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  1. TyMagic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Watch the Lakers will take Hardy whenever we would of loved to get him at 35…
  2. TyMagic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    We are out of picks…
  3. TyMagic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I think we are over this draft…
  4. TyMagic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Just so disappointed tonight after being so hyped for the draft.
  5. TyMagic

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    Magic need to draft Herro at all costs if he is even available. Dude shot 80/100 threes at Celtics workout and is the shooter we need.
  6. So excited to have Mo Bamba over Trae Young, finally a pick I can get behind! #MoMagic Hate all you want, we got a steal!
  7. You want the player that's going to replace the one that is in your screen name?
  8. I think Monk has to be the pick if both him and Smith are available. With already having EP at the point, and the Magic having one of if not the WORST shooting teams last season. Go with the (slightly) more experienced NBA PG in EP and throw Monk in with him instead of no shooter and replace your current PG.
  9. Fults, Ball, Jackson, Tatum, and Fox are all picked in the top 5. With everyone else available, who does the Magic NEED to take? Who is Priority #1?
  10. TyMagic

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I think Monk will be the best prospect available at pick number 6, Magic NEED to take him.
  11. TyMagic

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Are you a Kentucky fan? or does your username mean United Kingdom?
  12. TyMagic

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I think getting Malik Monk would be a great combo with Elfrid. Two long lanky guys with speed running the 1 and 2. JMO Monk is a great shooter! Scored 47 against National Champion UNC.
  13. TyMagic


    Great win for the Magic! Over a really good OKC team. I really like Ibaka's game, i still think it was better trade for us to get him for Oladipo. Go Magic!
  14. TyMagic

    New Poster

    I wanted to say hi to all the Magic fans out there, I am a new poster on here and this is my first post. (whoop-dee-doo i know). I just wanted to say hello and give a short background about myself. 25 y/o white guy from Louisville Ky. We don't have any major league sports teams from here and its a shame, the State of Kentucky is a HUGE basketball state (mainly college for obvious reasons) but I do plan on moving to the Orlando area once i get some loans paid off. I really want to move to the Orlando for many reasons (any recommended areas to live would be appreciated). And would nothing more than to live in a town with a professional basketball team. I originally cheered on the Celtics because my father is a fan, but never kept up with them like i would if i lived in the same town (or state for that matter). Glad i could join your board and look forward to talking with some of you all and maybe see you all one day down in the sunshine state!