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  1. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Wall's extension doesn't even start till next year. It runs 3 years after Conley's contract is over. It's also much more expensive. Wall has also been revealed to be a cancer this year and his teammates seem to be playing better without him. Mike has always been known around the league as a good guy, a willing defender, and a leader. These are things John Wall are not. The thing with Wall, he has about 20 games a season where he looks like Kyrie. The rest of the year not so much.
  2. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yakfcdde Here is a a trade with all 3. Looks like they are expiring. Memphis is signaling full rebuild so this would obviously take our pick. Reason they do this, helps the tank this year. Helps them stay above the salary floor next year before they start to get salary relief the year after. The magic get a floor general and more wings who can actually shoot!. Signals to the fans our rebuild is over. I can't imagine we don't make the playoffs if these guys stay healthy. Then we just have to hope one or two of B.I.G makes a leap forward.
  3. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Memphis deal could be good for making the playoffs this year and next. Conley has played in every game this year, he had surgery and a full year to recover. It really comes down to what management wants. If you have reservations about the money, remember this might be the last chance to get rid of Fournier and Mozgov. If we did do the deal, really need to pickup JaMychal Green or Omri Caspi with him, they are playing well this year.
  4. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    I know that Memphis wants to keep it's pick above all else. I can think of no better way then trading for Vucevic,Fournier and they should Get Elfrid from the pels too. They are the tank commanders. I say do it. We need a winning culture more then anything else.I still wouldn't mind getting a late first somehow.
  5. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Seriously, this my problem. I really dig drafting best player available. However, if we planned on keeping Vuch, why draft Bamba? I'm sorry i mean would couldn't pass on Ayton if he had fallen, but Bamba wasn't some wonderkind player. He was always a project. We could have took a chance on Shai or Knox or somebody.Heck the way this year is working out we should have taken Porter. Same thing for Isaac, at this moment you can't convince me he isn't really a power forward. Now if those really are the best players, you draft them and use them as assets.
  6. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Fultz is such a weird scenario, almost untouchable.
  7. hootie249

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Fournier's trade value peaked the year before we extended him.
  8. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Love that you brought this up. Both Brogdon and Russel have played too well this year. No way they are not matched, whatever offer they get. For the Nets and Bucks, worse case scenario, you match then trade later. This is why you have to take a chance on players before they blow up. Which is why many of us were desperate for these same players the last two years. Same reason many of us wanted DSJ last week while his stock was low.
  9. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Here is one more trade for those of us addicted to tanking and wanna blow it all up. It's the ringer trade between Portland and Orlando. http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y74hxlc4 We give up on Gordon, slight chance of this happening since he wasn't drafted by our current front office. Lose a-lot of games the rest of this year. We get a young PF and SF along with Cj Mcollum. We get to see Cj for 2 years, maybe he is a 25+ PPG scorer if he is not on same team as Lilliard. Get lucky in Draft finally. 2 years from now one of Isaac,Bamba, Zion/Barrett/Morant/Reddish becomes a star. Have tons of cap space 2 years from now.Free agents see 25 point scorer in prime, Zion, Issac, Bamba. Profit?
  10. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Here is a small trade with the Kings. No picks involved, it's a try-out for them for Vuch. We get another Pg i think they can spare. Doesn't really move the needle for us, maybe we can get a pick from them. http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ya6tcoks The whole point is a younger center that might work better moving forward and 2 point guards next year. This is so we don't appear desperate in free agency or if we get lucky in the draft and move up to the top.
  11. hootie249

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Almost always in the NBA you have to draft B.P.A. Think how good the Kings would be if they drafted Luka Doncic. They would be in the news everyday as the new,sexy up and coming team in the NBA.
  12. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Thing to remember is we are 7 games under .500 and have been healthy.If we lose AG for a week or two it's time to make a trade. Another way to put this, we have 9 games before the trade deadline. If the Magic go 3 and 6, it's time to trade and make sure we keep the pick. If we go 6 and 3 lets make small trades for this season. The losing will hurt, not only the fans but the players too. I wanted to get rid of the pick, get a controlled pg and make a run. If our trades involve Ross and Vuch, it's time for tank mode again. We need a scoring wing and a point guard.
  13. hootie249

    Magic vs. Nets - Friday, January 18 @ 7 :00 P.M.

    Wow, what a call, glad to see the officials finally love the Magic.
  14. hootie249

    Trade Thread

    Eh, i would throw in our 2019 pick if it gets done. A young PG cost controlled for a few years plus 20 million to throw at someone this off-season? Sign me up. No loss of our young core, plus we still can keep Ross and Vuch for a playoff push. If Ross and Vuch are really as good as people think, surely they can lead us to the 8th seed in the east. Remember, they would be doing us a huge favor taking a contract 80% do not want going forward and giving us another young player who might develop into something. So who cares about another pick we might draft a bad player with?
  15. hootie249

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Saw that game live, everyone commented how awkward it looked. Normally i see Aaron take it to the basket in transition, or off an assist. I watch the games and see far too many plays he should be taking it to the basket. Seems to be indecisive, turnover prone when it's not in transition.