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  1. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic vs Hawks - Sunday, Feb.10th @ 7:30 P.M.

    love your work as always
  2. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic vs Timberwolves - Thursday, Feb. 7th @ 7:00 P.M.

    Ecstatic in my fandom right now, this is going to be a nice win, we got the player we wanted, we gave up bugger all... we may still have a half decent lottery pick coming. Either way this year shakes up feels pretty good atm. Sorry Mo, but your being shelved with an injury may be handy! Also, I'm only looking at the box score but it seems pretty weird to see Wiggins with 9 boards and 2 stls / 2 blks... is he finally putting in overall effort or what?
  3. South_Aussie_Magic

    Trade Thread

    NYK was looking real dumb for a quick moment, then came the reports of 2 future firsts. So I guess Perry isn't quite as bad as his predecessors.
  4. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic vs Pacers Thursday 31st Jan 7pm ET

    I couldn't think of a better reason for an abdominal strain at the time lol
  5. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic vs Pacers Thursday 31st Jan 7pm ET

    Yeah maybe he went to Taco Bell and crapped too hard lol
  6. South_Aussie_Magic

    Trade Thread

    The only way I've ever wanted to keep him is if he became our David Lee, super scorer off the bench. Pretty clear now that his ego wouldn't accept that role.
  7. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic @ Rockets - Sunday, January 27 @ 7 pm

    My hope isn't necessarily to run the offense through him as much as it is to see him get the shots and the space that he deserves. I personally feel he gets forgotten sometimes. I could be wrong, probably am, but I always wanted him to be our Matrix and that just means getting him things he's good at consistently enough...
  8. South_Aussie_Magic

    Trade Thread

    What else is a big deal is that so many people said they'd be satisfied if this team put up a fight and won about 34 - 35 games and we're about on track for that but everyone's having a freak out from the good start... It's almost like we can't just be satisfied with incremental progress
  9. South_Aussie_Magic

    Trade Thread

    No, but you did say how would he know whether or not rumours are fake and this forum has been distilling quality rumours from absolute BS for over a dozen years
  10. South_Aussie_Magic

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Probably my favourite observation of the year is how good things go when he keeps getting the touches the ENTIRE game
  11. South_Aussie_Magic

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Hey! That'd be awesome for the whole 25 games it happens lol
  12. South_Aussie_Magic

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Oh right, I forgot about that. Ugh. Oh well, the idea of a draft pick was the real plus so... I guess we wait for the next team to dangle their shiny garbage
  13. South_Aussie_Magic

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    As much as that sucks do you think with constraints placed on him he'd make an upgrade at back up 1/2? If we get a pick out of it and have two 1st rounders it seems like it'd be worth it even if we expect almost nothing (which I guess is what we mostly feel about what we are getting from Jerian Grant at this point)
  14. South_Aussie_Magic

    Magic @ Jazz - Wednesday, January 9 @ 9 P.M.

    this was a pleasant surprise on checking in! Side note: I've noticed when Aaron is in the thick of the offense and producing early on, we are in a good position. When he finishes the game as the highest scorer and scores over 20 doing so - we win. How frustrating is it that we often start off ok, Aaron gets shots and then we just seem to stop going to him and never go back. I know he can't create very much on his own... but surely when he starts like he has tonight we can just expect for them to keep going to him... and it'd be great to pick up a win at the same time again.
  15. South_Aussie_Magic

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Well technically it would be an improvement over last year's full on abomination