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  1. As you can see i coined this back in october...
  2. Great, I love how the media is always trying to have the Magic trade assets for a guy we originally drafted....
  3. I notice since cole came back we've not gone to franz as much as we should.
  4. I have decided (internally) we need to trade bamba. He just is not going to have the "skill" or the "luck" to be in the right place at the right time for rebounds, and 2nd chance points. Some players have it and some dont whatever "that" is. Its not his fault maybe its not having played as a center at a young age and learned the right place to be or how to attack and move off the ball to be in the right place. I'd rather let someone else wait and wish he would learn. I would say its kind of like Kwame Brown or Andrew Bynum or Jeff Green. Tantalizing prospects and tools and physical specimens but never have the "gravitas" to put it all together.
  5. I didnt see any brace on his thumb at the game the other night
  6. True but they had less history to go on. Harris has rounded into almost pre injury form, Hampton is less unknown as to his ability to translate to the NBA. Bamba has picked up significantly more playtime and it has blossomed. We got a Protected 2025 first round pick. I was thinking a 2023 top 4 protected first.
  7. i think we could package ross or harris, with bamba and hampton (maybe a 1st) for a superstar. I'm not saying the person specifically but someone like KAT, looking for new opporutinty, that is a pretty good haul of tantalizing talent with the combo of a solid starter with a future first. Again not saying spec him, but thats what i think might be available. Even Bradley Beal who is a UFA a team might do a Sign and Trade instead of losing for nothing.
  8. Those stats feel empty. If you watch the game, there are at least a half a dozen times where he just doesn't have the hands to catch the ball and score and it bumbles out of his hands. Those were passes that should be caught and its like he isn't reading the game or ready for the pass, and i think he will always be like that.
  9. Whos announcing tonight? Jeff and ??
  10. I hate how he undermines David Steeles Is this anything
  11. **Things i learned from watching the other teams Broadcasters ** I think i will start posting these and take notes when i am forced to watch the other teams broadcasters, Most of these are direct comments or observations they made MAGIC VS CELTICS Celtics team plays chess out there on the court with teams as bad as the Magic No Big is as good as Al Horford They can't tell the difference between Harris and Frazier Announcers make backhanded comments like "Magic get back defensively, cause they weren't there offensively anyways" Bamba can't guard the pick n' roll they need to keep driving "Do you think the Magic know how to play with a lead?" "No, Nah...I don't think they know how to play basketball" "What is going on with the subs, are the Magic trying to tank???" Not saying they might not be wrong, but that's just horrible compared to the Sterling job Steele does. Would love to see a Dante and David call for a game.
  12. i dont like frazier.
  13. I love the bias against the magic. Second paragraph - They dont even mention Franz who consistently has been in the top 5
  14. i thought we should have taken scottie barnes so I'm ok with this, though Franz was not on my list.
  15. Actually found my answer on StatMuse (funny how Dennis Scott has no picture lol) https://www.statmuse.com/nba/ask/rookie-highest-scoring-game-orlando-magic-ever Franz is tied for third behind Shaquille O'Neal 2/16/1993 ORL @ DET 46 Dennis Scott 3/8/1991 ORL vs DEN 40 Franz Wagner 12/28/2021 ORL vs MIL 38 Shaquille O'Neal 1/23/1993 ORL vs DAL 38 Shaquille O'Neal 1/18/1993 ORL @ PHI 38 Cole Anthony 5/16/2021 ORL @ PHI 37
  16. I cant figure out how to find highest scoring games by a rookie (Magic Only) I was wondering where the 38pts by franz ranks on the list of records by a rookie in our uniform. Where is the best site to use to find this kind of information?
  17. Franz might be weltham Orlando Giannis Draft pick
  18. I feel like like Franz is gonna be a Klay Thompson or Kevin Love like star...might even be better then them as he has better footwork then both. One of the best things about franz is his points dont seem to come at the expense of the team. Stars that had that issue are Carmelo, blake griffin, Kemba Walker (hes gotten better) Gilbert Arenas,
  19. I'd like to see the magic offer Gortat a ten day contract, lol.
  20. I have been asking David Steele for years to do an is this anything on Which NBA team has the most players having career scoring nights against it.... I would like to say the Magic) obviously only since the last 35 years or since magic inception. Currently the Heat have two players having a career scoring night.
  21. What the heck was that injury?
  22. all the articles over the summer said a variiation of this I was a proponent of hiring Kenny Atkinson, but even then his first year taking over the nets was 20-62 while also having a 0-10 streak. Then season 2 was 28-54, then season 3 was 42-40... So we may have to give Jamal 3 seasons.
  23. lol...nothing to tank for though
  24. I cant understand how these supposed professionals make these passes. Our team turns the ball over like they are high school players.