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  1. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    You do it for other people, not yourself. I don't care about "the polls".If you don't want to follow the rules, start your own basketball league.
  2. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Oh yeah, I take for granted being a park player coz my 3pt % last year was 40% which is good for a Slasher build. Still, I'll never truly get used to lag. And yes I'm an Isaac fan boy. I think his game is everything I wish I could've been as a basketball player. Defense and rebounding first but still somewhat of an offensive bag and spot up shooting. I just never grew into my giant feet and I absolutely cannot dribble relatively speaking. But anyway yes there's really no point in complaining. It's not like they're listening to our feedback. Although it seemed like Otis was lmao.
  3. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Oh yeah Buddy Hield is a great pick up. Yeah that's always the hardest part: figuring out the new jumpshot mechanics each year. I bet it's even harder for a Franchise mode player because of all the different shots you have to learn and not just your own. But yes I will be a more positive person here and I'm also done with tanking so don't stay away forever.
  4. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Ah, yes, I will definitely get 2K22 when I have the time and budget for the $100 version. What console you on? I'm a park player; even no lifed and got to Legend in 2k20. But yeah, I'm sick of tanking as well. That's such a quitters mentality to me. Yes, I understand the logic, but at some point you have to actually try or we'll just continue to be failures and perpetuate a losing culture. I'll admit I all but gave up on this team a few years ago, but I never will again no matter how disappointing it is at times. Yes, I love Isaac. I still think he can be a star. And i will miss Vuc and Gordon, but I'm glad we finally moved on. @Natesroom I feel like Old Ben after playing basketball with the youngbloods earlier today. Not used to the heat down here like I used to be.
  5. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. A long time.
  6. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    You can, but it obviously would be better if we were at least competing and keeping it close. It's easy to get discouraged, especially after these last 10 years, but now that there is new blood we have guys who don't have the same baggage trying to make their way. Time for a fresh start, and yeah the growing pains are going to be miserable, but that's what being a loyal fan is all about. Edit: I'm assuming because my account is new, my posts are being screened? How long does this process take? I would test with another account but that would make my username no fun.
  7. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    I miss Jareth too, guys. I'm discount Jareth, but I'll do my best. And yeah, JJZFL, I and possibly MULTIPLE other may in fact participate in discussions on this forum when the season begins. This, according to my sources, of course. Yes, Aussie, I miss those old surreal discussions and tangents as well, though sometimes it was a bit much and for that I will partially apologize for. Another great one was Jackie Treehorn. Funny guy, and no that's not me. We all know everyone on this forum is just Jareth talking to himself anyway.
  8. Guy Incognito

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Damn, we traded everyone away. Hopefully this rebuild is MUCH better. I'm here 100%