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  1. ML6

    Trade Thread

    I wouldn't really say he "pitched" it. He just mentioned it's like the only trade that works with LAL and that we would probably want more. I agree it isn't palatable.
  2. ML6

    Magic @ Hawks 3:00 Game Time

    And then 2 really bad fouls by him
  3. ML6

    Magic @ Hawks 3:00 Game Time

    Was about to compliment Bamba’s play and then he fell asleep on a Dedmon backdoor. How he even beats someone backdoor is beyond me
  4. ML6

    Magic @ Hawks 3:00 Game Time

    I must be hallucinating this Dedmon thing. I can’t think of many players who i would have believed had less of a chance of adding a 3 pointer.
  5. ML6

    Magic @ Hawks 3:00 Game Time

    Augustin’s defense on Lin toward the end of the quarter was certainly something.
  6. ML6

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Yep. And since you covered the numbers I'll just throw out there his demeanor. How many guys play with that much energy/joy/intensity all the time? He always looks like he is having the time of his life out there. Maybe it's nothing but that just seems to bode well to me. He's not one of these uber athletic guys just playing bball for that reason. He seems to genuinely love the game.
  7. Our collective happiness would be significantly higher. I couldn't watch the game last night because I was at a wedding. I checked my phone twice during the game. The first time I checked it was halftime -- 67-54. Sadly, my first thought was "well at least it'll be close at the end so we have a chance". Second time I checked it was 116-114 Brooklyn, 22 seconds left. It hurt to know exactly how it would go down.
  8. OK so it's just the season of inexplicably blown leads I guess. How incredibly frustrating.
  9. ML6

    Trade Thread

    "So yeah we really like Dennis and hopefully he comes back and stuff" **glances at someone off camera** "Oh yeah and he's like good at basketball, got better, can't really dunk the thing. Probably should've been drafted before our pick" **looks off camera again** "And uh like I was saying we love his talent, guy cares about his family, stand up person..." **Mark Cuban knocks several journalists out of the way, pushes Carlisle** "DENNIS SMITH JUNIOR IS THE SECOND BEST PG IN THE LEAGUE ALRIGHT? RIGHT BEHIND LUKA. AND WE WON'T ACCEPT A PENNY LESS --" **Camera feed cuts out**
  10. ML6

    Trade Thread

    Sounds like both parties are on the same page, nothing to see over there
  11. ML6

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    How long until Gordon can make a layup off the dribble? Probably not long considering he does that all the time.
  12. ML6

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Wizards losing all game but come back and win late. We haven't exactly been getting super lucky with the recent results of our playoff competition.
  13. ML6

    Trade Thread

    That has no bearing on what happens in the future. I don't think Rozier is better. But even if he is marginally worse we should go down that avenue rather than waste an asset as you're proposing. If we offered Dallas our unprotected first for DSJ right this second, the deal would be done. Generally a trade is bad for us if the opposing team would take it instantaneously without asking any questions. Ask yourself if you think Dennis Smith Jr. is worth the #1 pick. Once you've come to the reality that he isn't, you'll see that trading a pick that could become that, EVEN IF UNLIKELY, would be a hysterically misguided and disastrous thing to do.
  14. ML6

    Trade Thread

    If the season were to end today, we would have approximately a 30% chance for a top 4 pick. How negligible does that sound to you?
  15. ML6

    Trade Thread

    If I see this take one more time it might give me a heart attack.