will have other options in the summer. I say make an offer that keeps your flexibility and still pursue.
  12. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

  13. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

    I hear you about Fournier, but like it or not he is a big part of our offense and we are still in the hunt. I predict it’s Bamba, Grant and maybe Simms we get DSJr and matthews May have to give pick. I’m not sure these numbers work, but I’m looking at who hasn’t been playing and the fact that Bamba is super raw and can only play 1 position the league is about flexibility now. It’s fun to speculate, but I’m just an arm chair spectator. I would be surprised if Fournier is traded, but if they hold out, I’d do it.
  14. Magicpassion

    Trade Thread

    The main reason I pose that is because Dallas had previous interest in Bamba and the players who we’ve been sitting is Bamba and Simms. Usually if a deal is on the table fo’s don’t want to risk injury.