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  1. hootie249

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah it can happen. Jackson Jr finally staying healthy is a big reason the Grizzles took that huge jump this year.
  2. hootie249

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Can't just keep hoping to improve, even though that's the easiest route. At some point we have to start getting these specialists like all other teams do. I'm talking if we draft another big man can we get a Burks or a Seth Curry or a Clarkson. We are always talking about stars in this city but when is the last good role player we signed? For instance even though we have Cole and Fultz as point guards this City can't go another decade without a point guard if neither work out. We really need to ditch Ross any way possible and either keep Harris or pay for one of the lower tier guards on the Market. A good point guard makes everyone better. If Fultz goes out for any length of time next year it could get ugly. Suggs and Hampton are not point guards and while Cole is better then people here give him credit for, he is a chucker first and foremost.
  3. hootie249

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Yeah this is huge if true. I don't think there is anyway they do it before this season, but it would be amazing if they could just waive him after next season. If he never makes it back. Honestly i just want to see the player he was before the injury. That player would be incredibly useful the way this team is shaping up. Especially if we finally get the offensive piece we have been waiting for in this years lottery. But if he stays injured it's nice having some protection.
  4. hootie249

    2022 Off-season Thread

    You don't watch enough NBA my friend. I'm not sure about anyone becoming a star anymore because the league has changed so much. But Anthony was a legit number one. What he does with his career is up to him. That kid is very inconsistent right now but if you watch he has what it takes and he is only 20! read that again, he is only 20. He is 20 and has walked the walk and talked the talk at 20. He looks more like a sure thing then Any Magic player drafted since Dwight. He is not Wiggins or Kat. Still might never get there but he has already shown more then either of Minnesota's other number ones. Actually feel the need to edit. Kat is an amazingly talented player but damn he is so one or maybe two dimensional. He is not Jokic, not Embiid, not really anything except a really tall player with great shooting percentages for his size. What does he do? Anthony Davis has been a slight disappointment during his career but only because of injuries. Unlike Kat, when Davis is fully functional he is a legit 2 way player and 3 level threat on offense in a centers body! Kat is not a great rebounder, not a great passer doesn't have above average handles, has pathetic post moves for his size and tenure in the league and has been proven to be a defensive liability his whole career. Someone needs to light a fire under his ass.
  5. hootie249

    2022 Off-season Thread

    I get why you would say that. Kat is not an Alpha and never will be but he is still very skilled. He could work on the right team. For instance if i was Memphis i would sell the farm to get him as long as they keep Ja,Bane and Clarke. Kat needs a team where someone else is the main guy, i think he has that because Anthony will be a super star in a few years. But he needs the right team around him. For instance he would work best on a team that had the current incarnation of guys like Aldrige,Milsap,Boozer. Not saying those guys, the first two are about to leave the league and obviously boozer is long gone. He just needs to be on a team with a great power forward who dominates in the paint and mid game. Whoever is like that now. Maybe Siakam, possibly next to Bam? Maybe with us with Isaac and WCJ? Not sure but Kat is never going to be a true star, he is ridiculously soft and doesn't have the drive guys like Dame,Steph,Lebron,George,Kawhi, and Obviously Jimmy Butler. That guy was around Kat for one year and knew him and Wiggins didn't care about winning. You could tell in kat's press conference the other night.
  6. hootie249

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Got to admit that kid looks good. Handles look tight in his other videos and that shot is beautiful. He has that hard to describe "Man amongst boys" kinda like Anthony Edwards, just a bit smaller but with a better shot. Wish we could have seen him play at Kentucky, but so did everyone else. I going to go out on a limb and say if the Magic get the number 1 or 2 pick and trade down, this is the guy they are after.
  7. hootie249

    2022 Off-season Thread

  8. hootie249

    2022 NBA Playoffs!

    This would make me so happy. It's not gonna happen but wouldn't it be wonderful? let's say we get one of the big men at the top of the draft. We could renounce the rights of Bamba and make an offer. Even better if the Mavs realize they are going to lose Brunson and maybe sign and trade him for Bamba and Ross. They need a center and having Ross for one year gives them more size at guard and another 3 point threat around Luka. Yeah Brunson was great for them this year, but with Luka and Dinwiddie they can lose another ballhandler and be ok. We still have problems with almost no ballhandlers when Fultz is hurt or off the floor. Suggs and Cole are combo guards, going to be more shooting guards if they are succesfull going forward.
  9. hootie249

