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  1. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    You crack me up dude. Really enjoy your work. Love winning ugly on the road. Glad it was Paolo that hit the winner after struggling. This is a big team building win for the boys.
  2. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    I guess the confusing part for me with Fultz is the term “injury maintenance.” That seems a bit misleading if he’s missing multiple games in a row. Maybe just bad comprehension on my part. But yes, great news no concussion for Suggs.
  3. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    AB has put in a pretty damn good shift too for me.
  4. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    Agree! The second unit playing like this is what made us so difficult to beat early in the season. Hoping they got their mojo back and we see a whole lot more of this down the stretch and into the playoffs!
  5. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    We have 5 games over the next 8 nights. It’s not that crazy for some of these injury management guys to be staggered over those games. Fultz out tonight makes more sense than say JI given Cleveland’s size. Also, the way they shot the ball the last time we played them could factor into this particular decision.
  6. Section229

    2023-2024 Season Thread

    +1. Appreciate you, CT!
  7. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    OKC has a really good team and they shot the ball better than us last night. SGA was mvp level after halftime, especially right after it, and Paolo really struggled to guard Jalen Williams who went for 30+. We didn’t lose this game because of Fultz. That’s absurd. I’d put this game way more on Paolo and Franz. Paolo for his inability to keep Jalen in front of him, and Franz because he was ice cold. Also, JI had one of his worst games of the year and was not a positive for us out there. He gets a pass for me. He can’t be Superman every game. Same for Franz. Also, their bench guys shot the ball really well and answered all of our runs. It happens. The sky isn’t falling. We lost to a really good team that played really well on a night when our super young stars struggled in the areas I mentioned. Onwards and upwards!
  8. Section229

    2023-2024 General Game Thread

    Fultz is polarizing for us because his shoulder/shooting issue appears to be holding us back some nights, like the Miami game in particular where he actually scored decent and played well, but their hall of fame coach was able to scheme a defense against us based on his weakness, and we didn’t have an answer. For me, that was also somewhat of a schedule loss. The boys had no energy, Suggs in particular. Last game of a long road trip and we had to fly over our homes to play one last game and we were awful. We’re young and didn’t handle that situation well and got exposed. A growing pain for the youngsters that taught professionalism and full-go every night is of dire importance in this league or you will get stomped. It’s also fair to point out that Miami is an excellent defensive team when they want to be. Its also fair to point out that we beat that same team by nearly 20 points this season with markelle playing 29 minutes. I think ball junkie’s post a little bit back about coach Mose tweaking the offense a bit to makeshift Markelle as a high post center almost on offense against zones is super interesting and something I noticed also. As long as there are 4 shooters around him I want to see more of that. He thrives in that paint area and is awesome in the open court. Awesome. He’s also cagey and experienced and seems to have a really good IQ out there. I love the guy. I imagine most of us do. But the shoulder/shooting thing has cost us some nights up to til now to the point that a significant amount of our fan base wanted to use this trade deadline to get someone with his abilities that can also shoot the ball. It’s not unreasonable in any world to have those thoughts. It makes sense.
  9. Section229

    2024 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    This team deserves a chance to grow together and to show how hard they can compete down the stretch and in the playoffs this season. We are so young, but we have something special building here for the first time in a long time. I’m willing to be patient and to let this thing grow organically. I don’t believe there is a team in the NBA that has the chemistry from GM to 15th man that we do. We created that. It’s ours, and it means everything for a team that is so young to be growing their confidence and ability to compete together. And it’s working. Our confidence is building and our ability to compete with any team out there has been on display all season. Bucks, Celtics, Wolves, Lakers, Pacers, Nuggets, Cavs, Knicks, Suns. We have wins over some of the best teams in the league. We are young, we struggle from 3 some nights, markelle’s shoulder, Wendell’s size disadvantage, Cole’s slump…we have issues, but those players in that locker room support each other 100%. They are together and they are here right now this season ready to compete with confidence against anybody. That means something to me. I hope we give this team the chance to show who we are and who we aim to become by giving them a chance to finish this season as is. Dejounte Murray is a hell no for me, and I hope Jeff feels the same. At this point in our growth, chemistry is our biggest strength, and that guy in particular has enough red flags to at least be potentially detrimental to that strength in the short and long term. Not worth it. I mean, of all players, we’re going to bring in the one guy who has had beef with our 21 year old all-star? To play point guard and compete with him for touches? When hes shown to be a whiner when things don’t go his way? Hell no! Not with where we’re coming from and what we’ve shown in terms of growth and ability to compete. I’d be okay with a small move for another bench piece, but I think changing our point guard at this point in the season is potentially disastrous, short and long term, especially if it’s a guy who needs the ball to be effective. These guys know how to play together, even with markelle’s flaws. The off season is the time for a big change like that for a young team in the thick of competing for playoff position and then hopefully playoff wins for the FIRST time. Let these kids show what they got Jeff! We can beat anybody!
  10. Section229

