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  1. 2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Here's an interesting question, to which I think the answer is "yes", but I guess I'm not 100% sure: Does the new shot clock reset rule also apply to transition attempts, or I guess any attempt in the first 10 seconds of the clock? Like, we outlet to Gordon, he takes a tough layup with 21 on the clock, misses, and gets his own rebound. Defense is back now so he decides to dribble out. We're at 14 seconds now, right?
  2. Official preseason thread

    This would be an utter disaster.
  3. Official preseason thread

    10 games better than Matt Moore's prediction.
  4. Magic vs Spurs

    I swear, I don’t know how he does it, but Vooch somehow helps opposing players convert at the rim. The way people finish over him is uncanny.
  5. Magic vs Spurs

    I am officially concerned about the FT shooting
  6. Magic vs Spurs

    Wasn’t the goal last week to win the championship and develop hall of famers? Now it’s just to make sure the team isn’t contracted?
  7. Magic vs Spurs

    Lol please done act like you can tell what the hell is happening on the court with these camera angles
  8. Magic vs Spurs

    17 points with 4 mins left in the half seems bad
  9. Official preseason thread

    Lol what a horrible shot
  10. Official preseason thread

    This game is unwatchable bc the refs have decided no contact is allowed whatsoever
  11. Official preseason thread

    You need to donate your brain to science
  12. Official preseason thread

    These preseason foul calls lol
  13. Official preseason thread

    Isn’t “you *****ing need me” a weird thing to say when you’re trying to get traded? Wouldn’t something like “get me out of here, your max contract guys are bums” be more effective if you just beat them with 3rd stringers?
  14. Magic at heat

  15. Magic at heat

    Bamba has a great feel for the game. I am impressed everytime I watch him.