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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Cool.... thanks for info
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I agree, There must be some data on Microdiscectomy surgery for NBA players? It’s probably the worst sport for this type of injury.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    We should’ve played stuff, lol
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Well winning that last game for a culture could have cost us a better spot besides we have no culture or identity; many of these players will be shipped out so I don’t understand the culture argument. We just can’t seem to get anything right these days. Perhaps the reason we don’t have a coach yet is that nobody wants to come to this train wreck. We’ll probably get a rookie coach trying to break through.
  5. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    It’s all over but the crying. Lebron is a legend, no doubt!, but the Celtics are a much more balanced team that can defend; and they’re young. I love the adjustments by coach and the depth; this team is going to rule the east for a long, long time. Ainge is a master, wish we had him at the helm. He picks Fultz sends him to Philly for Tatum (the real #1 pick) and also picks up another first; what a genius! He fleesed Philly like they fleesed us with EP. Don’t forget they still have Hayward and Kyrie coming back next year; arguably their best players; this team is stacked! The sad part is our rebuild started at about the same time and we are in worse shape then when we started. It sucks to be a Magic fan. Will we ever get out of this purgatory? I think you can go ahead and write in (Warriors versus Celtics) for the foreseeable future. Maybe we can get some of their crumbs; Rozier looks nice.
  6. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Just keeping the facts straight.
  7. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I think you mean Vuch, Biz and EF are paid the most at 17 mill, Vuch makes about 12 mill.
  8. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I have the same issue, but not as bad; it’s usually a lower ear.
  9. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I know everyone is down on Vuch and I agree his defense leaves a lot to be desired, however, he is the only center we have that spreads the floor and he is on a cheap deal. We don’t have a lot of options at the moment folks. Biz/EF is killing our ability to make meaningful upgrades at the moment and is probably going to be our 3rd string center. I think Burch will surpass Biz this summer. We have a mess right now! Biz could go down as one of the worse Magic signings ever. I just hope our front office doesn’t play Biz because of his contract when many feel Burch is better. Thanks Rob and perhaps Alex.
  10. Putting things in perspective.

    Solid point. I’m not sure he will be as good of a team player as Tobias. Perhaps sign him and then trade at a certain point. I really struggle with a max though.
  11. It’s been a horrible year, that is for sure. We appear from afar to be a dysfunctional franchise to say the least. However, I feel we are finally setting ourselves up to be a creditable organization with a proven front office (stay with marketing/business only Alex) and a development program that will make us in the future a sustainable product. As JW says in the meantime we have a lot of medicine to take as we have been put in quite hole from the previous FO. Unfortunately, this will take more time then the average magic fan can tolerate. First, lets make a good hire for head coach and we will be limited in our choices; could be a segway hire until we show something. We’re not exactly a good situation. Secondly, what is Gordon worth? I tend to lean toward a Tobias type tweener (solid role player) if he accepts that?There seems to be an abundance of these type players today; fortunately for AG his timing is good for an overpay, but not sure we should entertain anything over 15mill. We may need to take a short term loss for a long term gain. Also, let’s look on a bright side of not being saddled with Serge Obaka as he is stinking it up and is owed a ton; we escaped that! Granted we missed on Victor, oh well; moving on from EP was a must. We are in damage control mode right now. Issac looks like he has promise, but I believe he is still growing physically and this may have something to do with his injuries, hopefully as he matures and strengthens he will be more durable, but a great kid with good attitude; I hope the work ethic is there. We must nail this draft; best player available and finally we must trust the process as it will be long with incremental gains; once we move on from Biz I believe things will start shaping up. Gotta have the faith and most importantly, be realistic in our expectations.
  12. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Trade for him with Biz and a second. I doubt anybody will take Biz off our hands.
  13. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Fournier at 17m, Biz a heigst at 17m - I’d take JI for 15m - he plays team ball and some D - these players command a lot these days and many are over pays, but supply and demand rules. We’ll probably have to pay AG 20 to 22 on potential.
  14. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    Actually Ingles was on the famous whiteboard incident.
  15. 2018 Watch the Playoffs thread

    I love me some Jazz! I started a topic on them a few weeks back; they are a real team; kinda remind me of the Spurs when they won a few years ago. I love the fact that they’re ruffling the feathers of these superstars. It just goes to show you if you play for one another and check the ego at the door; you can accomplish great things. The front office has done a masterful job assembling this team. They may not win it all, but whoever thought losing their best player they could compete like this. It’s possible they could shock everyone, I wouldn’t be surprised. I expect the league will make it tough on them next game; you know with revenues and that whole thing.