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  1. He did this immediately following us taking our first lead and it was just horrendous. Kicked off that huge run of theirs
  2. Eh, 2nd half yeah. He was actively sabotaging us in the first half. Probably the primary reason we weren’t up like 6 at halftime
  3. Yeah, I'm going to have to drive slowly. Must be a pretty bad storm because the power went out at the hospital for >1 minute, which has never happened during my time here. Generators kicked on after that but yikes.
  4. Josh isn't wrong. The team has sucked and the amenities at the arena distract people and keep them away from the action -- both legit reasons for lack of fan involvement. The lower bowl at the start of the 3rd quarter is 75% empty b/c people are at the lounge or bars etc. With that said, down the stretch of this season I have definitely noticed a more involved crowd. The end of regulation in the Memphis game where Ross brought us back and the huge run to start the Atlanta game sounded very loud. I expect the place to be crazy tonight and I will definitely be contributing.
  5. The day is here dudes. Will be getting on the road from Gainesville after work. Sitting in section 105 tonight. Anyone else going?
  6. ML6

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    So I guess the Lightning's collapse means we'll have Paul Porter for Game 3? Never feels the same without him.
  7. It's getting frustrating seeing people think Saturday was our best shot and yesterday was just who we are. Neither of those are true.
  8. I expect that games at home to be different. Would be surprised if we don't grab 1.
  9. Holy **** I’ve never seen a team complain this much
  10. Bet we won’t hear from Raps fans about how Kawhi’s shooting stats are outliers
  11. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this might be Nik’s worst career game. He’s just killing us at both ends
  12. Vooch is completely unraveling. Not even making basketball plays. Just could have grabbed the ball there but slapped it instead leading to a run out
  13. Kawhi too good. Vooch awful
  14. Could be a lot worse than 8
  15. Ok, hear me out... I think we should try scoring
  16. When we clinched in Boston and really up until Game 1, I was over the moon just thinking of grabbing 1 or 2 playoff wins. I'm still keeping a realistic mindset and expecting Toronto to probably win the series, but stealing Game 1 has made me greedy. People that haven't watched this team don't realize what a groove they're in. For weeks, we haven't given up or gotten flustered even when things go wrong. Teams haven't been able to beat us without bringing their absolute best, and even when they do they're in for a fight. The people who for some reason think we played our best on Saturday are clueless. All hell will break loose if we come back home up 2-0, and we'll have a shot at it if we come with the same intensity we've been seeing recently.
  17. ML6

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    Yeah, all of us on this board recognize we can play much better than we did. So can the Raptors. But the people who think we somehow played at our peak don’t have the frame of reference we do. That was not that close to our best.
  18. ML6

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    It’s a lazy argument. Playing that hypothetical game ignores countless other variables that all exist simultaneously. So, “Orlando won’t shoot so well from 3” might be true on its own (it also might not), but then maybe we shoot better than 22/61 (36%) from 2. Maybe Vooch/Gordon/Ross improve from 8/35 collectively. Maybe Kawhi hits less contested shots but Lowry wakes up. Maybe Isaac holds Pascal more in check. Maybe Ibaka has a better showing. Raptors fans and sadly lots of national pundits are inherently creating excuses to explain an unexpected outcome, and in doing so they then describe the variables that most easily would lead to the expected outcome (Raptors winning) — which is how we get to “well the Magic will shoot 3s worse and Lowry won’t go scoreless again”. Both might be true! Only problem is you can’t hold the other stuff constant simultaneously. If those things change, so does 3/14 for Vooch. So does 2/11 for Ross.
  19. I kind of disagree with Coach Nick’s “a lot of things fell into place for the Magic” comment. Really? Sure, we shot well from 3. We also shot 40% overall for the game with Vooch/Ross/AG going 8/35. Didn’t raally get any whistles. It works both ways.
  20. Got home at like 12:15 and watched the recording and omg is this real life?
  21. I’ll be at a wedding starting at 5. I can’t tell you how much it hurts my soul to miss this game. I’ll be at games 3 & 4 so hopefully that’ll make up for it.
  22. I’m glad we avoided Milwaukee. We’d have gone from a scenario where everyone gets to see Isaac shut down Siakim and Gordon slow down Kawhi to everyone getting to see both of them eviscerated by Giannis. This is much better for our brand.
  23. Ok good so you agree with everything I said
  24. How is that in any way related to my comment? Both of your last two quotes of me make no sense. I say we need to be careful of Kemba because he’s going to take over. You say we’ve done well guarding the rest of the team. Well, Kemba scores 17 in the 2nd so... Then I say Kemba is tough to guard and you ask if I thought they’d lay down? I don’t get it. That’s not at all what I said lol