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  1. Most likely he is gone, yes. I would put it in the 80%/20% to 75%/25% ballpark of going vs. staying.
  2. Yes, I covered that in my subsequent posts.
  3. TBH an Isaac-Gordon-JJJ frontline has me salivating from a defensive standpoint. Offensive development would be key.
  4. Eh, positions aren't that important anymore. Are they versatile and capable of switching? Yes to both. They can play together. I think we know WeltHam's playstyle based on track record -- length and versatility. Do Gordon and Isaac have those? Yes to both. They can play together. Gordon played 78 and 80 games in the past 2 seasons. It is too early to say he is injury prone. It just doesn't make sense to entertain trading either of these guys right now. People lament that the rebuild has taken too long but then get pissed when we're not patient. The team gave up on Oladipo too early and we're seeing now that they gave up on Hezonja too early. So now we're going to go and entertain prematurely trading two of the youngest players on the team who also have the highest upsides? So that we can take another chance on a draft pick that may never end up being as good? When does that perpetual cycle end, then? Can't we just see what we have first?
  5. Is there a need to trade Gordon or Isaac? I'm missing the boat here. They can easily be on the court at the same time.
  6. Yeah and conversely I'm not saying it certainly will work. Your examples are all correct and well-taken. Just feels like something some team should take a flier on if he's interested because it could pay big dividends, even if just from a relevancy standpoint.
  7. Yeah, I mean I get the track record of others but you can't really use that to say it won't work in another specific case. I just think that throughout the course of his career, LeBron has proven to be exceptional across the board. And I'm proposing this mainly for teams that don't have much to lose. If we are still horrific in 5-7 years, would anybody really think that bringing LeBron in could possibly make the situation worse? Certainly the benefits that I'm proposing could also work against him. For instance, would understanding the game to the degree that he does really be teachable? Or is it just an innate thing that he can't really convey? Can you show players how to see plays develop multiple steps ahead? Could be a case of the master composer trying to teach 3rd grade music class. Would his leadership always bring a younger group together? Would the FO allow him to be involved in decision making? We've seen how certain relationships have splintered when there were "creative differences" with him. All I know is we've never really seen a leader or a player like him. I can't see a lot of teams passing on the opportunity to at least give it a chance if he makes it clear he is interested in such a path.
  8. You don't think that LeBron would be an exception?
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The lottery format doesn't change until the 2019 draft, if I am not mistaken.
  10. Unrelated: I realized while watching the ASG that I am going to really miss watching LeBron play ball when he hangs it up in a few years. Probably won't ever see another like him. Then I started thinking how any smart team should currently be planning for that day to come and should be ready to offer him a blank check to coach their team the minute he retires. Getting maybe the biggest basketball genius & best team leader to ever live is enough already. But that would also be the most significant free agent draw possible -- players coming into the league now have idolized him their entire lives and would line up to play for him. Probably won't matter b/c knowing him, he has had a plan set in his mind for years regarding what he's going to do when he's done playing.
  11. Sometimes I feel like we're going to snap back to a reality where we never traded Oladipo for Ibaka. I get happy for a second then crash down again when I recognize it is fantasy.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I have taken my seat at the front of the JJJ hype train.
  13. You called it, except it only took a week. And "idiot basketball twitter" apparently aptly describes some TBN posters.
  14. You are right that there is no point in continuing the conversation. We live in totally different realities and somehow see a totally different player despite the fact that we have watched the same games and have access to the same metrics. For example, you quoting his 3 game averages as if that is meaningful. We know he can put up empty stats; that is not news and has not, over the course of 4 years, helped his teams win. As ?FTW aptly pointed out (and you paid no attention to due to your heightened understanding of basketball that the rest of us lack), we didn't trade Payton because he can't put up numbers on occasion. We let him go because his skillset significantly limits his impact and the team's spacing, which will be a continued issue for years to come unless he experiences a drastic improvement in his shooting. And this doesn't even mention his inability to defend other PGs.