    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    It’s interesting you would have waived Isaac already. He at least should be given these next 6 months, or whatever it is before he’s fully guaranteed, to improve his value whether it be for us or for trade. He has had times in his career when his value was up there. He’s quality on the court. He could have a great start to the season and be worth something to us. I was under the impression that our cap owes him what we owe him in terms of if we cut him now or at the turn of the year.
  11. Section229

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    I love this calm before the storm. Thank you to all the contributors who make this thread such a great read every draft season. CT you’re the man! Really appreciate your well thought out takes and insight on Magic draft related stuff. Wish Fultz4thewin would come back. Are you Fultz4thewin??
  12. Section229

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    It’s true. He’d be a great fit. I’ll be happy to have him. I just don’t think he’s the best player. Mine go: 1. Chet 2. Banchero 3-5 in any order: Sharpe/Murray/Jabari
  13. Section229

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Does he have freak athleticism? I don’t Know how you measure all the other stuff you listed. He may or may not check those boxes in weltham’s opinion, but freak athleticism? I don’t see that
  14. Section229

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I think the Rashard comp is fair. The trajectory is different for lots of reasons. There weren’t a ton of 6’10” guys shooting 3’s as their main weapon when Rashard came in. They were different physically, etc. Sure. But Rashard as we knew him in a magic uniform is pretty close to who Jabari could become. Maybe it’s a floor, maybe it’s a ceiling, I don’t know, but they’re both tall shooters who survive on the outside with limited ball handling responsibilities. Make 40% of your 3’s in that role for 15 years and yeah he probably will be a hall of farmer. I don’t know. I don’t hate Jabari. Shooting is so important. But I don’t see anything resembling Durant at all except his size and shooting ability. Durant can handle the ball and drive to the basket in any one on one situation or make teams pay who double him with playmaking. Could Jabari become that? I guess it’s possible, but Durant was doing it in college already at an all time level. Jabari hasn’t shown that yet at all. His game just seems limited and that’s fine if he shoots like he’s projected. But let’s not discredit Chet as a shooter just because Jabari shoots great. Chet can stroke it too. And he brings sooo much more on both ends of the floor, especially in the paint where Jabari hasn’t shown anything. I guess I just don’t see taking Jabari at 1 when there is a better prospect available who does everything he does and everything he doesn’t.
  15. Section229

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I’m not convinced Jabari is this elite perimeter defender most claim him to be. He might be, but those types of guys are so few and far between, and how many are 6’10” and up? Showing effort out there is a good start, but he seems kind of slow to me. There are quite a few impossible assignments waiting for him almost every night in the NBA on the perimeter if he wants to attempt to survive as an elite perimeter defender at nearly 7 ft. Even if he does prove to be that, nobody ever talks about his defense in the paint. Im not convinced he’s an elite defensive prospect. Chet, on the other hand, absolutely is. He’s fine if he’s forced out onto the perimeter. He has great length and timing as a shot blocker to recover if he gets beat. Most scouting reports point out his intelligence as a team defender and his timing and instincts. He has length and uses it well. Jabari on the other hand isn’t in the same league as Chet inside the paint on either end. Chet just does more and he does it better. Chet is a great shooter, too. I don’t know why this is so often overlooked when the two are compared. He’s going to be a great great shooter in this league, too. If he develops that turn around fadeaway…forgetaboutit.