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  1. AddiFB

    Victor Oladipo Appreciation Thread

    My heartrate jumped last night when I saw we got Ibaka. I went from "Who's Sabonis?" to "WAIT WHAT HOW?!" and then "nooooo Victor?" and I was bummed. BUMMED! I love the guy. Pure heart and a great person. But I thought about it and I guess it was just a matter of when we'd start using our younglings in trades and then, which one(s). Dipo, as much of a fan favorite he was, wasn't the franchise player or star who pulled us out of the treadmill purgatory. He sadly wasn't able to be that player. He'll be a fantastic 3rd or 4th wheel behind Durant (if he stays) and Westbrook, where he doesn't have to be the focal point on offense. That said, I wish him all the best with the Thunder and will root for him. OKC you later, Victor :(
  2. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    Not really. If teams don't reach the floor, the amount needed to do so is split evenly between the players on the roster. So, teams don't HAVE to overspend on someone to reach the floor, they might as well just do what they see fit and let the players they have get the rest.
  3. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    I can not and never will be able to understand what drives people to commit such hateful and disgusting crimes. What is there to gain by killing others, let alone innocent people? Why does the human race, being so intelligent and informed and not a wildlife predator trying to stay alive, have to be hateful and cruel to others, no matter where you are located on this planet? Why? Just WHY?! This makes absolutely no sense. There is no purpose to this. Go out, kill multiple people and getting yourself shot and killed in the end. There is no end result other than tragedy and ruined lives. Nothing to gain for ANYONE.
  4. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    Can we not sign Durant+Horford and then match whatever Fournier gets offered, to go over the cap and enter luxury tax, because of bird rights or something like that? What would we have to trade Vuc for, for this to happen? We couldn't take much back, so, TPE? Late 1st, seconds?
  5. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    Thinking about it, the following players will be lost this summer IMO: Nicholson (Maybe he gets a 1 year deal, to see how he does under Vogel?) Napier (whatever) Dedmon (easy to replace I guess) Vuc (traded if we get Horford+Noah) Smith (Would like to keep him though) Would not be surprised to see Fournier retained AFTER we sign two big names, preferably Durant+Horford (keeping the faith here), for depth and scoring. Vuc, although on a very good contract now, would most likely have to go too in a trade. So yeah, maybe some cap-brains could write up a scenario where we'd be able to get Durant + Horford + Noah ? Who would we have to let go to be able to make that happen? We're pretty set at PG/SG/SF if Payton really is the PG of our future, but a summer like that would really bolster up our quality and bring in the two stars we need plus a fighter/voice and turn us into a contender. PG: Payton, Watson, FA SG: Oladipo, Fournier, Hezonja SF: Durant, Hezonja, Fournier PF: Gordon, Horford, #11 C: Horford, Noah, #11 Not 1, not 2, not 3... Multiple playoff berths!
  6. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    If we somehow manage to get Al Horford to sign here, with Noah maybe for a minimum (doubtful?)... I guess Durant could see us as a perfect fit, both for basketball reasons (hi, Stern) and family reasons. After that, we could match whatever Fournier gets and we're set. I'm no expert when it comes to these salary numbers and the cap, but could we somehow end up with Horford, Durant, Noah and keep Fournier? Maybe then draft Skal or Poeltl? PG: Payton SG: Oladipo SF: Durant PF: Gordon C: Horford Vucevic Noah Fournier Hezonja Watson Dedmon Smith Napier Skal/Poeltl? If we'd get Noah AND Horford, that makes me think we'd trade Vuc. Or, could we use Vuc as a C and Horford at PF? We'd have a SF/PF/C rotation of Durant, Mario, Fournier, Gordon, Horford, Noah and Vuc... epic, but... realistically possible? I'm too much of a dreamer, I need realistic voices in my head. I summon realistic posters to respond to this post!
  7. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    If Parsons and Howard are our summer targets and signings, I'm going to be suffering from the sads. Dwight, although still an ok player, is a shell of his former self and starting to get injury prone and isn't getting younger. Plus, he hasn't honed his limited skillset to make up for his fading athleticism, so he'll be in a bit of trouble soon I think. Parsons... I'm worried about his knee(s) and I don't see him as a big factor going forward. I might be wrong, but I want Robbie and Vogel to swing hard for the fences and do whatever they can to lure Durant here. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. If they can't... then I guess it's Howard and Parsons. I'm going to be biting my fingers off until big names are signed, sigh...
  8. I guess they're ok, at least better than most other Christmas jerseys this year or last year, so... it's fine.
  9. AddiFB

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    Amazing, isn't it? :) Am I allowed to chill with y'all in this comfy sofa I found here in the corner?
  10. AddiFB

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    I seriously considered going to London for the ORL-TOR game but decided against it. I've been to London 16 times but not since 2008. Want to go back and Orlando playing there was a pull, saw them there back in '93... but i want to save some money for my 2017 Orlando trip. Really bummed, wanted to see them in London too but money doesn't grow on my living room plant
  11. AddiFB

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    He absolutely does, I'm thinking as a deep down the bench, most often inactive, 15th player off the bench during blowouts or called in because of injury (knock on wood). Honestly, they'll probably just keep that 15th spot open incase anything happens and they need to fill a need at any position.
  12. AddiFB

    The Official 2015-2016 Regular Season Thread

    Boston waived Perry Jones III and Dallas waived Samuel Dalembert. Could we use either of those two?
  13. AddiFB

    Preseason Thread

    Josh RobbinsVerified account‏@JoshuaBRobbinsThe Magic have announced they have exercised their 2016-17 options on A. Gordon, S. Napier, V. Oladipo and E. Payton.