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  1. King Close

    Trade Thread

    He won’t play a game for them, he’s being released and will become an FA.
  2. King Close

    Trade Thread

    The point is that there’s still a chance for it to happen regardless of how slim, millions play the lotto and the odds for that are far worse.
  3. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Yea it definitely helps them, completely agree.
  4. King Close

    Trade Thread

    I think it would require our 1st this year.
  5. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Yea pretty sure they want a PG back since JJ Barea is our for the year and they need a backup to Luka.
  6. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Yea if the deal was Bamba, AG, or JI i’d start looking elsewhere for a PG even though I’m pretty high on DSJ.
  7. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Fournier + DJ + 1st for DSJ, then Vuc for Terry + Brown. Super un-realistic but a man can dream. DSJ/Rozier Brown/Ross Isaac/Wes AG Bamba/Khem
  8. King Close

    Trade Thread

    That’s great for leverage
  9. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Excited to hear about the possibility of DSJ, but as others have stated I’m scared we’re gonna pull a magic and trade one of our 3 core guys for him.
  10. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Not sure they trade rozier at all, I think they let him walk, Kyrie is to much an injury risk and I think they’re basically all-in for the playoffs.
  11. King Close

    Trade Thread

    Butler having issues in Philly it seems. Philly is concerned with Butlers fit in the organization, and also has been “aggressively challenging” Brett Brown about his role per Woj.
  12. King Close

    Magic @ Charlotte......

    AG having a good first half but I’ve noticed for whatever reason he’ll start off hot but then not get many shots off the rest of the game, not watching tonight so I probly won’t be back on here tonight so happy New Year everyone.
  13. King Close

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Yea that sounds great, hope Boston keeps losing lol.
  14. King Close

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    With Rondo injured yet again the odds of us getting him are dwindling unfortunately as he’s my dream get at the 1 spot.