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  1. TreyMachine

    Magic Vs. Raptors - Friday, April 19th at 7:00 P.M.

    I was front row at the Game 1 watch party and I'll be there tonight as well. Rain or Shine, BLUE AND WHITE WILL IGNITE!!
  2. TreyMachine

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    Ben Simmons came to play with a vengeance. If we get lucky enough to get to the 2nd round, we should all be reminded to not insult Ben Simmons as the NJ Nets and national media has. He's been on a tear since Game 1 when he was called out.
  3. TreyMachine

    Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

    Good to see Markelle happy and pumped for teammates. I really think he's going to flourish here under Clifford's "Team first" culture rather than what is looking to be some unhealthy individualistic culture in Philly.
  4. TreyMachine

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    Also, some hilarious tweets from around the league on Game 1: https://www.orlandopinstripedpost.com/2019/4/14/18310013/orlando-magic-toronto-raptors-2019-nba-playoffs-dj-augustin
  5. TreyMachine

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    Is there any post-game commentary from the national media? Did they chalk this up to a great game by Orlando or a poor game by Toronto? I'd love to hear from Charles, Kenny, and the gang. I believe people are (wrongly) still counting us out.
  6. TreyMachine

    Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

    This isn't going to be the 76ers. We'll need to play our best game to win.
  7. TreyMachine

    Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

    Going through Vuc would be a great idea. I'm sure the adjustment will be made.
  8. TreyMachine

    Magic @ Raptors - Saturday, April 13th at 5:00 P.M.

    Kawhi starting hot. Our team is pacing though. Fournier needs to settle down as he's been way off on his 2-3 shots.
  9. TreyMachine

    Magic @ Cavaliers - Sunday, March 3rd, 6:00 P.M.

    If we keep our current trend, we're losing this one. Can we break out of our funk and finally start beating the bottom dwellers? We shall see!
  10. TreyMachine

    Magic @ Pelicans - Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 8:00 P.M.

    Let’s be honest: New Orleans is in a rebuilding stage now that Anthony Davis wants to leave. We should be able to win this one purely on the idea that New Orleans hopes to lose.
  11. TreyMachine

    Trade Thread

    I think Ross, as great of a 6th man as he is, is deserving of being in the starting lineup along with Fultz when he comes along. Just a GREAT athlete and shooter who plays off ball well to Fultz's ball dominance.
  12. TreyMachine

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    I think our goal is to have him get right physically before even considering him playing. This is going to be an Anti-Grant-Hill situation. They'll be OVERLY cautious until the FO, doctors, and Fultz's team (agent, family) are satisfied it's good to start with him playing.
  13. TreyMachine

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    Can anyone else envision us as the 7th or 8th seed playing Philadelphia in the first round and Markelle Fultz being the floor general and catalyst that everyone expected him to be (with a chip on his shoulder), giving PHL a run for their money in 6-7 games? I can only wish...
  14. TreyMachine

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    I think talent-wise, Simmons and Embiid are clearly above BIG. However, I think culture-wise, we have a better one conducive to someone like MF. All 3 are hard-workers that have a good perspective on life / basketball balance. I even think Vuc / Ross / Augustin seem like good Veteran leaders to help MF. If he succeeds anywhere in the NBA, it's here.
  15. TreyMachine

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    I think at some point the Wizards have to look at blowing up their experiment with Wall / Beal and co. The #3 pick and a future 1st I think would do that. With that being said, how do we get the #3 pick if we are a fringe playoff team? I see us perhaps getting a top 10 pick, but if we stay competitive (which is the goal), there is no way we have that high of a pick.