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  1. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    I'd just like to congratulate CTMagicUK on now having 9,999 posts. His next post gets him to 10,000, and it's a real milestone to get to 10,000 posts on any board. Appreciate your professionalism, your years of insight and thoughtful dialogue, and your dedication to sticking with this board - and this team - through the good and (many) bad years. Cheers to you and I look forward to up-voting whatever your 10,000th comment is here.
  2. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    I'm convinced only a select handful of people actually have "insider" information and everyone else just makes up anonymous sources. Klay will retire as a Warrior. His knees are gone and with it, his jump shot.
  3. TreyMachine

    2024 All-Star Weekend

    Agreed. We've made it so that the formula for an award / Supermax is tied to the number of games you play. Now it needs to be tied to the outcome of the All-Star game. $1 million doesn't move the needle but $50 million certainly does.
  4. TreyMachine

    2024 All-Star Weekend

    Paolo is trying far too hard and really wants to a point you can tell (he just got blocked by Steph Curry). Wish he could relax and take it in, but you can tell he's trying to consciously balance trying hard while acting like he doesn't care.
  5. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    "Jordan Hawkins is a bucket" has been said multiple times. The guy has a GREAT offensive feel and is a really smooth shooter. I remember a lot of guys here wanted him and I can see why.
  6. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    Scott Henderson is looking so good during the Rising Stars Game. Paolo is looking okay - clearly not taking it that seriously, at least on Defense. I get that it's a fun game, but it's always nice seeing guys come out and trying to play some defense because every point counts. Paolo's team started 9-0 and got complacent to not play D and went down 17-16 which led to their loss.
  7. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    The forum is great for anonymity, but I'm also sad to see people like Jareth or others give so much for so many years and then leave and never come back for whatever reason. It's the lifecycle of a poster I guess. Hope that all those whom gave so much in those years have remained in good health and are happy.
  8. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    We have one of the easier schedules. I don't get it either but our quality wins outside of Minnesota werent notable during the stretch
  9. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    it was incredibly boring but Final Quarter plus OT were stellar. As soon as SF chose to receive, I said, "You're telling me you want Patrick Mahomes to know what he has to do to win the game based on what you get done?" I knew if they didn't get a TD on that drive it was going to be over (and it was). I have hated on Mahomes but the guy is one of the most clutch QB's of all time along with Brady. It's pretty incredible to watch time and time again.
  10. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    I'm really curious to know why he was down there and if he'll get any minutes on this team. It feels like maybe he could cut into the ingles minutes? But I'm assuming he'll mostly ride the pine with AB at this point and will be used as needed.
  11. TreyMachine

    2024 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    I would be SHOCKED if we made a trade at this point. Locker room culture is the key and if we're healthy, the "death lineup" is certainly scary and arguably one of the best in the league. Guys care about each other in the locker room, and I just don't think Weltman is going to change something midseason that could affect the young team's close-knit spirit.
  12. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    The Sampson Effect. Whatever lover who convinced him to do this needs to go.
  13. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    Murray definitely seems like the type of player who wants to ensure that he gets the maximum amount of money and recognition on any team he's on. I imagine it's why he got traded by San Antonio even though he had so much potential. you don't want someone like that on your team if culture is important.
  14. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    With that being said, my overwhelming opinion is that the front office cares a lot about locker room culture and trading anyone is difficult for them to even conceive.
  15. TreyMachine

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    I'm of the slight belief we are could trade for Chris Paul before the trade deadline hits. His leadership and experience would serve as a stop gap at point guard before maybe Anthony Black full-time takes over while giving us a player that, while not as explosive as he used to be, can hit three-pointers at an above average clip and help our young guys with a veteran presence. Mark Fultz works better on Golden State because he's so good at blowing past his defender and finding the open man. With their great three-point shooters, it would be better overall for them too. we are quite literally a good starting PG away from having a scary elite starting lineup. I think when analyzing what could take us to the next level without mortgaging our future, I think it's a move for someone like Paul.