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  1. I'm just glad that even the second they made the trade it looked like we were the smarter team for once. At the moment it turned out better then i could have ever hoped. It's one of the 3 or 4 things i'm glad Welt-ham has done.
  2. On other forums people are talking about depth. I honestly can't see much happening until the the 15th. Yes it sucks that our top 4 point guards(!!!!) are all hurt. Don't expect anything except for 2 way players, without checking it seems all of our contracts have some form of guarantees except for Mulder and Ignas. Ignas losing his spot seems most likely. On the other hand, looking far into the season, it's hard to see another team having a worse record then us next April. I can't wait to see what Presti does to tank his own teams record come March. We will be the front runners for Banchero. Its a rough way to start the season but sometime when the year changes we should be watching Fultz,Cole,Suggs and Isaac together. We just have to wait it out.
  3. I would love to see an NBA player get worked like that but it will never happen. The Raptors are not playing Dragic 100% so he won't get hurt. He would not play for them and they tried but he dogged it hard at the beginning of the season. He will get traded...maybe, his contract is leaning towards a buyout but Toronto obviously doesn't want to entertain that nonsense. Nothing would make me happier then a trade to the Magic which would still qualify him to be traded at the deadline(3 month rule). ***** player empowerment. Trade those guys and make them earn the money, or the right to go to a contender.
  4. They didn't bring him back early. He tore his ACL in Janurary, it might have been a small tear , but he should have gotten surgery from the get go and never played in the bubble. That was the mistake. Everyone saw the first injury. I said it, tons of people said it, he should have had surgery. It's kind of like elbow tightness in MLB some guys try to "rest" it but 9 guys out of 10 need tommy john surgery. The first diagnosis was wrong and now everything since has been a **** show. Classic Magic. Truth is, take Shaq and Dwight out of the building and the Magic have been mismanaged for the entire existence of the franchise. And when you consider how both of our superstars left, we are two lottery balls away from being the Kings.
  5. I hope he comes back with the biggest chip on his shoulder in the world. JI coming back to prove himself and drafting a unicorn next summer would be the quickest way back to contention for the magic.
  6. I think this could be the starting line up in the spring.
  7. As currently constructed, yeah he is the star. Nothing wrong with that, the kid has more alpha in him then any of the players we had the last ten years. We blew the team up last year. We had too! i challenge anyone to debate that. Go look and see how Vucevic,Gordon, and Evan are doing this year. That being said the early returns look good. All the smart people know we were going to lose a lot of game this year. And the first year of a true rebuild we need that pick! I like the draft we had, obviously everyone likes Franz and Suggs will come around. All the young players look like they have potential. None of the contracts are unmovable. Future is bright and the games are kinda fun to watch!
  8. Yeah I'm not into the hate or cancel culture like reddit. However, why does not doing what seems best always venture into cancel culture? It's always about some mysterious conspiracy theory with contrarians like you. I don't care how you word it, i see what you are saying. It's not a conspiracy, it's life.
  9. I'm not worried about it. In fact i think it will only help him in the future. I'm like all the other people on this thread, more worried about his handles. It's the confidence and transition that is killing him at the moment. If he was all we had then yeah it might doom him. The pressure will be off once Fultz and McW get back and hopefully Cole remains healthy. Wait until the second half of the season folks.
  10. Eh, i'm not a Chet fan but people said the same thing about Mobley. Of course Mobley was a bit beefier then Chet, but he was still close to a 200 pound 7 footer at the beginning of USC's season. I wouldn't worry about Suggs, he is on the perfect team to work through his shooting woes. I didn't watch the game, i was working. It seems pretty simple, we shot poorly from 3 and they didn't. Someone tell me how T-Ross led the team in scoring and didn't even attempt a 3 pointer.
  11. I knew it was a fleecing at the time. The fact that we got the expiring contract and not a 3rd team and two draft picks? I was blown away even being cautious about WCJ. Then it came through that they took Aminu's ****ty contract. I thought i was dreaming. That trade will be infamous a couple years from now.
  12. hootie249

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    This was a statement game from WCJ. I mean, it remains to be seen if the guy can do this game to game and year to year. However, the simple fact that he could shoot 3 of 4 from the 3 point line and pull down 15 boards and dish 6 assists. Plus he has actual post moves. Against Gobert, just wow!
  13. hootie249

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Seriously we need talent. Any kind of talent. This team has drafted nothing but projects or busts for a decade. For god sakes i don't watch nuggets games, but i do read box scores. i noticed 2 games where AG played 30 minutes plus and had less then 13 points and 2 rebounds...this year! These guys are showing us they are not Mario, not Elfrid. We just need some luck in keeping them healthy. Future is bright.
  14. hootie249

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    For those who could not watch wondering if coaches tank. They do not, when the game was close all the guys who weren't effective went to the bench. Mosley went for the win, Bamba, Suggs and Ross rode the pine the last quarter. Bamba was ok this game it's just WCJ was a beast! Suggs and Ross were bricking shots left and right so they rode pine.
  15. hootie249

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Great win!. Some really great plays by all the young guys! Hope most of you all got to watch that! Those last few minutes were the highlight of the season so far. That steal, those dunks...the great shots by RJ and Cole just taking over! Amazing!