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  2. Natesroom

    2024 NBA Draft Thread

    Nic Claxton wouldnt be a bad choice but his contract is looking like an 18-20 mil a year, I'd rather draft a 7'4" player who dropped 25+ points a game in college, wont get bodied out of the post like WCJ and Goga and would only cost us 2 mil a year for 2 years... and as a late lottery or early second round pick i doubt he starts on day 1
  3. Natesroom

    2024 NBA Draft Thread

    An offseason of Edey @ 7-4 as backup Center and Dlo free agent would be a phenomenal offseason for me. One of our 2 biggest issues, is Oppenets FG% at the rim, and our Shooting. these would help with both of those.
  4. Natesroom

    2024 NBA Draft Thread

    Since our team has gone all in on pounding the paint, i think at 22 maybe even Zach Edey might be worth it. I think we can shore up our shooting and PG over the summer. Possibly target Dangelo Russel.
  5. Natesroom

    Extra Ticket Tonight - Free

    given away!
  6. I got an extra ticket tonight... First row upper bowl center court. Section 209 - free first come first serve.. posted it on reddit
  7. Natesroom

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    he was interviewed at practice yesterday and participated. not sure what it means
  8. Natesroom

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    this team is making me crazy
  9. The Team rarely makes these nice schedules anymore so i made this one following the style they used to use in years past. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Uxovk7MbdKBX7K7XtHeQHTkb8BnAFcJ/view?usp=sharing http://<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Uxovk7MbdKBX7K7XtHeQHTkb8BnAFcJ/preview" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe> <iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Uxovk7MbdKBX7K7XtHeQHTkb8BnAFcJ/preview" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe> cant figure out how to get it to preview from GDrive... MagicCalendar-01 by Natesroom, on Flickr
  10. Natesroom

    A ghost of seasons past

    only a few 2006's left on the board!
  11. Natesroom

    2023 NBA Draft Day Thread

    Im not as upset at the Ant Black pick, cause its a crapshoot from 6-11, but i am super disappointed at the 11th pick. With Gradey Dick still on the board, we chose a .301 3 pt shooter at 6 and then at 11 we choose a 36% 3pt shooter - if we were drafting for shooting we could have just taken Dick. I think he will be a fine shooter as his FT was 80% but still.
  12. Natesroom

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    But we could go the opposite and pick people who were good shooters in college who struggled early and finished as some of the best shooters.
  13. Natesroom

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    Im in love with Gradey at 6 and Hawkins at 11... That gives us a Quad of 3 point shooting to play and space. You got Caleb, Dick, Hawkins and Harris as rotation. You start Fultz, Gradey, WCJ, Paolo and Franz and coming off the bench you got Caleb, Hawkins, Suggs, Cole, Harris, JI, Mo and Goga... Expendables are Admiral, MCW, BOL, and Chuma. all those can be trad bait for some veterans or kept. That leaves Scubb and Kevon with 2 way contracts. Obviously thats 2 over so i would trade Bol, Chuma and a filler for a decent Vet or something.
  14. Natesroom

    2023 NBA Playoffs Thread

    With a little cameo from fultz