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  1. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Your projecting absurdities. The organization's that are tanking this season made a choice or were not given a choice. Stop arguing for the sake of being divisive. The Magic, our team...our organization gain nothing this 20 games from winning. Now, if one of our players blossoms into a superstar....so be it. Also, stop being an ass.
  2. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    It's not luck. Look at Detroit. They know they have drafted the best they could, they need a star and still brought in Grant on a reasonable deal. All three of the guys they drafted have upside. They let Griffin go at an unbearable cost to both play for the future and get a better draft pick. How about the Thunder? Losing now but losing now but will absolutely go out and get whatever it takes to win, once they tank this year. Lightyears ahead.
  3. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    I simply don't know enough about him. Like I said. He is a traditional center. 270 pounds...moves well. Not a stretch 5, possibly a 20-10 guy who pissed off his previous franchise. I need to see more.
  4. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Yup give me the center who plays d and has decent size and athleticism. Now i'm not sure it's WCJ because he wore out the guys in Chicago but he looks decent in Orlando. He has the bulk, and seems to move well. His shooting numbers are trending up, but you know what, i want a defensive center. Give me a guy who can average 14 points and 10 rebounds for 10 million a year. A guy who plays decent defense every night and doesn't cost much. Remember how we all thought Vucevic was worth the money back when he made 12 million and he sucked on defense. He's come a long way since those days. I really want Bamba to get it but at this point it's gonna be hard to pay him anything more then the minimum until he breaks out. A guy like WCJ is much more then likely to be worth extending as long as it's cheap.
  5. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Hire the guys on this forum who said to trade for Gary Trent jr. That guy is killing it for Toronto. Seriously the return for Vucevic was fine, but if none of the assets pan out that's the wash. It's all up to how it goes down. Also it seems that management wanted to trade away these guys sooner, the injuries and Vucevic ascending to All-star status changed the plan. Still is on them for not pulling the trigger last spring. As someone pointed out, we were 20-30 last year when the league shut down. Not good, and the same thing will happen again if we don't hit in the lottery and do not get a decent point guard to handle things till Fultz comes back or if he never lives up to his potential.
  6. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah i would believe this, which makes one wonder, what is the point of the G-league? Why can't teams draft 2nd rounders and put them on their G-league teams? I know it's a CBA thing, something like if they aren't on the 15 man then you can do that but then any team can sign that player. It just makes no sense, but i get that it makes sense for the players. SMH.
  7. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Quoting because soul bro knows his ****. We need to play Cole the most, as we have to figure out who the heck is going to be the point guard on this team until Fultz is healthy. McW has no real point guard skills, it's almost painful to watch. Ditto Rj Hampton, although i haven't seen him enough to be sure.
  8. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Nah the time for that was in January. Why didn't the Magic make a move for George Hill the minute Fultz went down? Why didn't we try to send a vet to Portland when they lost CJ that month? Who stopped them from dropping Clark or trading Birch back in January to any of the big man starved teams to get a point guard or a shooter. They were out there, trust me. The time to win has passed, now is the time to lose. Let's stop this tanking debate. I hope we have a 50+ win team next year even if we are starting a rookie. We have twenty games left and now is the time to lose. Look at Presti over in Oklahoma. He isn't trying to win and is rolling out guys he signed off the street this month. Shai and Horford aren't playing and whenever one of their rookies has a big night they are benched for "rest" the next night. Anyone calls him out and he will be crying the small market blues about no free agents want to play there. This is our reality, we traded away 3 starters and lost two more to injury. I'm just gonna say it, so forgive me. Anyone on any Magic forum who is hoping for wins is an idiot. I mean yeah let's all talk about any win and any great night by Chuma or Cole. Let's all feel good when or if we take one from the Nets, by accident. But if your actually rooting for wins this last 20 games your not seeing what's going on in the NBA. Now personally i think we need more luck then position. They changed the lottery so much it's more about luck, but hey if we have a few more ping pong balls if we finish lower i'm taking those odds!!!!! TL;DR if you really, really are rooting for wins this season your not seeing things clearly.
  9. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    How much in cash considerations will Weltman get for that pick?
  10. hootie249

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    Same old Magic no matter who is on the team. To me this has been and i guess continues to be the Magic's real problem. It's ok right now, i want us to lose, but we need a real leader on this team next year. Had to Edit. Also wanted to point out i have watched Gordon's highlights the last two weeks, he does look good in Denver, lot's of cutting and dunking. HOWEVER, last few games i looked at the stat lines, he's the same old player. Last night Aaron Gordon in a win; 5-11 from the field, 1-4 from 3. 1 freaking rebound, one! No steals, 2 assists, 1 turnover, 1 block. 11 points in 31 minutes. He is only getting talked about because the team wins. The last 3 stat lines i looked at he was the same old Gordon with less shots put up and less turnovers because Murray and Jokic do all the ball handling.
  11. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah our odds to keep in the 4 spot in the draft have been improving. After getting to Watch Zion last night it's a shame he was out the game we played them. Normally i love Magic wins but no way we would have beaten the Pelicans if he played. That guy is a beast.
  12. I fell asleep during the game, which is sad because it was interesting. Gary looked rusty, Bacon and Ennis same players. Remember those guys should not get starter minutes on a real team. Ross is gonna chuck it, good tank commander. I saw WCJ,Bamba,Cole and Chuma make some good plays before i fell asleep. Don't remember RJ doing anything. Remember, except for WCJ they are all rookies basically, even Bamba. Only WCJ has serious starter minutes over the last few years.
  13. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    And for natesroom, the old lottery was the draw 3. The new lottery has a draw 4 since 2019 to directly counter tanking. They also flattened the odds up top. The only reason tanking is epic this year two teams wound up being much worse then expected and owe their pick if it isn't at the top(Wolves,Rockets).OKC completely blew it up and this might be the only year they can honestly tank. Detroit just paid Griffin 68 million dollars to not play and drafted 3 rookies last draft. And finally we completely blew it up, but of course we aren't tanking. Let's see who they play the last 15 games. My guess is they play Harris just enough to show he is healthy then "shut" him down with 2 or 3 weeks to go. Magic status. Players that need to play if your Pro Tank. Cole,Rj,Bamba,Chuma,Bacon. Players that could help us either win or lose but are not worried about getting another paycheck or job Harris,Porter,Ross. Players playing for another job or to prove they belong. Ennis,MCW,Cannady,Randle and i'll add Bacon to this list too. Bacon is playing to stay in the NBA but he will shoot you out of two games for every game he plays well. WCJ belongs in a special category. Obviously he needs to play, and will play a ton of minutes. If Bamba stays healthy i also see him getting shut down in the last two weeks with a mystery injury.
  14. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah this kid looks legit.
  15. hootie249

    Chicago Bulls Draft Pick Watch

    For this to happen the team picking number one would have to really,really love someone like Suggs and try to leverage that fact. I mean it's possible, i suppose. I think if we were a top 5 pick and a trade happened i think it would revolve around Mobley. Someone at the top really wants Mobley for whatever reason and makes a trade one or two slots back.