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  1. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 Off-season Thread

    Washington really commit to their absolutely stunning mediocrity don't they?
  2. South_Aussie_Magic


    That would be a twist indeed. We could use a miraculous story of an unlikely rise to prominence
  3. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    no mincing words today, then, Jay lol
  4. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    A few summers? I swear I remember that when I started lurking and watching what you guys would write and discuss in like 2009/10 ish lol Everyone's getting old, Trey lol
  5. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Hey that was my first sports heartbreak too lol. Nothing else has been as devastating. I was already numb by the time Beckham left Manchester United for Real Madrid
  6. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Playoffs!

    Have to agree, obviously i'd feel safer taking this final hurrah for the Warriors but I guess they could power through a whole series.
  7. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Playoffs!

    If I had money, that'd be where it would go too lol. Doesn't look like Miami is healthy enough or together enough to come back from it, but Boston is due for a couple of average games
  8. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Well finally! The only good thing to happen in my little bubble today
  9. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Maybe that could become a standard feature of the revamped draft combine
  10. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Are we saving this one for posterity? lol Argh i just hope whatever it is we get it right this time
  11. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Playoffs!

    I admit I am utterly ignorant but aside from being alright when I've seen him fill in for Luka - how can we indicate that his ceiling is that high and it's not somewhat of a product of him not being specifically scouted for as that 1 / 2 option? Having said that - if we could get him for Bamba and Ross I wouldn't be opposed personally. Nothing like a change up
  12. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Someone has a personal vendetta against us? Let's not tar the whole country with the brush of Ben Simmons. That'd be liked saying avoid Croatian guys because Mario Hezonja couldn't handle it and still won't admit that's on him. Avoid US born players because of countless crazies (Marbury, Brian Williams/Bison Dele, can't be bothered thinking of anymore right now). Also, please .... we do not claim Kyrie and he does not want us either. Which is good. Josh Giddey is a lovely kid, and along with Dante (who there is nothing wrong with personality wise - he's just not as good as we hoped), Patty and a bunch of others we are usually alright with who represents us. Having said that, the G League path is still really making it hard to say who will thrive and who will not. No point saying Daniels will be ok because of last years guys. I'd be ok with it mid first round or later but yeah, don't want to leap either.
  13. South_Aussie_Magic

    2022 NBA Playoffs!

    Man, I will give you every other guy all days of the week but.. .not Randle lol
  14. South_Aussie_Magic

    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: Magic Vs Heat_ April 10, 2022 @ 7:00 P.M.

    This is one of the biggest causes of excitement for me at the moment. If he can distribute as he has been to, as you said, misfits - better scorers should make for pretty good assist fodder. I want him to succeed almost as much as I want the team to get back on the right track in general. Wish I could have watched, instead of being stuck in this office..
  15. Wow 6 blocks for Mo ... again.. he's more consistent than he used to be and he's done it tonight against not bad competition but I hope it's not too little too late there.