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  1. 76ers @ Magic Thursday, March 22 @ 7:00 P.M.

    We are really looking bad tonight; great for the tank; just look what the tank masters have put together, pretty sweet. I’m also not too concerned if Mario leaves, I think Wes could have a better all around career in the long run as he plays more composed, better defender and I believe in time his shot will be respectable. Mario had a couple good games, but has leveled off to his norm. Poor Frank! He must be pulling out his last few hairs lol.
  2. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Issac is out again...... I’m beginning to be concerned about his durability! I hope this summer he works hard on his body.
  3. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I agree, DJ has done a good job, but is not our long term solution. We do need a Center, I like Burch as a back up. Let’s grab a Point or combo guard that can shoot and play perimeter D with our second pick and develop some chemistry; keep building a sustainable product through our G league and maybe someday we can sign a star or two, but it’s going to be a while 3 to 5 years before we make any noise unless the fo can pull off some incredible trades.
  4. Magic @ kings

    I like your choices, rock on..... Sexton is looking good as well.
  5. Magic @ kings

    At this level of play we may secure a #1 pick!
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Hopefully they sit EF a few games to heal his sprain, start JI and let’s see what Purvis has at this level. I’m hoping for some quality losses.....
  7. Who’s our point guard of the future?

    My point exactly, we won’t give up a potential top 5 pick on this year’s point guards, except maybe Donic and he’s more of a combo. It will have to be done in trade and that may mean giving up AG for a promising point on a rookie contract. I can’t stress the importance of getting this right...... It’s very possible we go for best talent available and address this next go around; it’s not like we’re in the mix for anything anytime soon.
  8. Who’s our point guard of the future?

    I see your logic, however my gut tells me we won’t pick Young with a top 5 pick unless we pick up a second 1st and he drops. Just a hunch.... because it’s very obvious our front office values: length, fight, team play and versatility.
  9. After ridding ourselves of EP; which I feel was the right move long term; who is our target? I believe this is the most important position on the team as the point guard sets the tone for your offense and can disrupt play making on D. So, who is it? Keep in mind, they will have to be on the same timeline as our young core of 19 to 23. In this draft I know people are high on Trae Young, but I’m really concerned with his size and defensive ability plus he doesn’t suit our profile of defensive minded with length, Sexton is probably more suited for our style, but is he good enough? I doubt free agency produces anything and then there are trades: any ideas? It’s would be nice if we could get another top 15 pick but I’m afraid no one will take on Vuc or EF’s long term money and I’d rather keep AG unless we can sneak into the top 5 with a second pick. I am perplexed as to where we find our Point, any ideas?
  10. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I must say for Vogel being touted as a defensive coach we sure don’t translate that on the court. Granted we have young and marginal defensive talent, but we’re pretty bad!, I expected being rated better in spite of injuries. So yes, I could see questions arise.
  11. Magic @ Philly

    Tank baby tank......
  12. Knicks vs Magic Thursday, February 22 @ 7:00 P.M.

    Embarrassing to see Kyle O’Quinn whom we gave up for rights to choose on a second round pick and some pocket change school Biz at 17mill; I’m happy for him.
  13. The Elfrid Payton Appreciation Thread

    I think the front office did the right thing with EP. Sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward.
  14. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Sounds like a sound game plan. I would imagine most front offices want their own players; it only makes sense, unless you have a star and that’s questionable. It has been proven time and time again that we place more value on our players then the market does.
  15. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I concur with your analysis, AG will probably get near max as he is one of the top RFA. Do we want to tie up that much money on a player who has overlapping talent as JI? I would like to make a run at McCollum; but he may not have the length that this front office looks for.