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  1. Didn’t get to see the game. Was Suggs the 2nd unit’s PG? Loved seeing 6 rebounds and 7 assists in 22 minutes on 5-8 shooting from him. and Mo looks like he had one hell of a game.
  2. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    I actually haven't given up on Mo Bamba yet. You can't teach 7'1" with a 7'10" wingspan and touch. I think WCJ is a more complete player but I'm extending Mo if the price is right. RJ, on the other hand, there are many players like him. Sure, he's athletic, but he's not THAT much more athletic than other guys and just doesn't have a Bball IQ and is incredibly streaky. I would take someone like Seth Curry (whom we had as a 3rd stringer btw in case anyone forgot) who is undersized but plays smart and hits open shots. I just think RJ is more easily replaceable than Bamba, whom has shown flashes and is known to be pretty intelligent. I think can become something more if given time. The man is only 23. My feeling is the price will be too high.
  3. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    I really appreciate this. I tune into the games occasionally or just check box scores and I’m floored by how many players I don’t know active for the Magic and how many names are missing.
  4. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    With his Bball IQ, I think it's only a matter of time before he makes his teammates better directly. He's a natural scorer and has a great handle for how tall and young he is. There should be two things Orlando is working hard to do: 1. Make him Love Orlando and never want to leave (a la Vuc) 2. Surround him with players whom will help him win (winning helps stars not want to leave small markets).
  5. TreyMachine

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Agreed. We have enough long athletes with "high bball IQ's who can maybe learn to shoot." Give me someone who can space the floor as these other guys drive and defend.
  6. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    I'm looking at the box score and don't know 2/3 of our team. Is our team just decimated by COVID? Injuries? Combo? My goodness...
  7. TreyMachine

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I would say this is too early, but we started our 2021 draft thread in early February this year. So we’re not too far ahead. Also, looking back at that thread, I would like to point out how accurate, generally speaking, the top of the draft was from how we were talking about it in February.
  8. Franz playing Point-Forward at the end of this close game and looking for his own shot reminds me A LOT of another European Point-Forward we used to love here...
  9. I think a lot of you all forget that this is only the 2nd year Suggs has had to fully focus on basketball. He was a football star in HS so only played bball half the year for 4 years of HS. The man has poor handles but will get better guaranteed. Too athletic not to. This is Oladipo all over again. Be patient y’all. Seriously.
  10. I think the thought is we want Suggs / Hampton to learn to play PG and fulfill some of their playmaking potential, and they’re only going to do so through trying it and failing at it. Y’all remember Oladipo as the primary ball handler his rookie year? It was ugly to watch but there was hope that he’d get his handle under control and become a better decision maker with time. Sure enough, 4 seasons later, he was an All-Star.
  11. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    I think people have rose colored glasses here too. There’s a lot of “potential” but we haven’t seen consistency from this group yet, particularly in their ability to score. And of course, staying healthy is a BIG if with these two. That will be half the battle and one of the reasons we never got to see what the Vuc/Gordon/JI/Fournier/Fultz lineup could do - both of those players have been routinely injured the last 2-3 seasons.
  12. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    I think many people are forgetting how good Fultz looked prior to the injury. With that being said, I hope he hasn't lost a step after this injury. That's what made him so valuable.
  13. Kudos to Mosley for keeping in the 3rd string guys who fought back to get back into this game. A lot of coaches would be tempted to put your starters back in to win the game, but he instead rewarded those guys by keeping them on the court. I really appreciate he did that and wasn’t expecting it.
  14. This group needs consistency. Give us 3 years for this core to gel. Looking forward to seeing how JI / Markelle work here with the chemistry that is continuing to build with this team as is.
  15. TreyMachine

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    We’re shooting 34% from the field as of the 4th quarter? We need to stop drafting “defensive guys who could maybe learn to shoot.” Man this is frustrating to watch.