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  1. Section229

    Magic vs Charlotte 14th Feb @ 7pm

    Let’s go boys!
  2. Section229

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    I guess it’s just a preference thing. I don’t dislike White. He may even end up being better, and I wouldn’t hate drafting him in the middle of the first, either. I’d prefer him to Briscoe, too. I just see something different with Jerome. He’s got that it that makes me a believer. I think he’s a winner and a basketball player. Have you seen “High Flying Bird” yet? There’s a comparison made in there about a prospect having street ball/one on one talent vs. having organized team talent or something to that effect. I think Jerome will be a great fit as a prospect to back up our hopeful star and contribute with a team mentality from the latter part of that comparison, while also possesing the ability to draw on the former and get his in “pull up in your face” ways as well if need be.
  3. Section229

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Is there enough wing talent? I could say we have Wes and apply the same logic you’re using to not draft a point guard. In my eyes he’s certainly more of a long term piece than Briscoe. I wish I could see Briscoe as a long term backup to Fultz, but he’s just not that good man. I think Jerome is a significantly better prospect across the board. Plus I can see Jerome possibly playing some wing or being able to guard a 2 in a second point guard role on the court with Fultz. Briscoe is a fine 3rd guy, but he’s limited. He can’t shoot. I wouldn’t be against continuing to invest in him as a 3rd guy. By all accounts it seems like the other guys like him and he gives full effort and can push the ball. But he can’t shoot. Even if it’s not Jerome, I don’t want to invest in him as DJ’s down the road replacement. We can do better. Wes Iwundu, though? That’s a guy I can get behind continuing to invest as a contributing backup wing.
  4. Section229

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Yeah I mean I understand your logic, but if things work out well for us and we end this season in the playoffs, we’ll be picking in the teens in a weak draft. By all accounts Garland is a better prospect on paper, but let’s assume the Garlands of the draft are gone by the time we’re on the clock. If we end up keeping the pick, a developmental guy is probably what we’ll end up with. If we can trade the pick for something more helpful...that’s a different discussion. But if we’re keeping it and picking in the middle, Jerome is a potentially multi positional defender who could in theory replace dj in two years and even serve in a small role in packages on the court with Fultz while maintaining some switchability. He’s 6’5” and is at least a B at everything. I just like the guy and think he’s going to be a great team player and winner with longevity. I certainly wouldn’t make a decision on him one way or another because we have Briscoe. Briscoe is not a long term answer to back up Fultz. Why not groom our own DJ replacement if there’s one available and we opt to keep our pick in this draft? Again, assuming we’re keeping the pick.
  5. Section229

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    I know he’s viewed as an unathletic white boy, but I love Ty Jerome. I think he’s going to play in the league for a decade and be a great team player/winner for whoever has the balls to draft him. The guy plays his guts out on both ends, has great size for a point, is passionate, has excellent vision, is great with the ball, can shoot, and can play the hell out of some basketball. If we end up picking in the teens I think he’d be a great pick for our team to back up and play beside Fultz.
  6. Section229

    Trade Thread

    Wow! I’m having a hard time believing this really happened. Elated!
  7. Section229

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I wish I could remember the exact stats...but Stan Van Grundy was on LeBetard a couple days ago and said something to the effect of there only being a couple of guys, maybe even only one, in the history of the nba to post season long shooting lines of something like 50/45/80 (I don’t remember exactly) and how this year for the first time in league history there are 2 guys on pace to do it. One is Steph, the other.....Malcolm Brogdon. Dude plays hard on both ends and is super efficient with good size. Plays over 30 minutes a night. I’d rather pay him than Rozier. I’d even prefer him to an aging Kemba commanding top dollar and 20+ shots per game with zero regard for efficiency.
  8. Section229

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Brogdon #1 for me. Lonzo 1a.
  9. Section229

    The Magic should try and get Tyler Hansbrough

    quote: Originally posted by AcuWill:Also I find the arguement for not wanting to get a guaranteed contract on the team very weak. If you think someone will be a good player, you have 5 years to develop and play him for under 2 mil a year. That a solid rotational player for 5 years for less than two mil a year. I don't see what the issue is, tbh. This!
  10. Section229

    The Draft Thread [Draft is June 25th 7PM]

    Hansbrough and/or T. Douglas...somehow someway
  11. quote: Originally posted by deadman54: quote: Originally posted by theripper:Whatever dude. You and all your fellow Magic Fans are effin losers. Try and act like you've been there before. and then you come here and register so you can post that go away troll you are a load your mother should of sollowed +1
  12. Section229

    the thank you magic topic

    Thank you! Proud to be a Magic fan til the day I die!!! The future is ours!
  13. Section229


    Here here!!!!!
  14. Section229

    Finals tix

    quote: Originally posted by Animorphfan:Here is a list of the people who want the password: ChevyBallinHot patport21 CubanMagic89 jrc407 Animorphfan Nike rasrar Magic2782 ufballer86 MagicAtic Bucktown TampaTony Courtskils richnba ucfknights22 Cuchillero mikemagicfan08 RoBo2002 Miller4Prez64 billytunasand Courtney Lee = The Future This is too help a sth if they want to help us. If I missed someone feel free to add your name to the list. It will be greatly appreciated if we can get codes for as many people as we can.
  15. Section229

    Jameer Being Evaluated!!

    quote: Originally posted by Ramsde68:as long as it doesnt mess up his injury at all and set him back, what isnt to gain by lettin 'meer come off the bench? if it looks like hes gonna hurt us then we yank him and throw AJ back in and then its a done deal, but if he is able to get in a quick rythm and provide a punch off the bench... I dont see what there isnt to gain out of this. plus think psychological as well. ive said from the beginning that the only negative in this playoff so far is that Jameer is not on the floor to experience it. you know he will be hyped, you know the players will be hyped for him, and can you just the way the arena will just explode when they announce: "Checking into the game at point guard, welcome back, JAMEEEEEEEEER NELSON!!!!" Get chills just thinking about it... +1