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  1. Stop thinking about it. It would almost certainly be very bad.
  2. Cliff loves to be a hard ass in the media about the shortcomings of the team and accountability, but he needs to look in the mirror sometimes. He's done plenty of dumb things this season (some that continue bc they seem to be part of his philosophy) that go on without much criticism because he is only answering questions from like 6 local media members. PnR coverage scheme against Kemba/Dame types Forcing Birch into a major role he isn't suited for (much of this is injury-induced, but I still think he's overplaying him) The Vooch keeping his hands down thing (makes no sense and happens so often I can't imagine Vooch is just doing it on his own) Inconsistent enforcement of accountability where Bamba gets pulled for one mistake but Vooch is allowed to tank the game for 9 straight minutes
  3. I want to care about this game but I still don’t think I’m there. After our long layoff I’ll probably be good.
  4. I’ve never cared less about the outcome of a Magic game
  5. ML6

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    It’s so dumb that they’re playing these games
  6. ML6

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    What the ***** man. I am in shock
  7. The last 5 pages of this thread indicate that some of you need to take a break
  8. Markelle’s gotta cut out the late game turnovers
  9. I’m just so angry at the Kemba thing. This coaching staff coached him for years. And they defended him like he was a scrub in the first half, which is how this even became a game in the first place.
  10. All we had to do was guard Kemba a little bit to end the first half and none of this momentum starts. Couldn’t do it bc the coaching staff utilized a horrid PnR strategy that has never worked before.
  11. 21% 3 point shooter Grant Williams with two 3s
  12. Like, this game should’ve been put away. Instead we lose Kemba on every single play and give him and his team confidence. He’s the only guy you have to guard tonight.
  13. The way we defend these heat check point guards is so inexcusable man. This happens every single time.
  14. There is one guy on the court we need to guard and he’s consistently getting open now