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  1. Game Thread: Heat @ Magic

    I’ve only watched the 4th, but AG in crunch time can’t create his own shot. I was screaming for AG to get the ball (nearly 40 points), but he has gone nowhere creating for himself.
  2. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    It makes me so depressed. He's turning into a better player than any one of us imagined.
  3. Magic vs Hawks

    This team has looked really good this half as I watch them play Gordon at the 4 and Ross at the 3. I wonder if Ross is who we wanted Mario to be. Team looks really fluid on offense.
  4. Magic @ Jazz

    Are Vuc, Gordon, and Payton worth continuing to build around? Do we resign Serge? Will Hezonja never break the rotation? This season was supposed to answer questions but just leaves us with more...
  5. Magic @ Jazz

    Doesn't answer my question in any relevance outside of the belief that somehow an athletic wing who is coming into his own doesn't fit with our "brand" of basketball.
  6. Magic @ Jazz

    Why doesn't Gordon get more offensive looks? He's looked absolutely great the last 3 or 4 games.
  7. Magic @ Jazz

    More frustrating is that you give a guy who is 4th in the league in 3PT% two wide open 3's in the crunch time of the 4th.
  8. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic vs LA Lakers

    I don't get to watch very much (I work nights). Each game I've watched, Payton has played very well. Tonight, he looks like a fringe All-Star. I'm looking to sign on one of these days to watch EP play a horrible game. I'm still waiting this season...
  9. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic @ New York Knicks

    Damn. You all complain so much on here (perhaps it's warranted - I wasn't able to watch and we lost by 11). Were we really THAT terrible all game or do you guys just like to point out all the bad parts consistently? Also I find it hilarious that when we win, you guys praise this team and its potential and when we lose, this team needs to be blown up. LITERALLY look at your comments from the last game we won to now. LOL :shard:
  10. 2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    Not quite sure if this has been addressed yet, but thought I was quite a good investment-of-time call by Vogel as the team continues to gel. "Vogel called off practice Monday, and his team took a trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture." http://www.espn.com/nba/recap?gameId=400899757
  11. 2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    This team is a last minute collapse away from being 3-1. I'm starting to more-and-more believe that road trips are great for building team chemistry (rather than going to the game and going home). Our team is really starting to gel. I'm actually optimistic and truly hope (and believe) they can continue this trend with the lineups that we're showing.
  12. Orlando @detroit game thread

    So, something I don't enjoy is that our young guys aren't getting as many crunch-time opportunities (Payton, Gordon, etc.). However - I'm happy we're winning, and I can't argue with winning. The boys have to earn their time.
  13. Orlando @detroit game thread

  14. Orlando @detroit game thread

    I can't handle this. Please, please don't give this up.
  15. Gamethread: Magic @ Bulls 11/7/26

    Trading Ibaka would be my dream scenario at this point. He looks so old out there! The fact that we traded 3 young pieces for him (including Oladipo) makes it even worse because I don't see us bringing him back next year after watching the first 7 games. And here's the thing - it's not that he's lost a step or slower (though he is). It's that he doesn't look like he's giving max effort out there. This is why I love Biyombo, and still respect Payton and Gordon. You know those guys are giving it their all. Ibaka looks like he decides to rest himself far more often than I was expecting from him. He was supposed to be the veteran leader on the court. You lead by example by being the guy who tries the hardest on the court. He's not that, and right now, I think our team may end up being best if we can get a different quality player for him at the deadline.