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  1. Jtsaints

    2023 Off-Season Thread

    I’m really hoping a big name that fits our team opens up at the dead line. Maybe a Luca or Joel but I’m thinking best we can get is KAT. Who u all think may open up and who u want?
  2. Jtsaints

    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    My hope is we evaluate this yr and by the trade deadline we will know what we have. At that point see what we need and go after our big fish. Rather at the deadline or the fallowing free agency. My hope is this is our last yr of just waiting to do much. There are always great names that come available . I wanted Shia and Mitchell but they were a lil early for our timeline. Next yr is when we really can push towards the top. This yr we are a playoff team tho.
  3. Saw this posted. Would u all consider it? What do u think of it?
  4. They say cam whitmore is our perfect fit and cole and Suggs r out.
  5. Don’t think we are keeping all the guards so thinking maybe something will change even if it’s a back up in an area of need
  6. Looked at towns but not sure that’s much of an upgrade. What do u all think? Anyone on your minds?
  7. Jtsaints

    Buddy heide

    What do u think about going after him
  8. We need him! Look what he has done the 2nd half after healthy
  9. Jtsaints

    Sg needed

    I would have loved mitchel! We really need a sg! Not sure scoot is what we need but maybe. We have cap and draft to get a good/ great one!
  10. Jtsaints

    Magic at Clippers - Saturday, Mar. 18th @ 3:00 PM

    We need a real sg!
  11. Jtsaints

    Sg needed

    Who would be someone we could get and ppl would b ok with. I would love a great one but thinking what we could get. Clay maybe?
  12. Jtsaints

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    Would u b willing to trade our 2 picks and maybe someone like cole if that’s what it took to move up and get him [Scoot]?
  13. Jtsaints

    Magic vs Jazz - Thurs., Mar. 9th @ 7 pm

    I still think Levine would b huge for us. Look what he has done since healthy! We need a sg!
  14. Jtsaints

    2022-2023 Trade Idea Thread

    I would like to see Beal or dame but think there is a real chance for lavine. Would u all want to see us go after him maybe something like Ross bomba Harris their 1st back or ours and if we have to throw in Denver’s first