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  1. hootie249

    2024 NBA Draft Thread

    You all are addicted to rookies from our ten year draught! Rookies don't win **** and this guy isn't anything special. Edit. Had to elaborate. These days guys are drafted so young they cannot do anything the first few years,unless they are special. Like Paolo and Franz. So we already have Franz and Paolo, both forwards with a handle who are even bigger and taller. So unless this guy is french LeBron why would we need him? Maybe he is 6'9 Steph Curry?
  2. hootie249

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Yeah most of us don't want Paul George and he would fit better then Ingram. We need a point guard! Can we sign Chris Paul and give him two months off mid season and some HGH?
  3. hootie249

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Fultz and Gary Harris are number 67 and 68 on this list if anyone is wondering. This is exactly what we are trying to improve to take the next step. Just getting decent replacements for those two would keep us in the top 4 of the conference the next 4 years.
  4. hootie249

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Yeah no doubt. Best possible young point guard would be Haliburton. He is not going anywhere but let me explain. These playoffs show he would be perfect for the Magic. Great shooter, although needs more consistency. Does not want to be the man, repeat he shy's away from trying to take over games. He would be perfect next to Paolo and Franz. Good to great passer. This is what we need now how do we get it? Obviously if we somehow got the next Maxey or the next Brunson we would be in the finals sometime soon. Anyone low-key about to blow up? I would love it if somehow we saw someone about to turn a corner. Otherwise sign me up for the low key guys on decent contracts.
  5. hootie249

    2024 Off-season Thread

    Nope we had our chance to Draft Maxey. Restricted free agents don't move unless they are mediocre. Maxey ain't going anywhere. One thing i am happy about, this was the first year in over ten i couldn't care less about the draft lotto. Congrats Atlanta Hawks! your on the Clock!
  6. hootie249

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Also the Magics season was lit! Very happy with the seven game series with a good cavs team. The players learned alot,Paolo looks like the guy and management knows what we need!
  7. hootie249

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    I worked in the Ball center the first Wolves/Nuggets game. Crowd was hype, i wasn't there the second game i bet they were stunned.
  8. hootie249

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Mitchell would be a pretty good fit with us, he is an amazing scorer and shooter and has done it from year one. The perfect piece would be a shooting point guard because Suggs deserves to be the starting shooting guard once all 3 of our core is on their second contract. Donavan would still be a great fit if only he were a free agent this summer, because paying a 4 year free agent contract would fit in many ways. It would be before any first team nods for Suggs,Wagner or Banchero and therefore we might make the contracts all fit. If we signed him as a free agent his contract would run out right when everyone else is reaching their primes. However, this never happens anymore. Donavan will be traded this summer, or next trade deadline. Players always do this **** to make a maximum contract with a 5 year deal, avoiding the 4 year free agency max years. If they trade him they will re-sign him to a 5 year max or max extension...whichever you want to call it. Then trade him. This bull**** is what made trading for Lilliard,Gobert and Beal especially hard to stomach....plus giving up all the assets. No thank you if that happens. Edit; This is the biggest thing i hate about the current NBA. No more real free agency because of all the bull**** stars demanding trades so they can avoid free agency. This and old players asking for huge contracts. Back in the old days players over 30 either played for a contender for cheap or a mid to bad team for a medium sized contract.
  9. hootie249

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Yeah he is really nailing it. Imagine some of those players on our team. We even went after one of them but failed. Also look at players like Derrick White. Huge difference maker. Need to forget about stars and get these types of players before they break out or just after. This forums posters seem to get it right more then half the GM's in this league. I really believe a whole bunch of them do not watch the Games. How else do you explain the Beal trade? Why did Westbrook and Harden and KD get traded all around the league? It's stupid, sure get these guys in their primes but not as old players. Harden and PG will get 2 huge contracts and probably start breaking down immediately. Guys like Lowry and Chris Paul managed to get one last overpaid contract when 20 years ago they would have wound up on rebuilding teams with much lower contracts. The league is Star crazy and the media just pumps it up because it gets them clicks or shows. The Magic just need a couple role players like Derrick White or Josh Hart, each who we cannot get but we can get players like Malik Monk or Hartenstein if we try!
  10. To anyone who paid attention scoring from the first half of the season through the second half dipped big time. However, holding a team to less then 100 points in this era is amazing. Through four playoff games it's very good. Magic are elite at something. Add 3 point shooting or someone who can dribble breakdown another team and the Magic are a dynasty waiting to happen. Doesn't even have to be a star. Literally another super good ball handler and the shooter can be one of the guys we have getting better. I wish Chris Paul was younger but give me a guy like him who just wants to win and i'll show you a championship!
  11. The big thing is it was mostly just the 3rd Quarter. We hit 6 and i think they hit 0. Rest of the game was just a sublime amount of mid range buckets. Most of the bad shooters we have didn't take 3's we just took better shots and made some amazingly athletic inside shots. Yes our percentage was amazing but again, it was mostly a great 3rd and the rest of the game they made some tough 2's.
  12. Yeah this team has that look. Once they get experience, watch out! Seriously anyone live in Orlando for the first finals? I think the chant was "why not us, why not now!"
  13. Everyone did the defense but i'm glad to see Fultz doing a few special things and of course Franz dominating. What a team game tonight!
  14. Watched the whole first half missed a ton of the 3rd and of course we dominate. Saw a few great plays though.
  15. hootie249

    2024 NBA Playoff Thread

    Didn't get to watch the Magic game because of work. Go Magic! Proud of our guys. I did get to watch most of the Lakers game. AG was a beast! Not only did it show up in the box score but he just makes so many smart plays. Most of the Nuggets do but he was special this game. Don't get caught up in any one game or stats. It's about learning how to win. I live in Denver now so i'm here to tell you something. Did you know statistically the Lakers back-court has outperformed the duo of Jamal Murray and KCP? Look it up their stats are horrible and the Nuggets have been down at halftime in each game. But these guys come out in the 4th quarter and just make the right plays. Remember that with our boys on the Magic.