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Jokes on you, we are going to trade both seconds for 15 tickets to see Hamilton at Dr Phillips and one of those cool Sunrail passes for everyone on the team.
  10. hootie249

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Great video. Should be a reminder for everyone thinking about future draft picks, free agency. It's not all about measurables and athleticism. It's still boils down to work ethic and what's between the ears. Ross still moves great at his age, his physical talent is off the charts. He should be one of the premier 3 and D guards in the league at his size. Go look at his draft notes and player notes when he was traded to us. He doesn't do the little things, just a shooter. Doesn't get to the line, not a good passer, should have better rebound numbers for his size,etc. And when all you do is shoot and are that inconsistent, nobody trades for you. Better still look at LaVine. Guy is about to be the most coveted unrestricted free agent this summer. Came into the league as a guy who relied on his speed, athleticism and suffered a pretty major injury. Forced him to work on other things, now he is a 3 level scorer. Still can't defend but that's another story.
  11. hootie249

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

  12. C'mon guys! Vucevic is still doing what he did here. It's team construction. He always needed a banger power foward next to him, but never had it. Like a Carlos Boozer,Davis West,Zach Randolf. The Bulls straight up have no size outside of Vucevic! None!
  13. hootie249

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Obviously you watch basketball. I watched Murray in about 5 games this season. He moves pretty good but looked better around the basket. Natural scorer, has good instincts. Like many pointed out, he is a tweener the way he plays. Power forward moves in a small forwards body, despite the weight. The weird thing is you can actually see what his role in the NBA would be if he doesn't play a 4 in the NBA. Just had to watch his twin brother on the same team when he came into the game. Life is weird! Look the guy could be the Danny Granger of this draft or a guy like Tobias who is solid but never great. I seriously don't see him being Michael Kidd Gilchrist but he could be that guy. That's the problem, i bet this guy is solid but will he be anything special? He can shoot. Still uses his body to dominate in college but oh boy did he dominate. So here is the thing, a guy like Jabari Smith can do 2/3rds of what Murray can do in an amazing 18 year old body that is bigger and better and able to guard the perimeter and shoot 3's.If Smith has the luck, health and work ethic he is the star. If we draft 4th or later and get Murray i'd be very happy. If you draft higher you have to take a shot with Smith. Had to edit something. Murray in the games i saw had to green light to take jumpers and 3's all he wanted to in college. He did shoot and is a shooter. What makes him a lottery pick and not his twin brother is how he set up his own shot by moving inside and setting up a better shot or post move. This is why i said he kind of played like a 4 not a 3, but like Jmagic said he would be doing the same things Wagner does. I think he said small forward but i'm gonna be more specific he overlaps Wagner. Who cares, if the Magic drop past 3 i would take him. Out front court will be insane with either Smith or Murray. It could also be amazing with Chet or Banchero but i think they have higher upside but way more bust potential. Banchero especially has that look that he is only gonna do a few things well and everything else depends on fit and work ethic. I guess like any player. Gah! this draft is so confusing
  14. Here is a better take away. I believe someone earlier said something about this years tankers are the same as last years tankers. So what did it do for them? Houston, Detroit and OKC solidly set themselves up to lose as much as possible this year, along with the Magic. And we had too. I don't believe we will be trying to lose next year. This is where health and coaching come in. If we have everyone to start the year healthy, i firmly believe we will be trying everything to win again. With an eye on development and looking to figure out who fits and who doesn't. The east is deep but very fluid. We have way to many youngsters to play one month and wait on another draft pick. If something works i believe we make moves to get better. If something goes south i could see the front office making a midseason trade to fix things.
  15. Yeah, Mo is a sell high candidate. If teams see his good play against sub par players as a turnaround, let them take that chance.