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  1. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I do like Crowder or bradley but I doubt BOS lets them go without some good assets in return
  2. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Look at the #6 picks since 1980. Maybe lillard is the outlier. We've gotta trade the pick and get some veterans. Not getting a franchise player with this.
  3. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Can we just trade for PG 13 and miles turner and get it over with already
  4. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    Bahaha ok
  5. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    You do realize porzingis got drafted before henzoja right?
  6. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    Remember when KD dogged Lebron for going to Miami 6 years ago?
  7. 2016 Off-Season Thread

    At this point Yes
  8. Mavs @ Magic - 7 pm tip off!

    So now that everyone sees what he can do.. Are we still renting him or what?
  9. The Official 2015-2016 Trade Thread

    Crazy! Didn't think Tobias was going anywhere
  10. San Antonio @ Orlando Magic

    This dude is our future I will be really upset if he leaves
  11. San Antonio @ Orlando Magic

    That play was designed to a T with 50% execution And... You have to make that... Maybe next year we will stop taking teams to overtime and start winning at the end of games
  12. San Antonio @ Orlando Magic

    The last 3 minutes were atrocious We were getting pressured on the 3pt line and could not react at all
  13. San Antonio @ Orlando Magic

    Should have never came to that. How do we stop giving up leads?
  14. San Antonio @ Orlando Magic

    How do you miss that in the NBA? My 8 yr old team wouldn't miss that!
  15. OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic vs Wizards

    Granted you need to be in his face. But how can we win if they're shooting and making half court shots? Those you give away all day