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  1. Gamethread: Magic vs Heat - SEASON PREMIERE

    Pelicans are looking great
  2. Gamethread: Magic vs Heat - SEASON PREMIERE

    What a great sequence.
  3. Gamethread: Magic vs Heat - SEASON PREMIERE

    Ok. Those types of plays are why you have to love Simmons.
  4. 2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Wasn't our defense with both on the court (as limited as that was) incredibly good last year?
  5. Official preseason thread

    Two more days until the Magic season begins. My optimism is at an all time high right now (even after a so-so pre-season). My brain says we aren't going to be very good, but my heart says that we are winning the championship.
  6. Official preseason thread

    Fivethirtyeight is predicting us to go 32-50. Not great, but better than a lot of predictions based upon nothing have us going. They have us as the eighth worst team by record.
  7. Official preseason thread

    I mean I listened to a whole ringer podcast to find out that they think we will be the most boring team to watch in the NBA. And Lowe has us in his bottom tier again. We are getting some major disrespect. Hopefully Gordon, Isaac, and Bamba can force teams to respect us again.
  8. Official preseason thread

    Wasn't Iwundu a good-in-practice guy last year? I don't know if I am holding out much hope for him: he seems to have a lot of skills, good size, decent defensive ability, ok dribbling, etc. But it all is basically pointless if he can't get the ball in the hoop during a game.
  9. Magic vs flamengo

    I would not take too much from this game. flamengo was way overmatched- almost any line up from the team would do well.
  10. Magic vs flamengo

    I don’t trust their numbers on size or weight. I always take them as approximates. Durant does have about 3 inches or so on Gordon- but the weight difference is probably not significant. Gordon is probably heavier than listed. I can’t help but wish that they would do a “weigh in” at the beginning of every season where everyone’s measurements are taken.
  11. Magic vs flamengo

    What is the feel on Martín? Another player we were paid to take.
  12. Magic vs flamengo

    So- this competition level is too easy for Gordon. But would it be fair to say Bamba has been the second best player for us? It is only pre-season against a non-nba team but he seems way further along than I expected.
  13. Official preseason thread

    I just think it is a bit strange- but I guess it is like soccer where you can schedule the number friendlies you want before the season starts (within reason).
  14. Official preseason thread

    Ahh, I did miss a game for us. But there is still the same difference. The 76ers play 4, we play 5, lakers play 6. I am guessing the 76ers have less since they have had to travel overseas, but it still doesn't quite make sense.
  15. Official preseason thread

    So, I was looking at pre-season schedules and it makes no sense. Why do some teams have 4 pre-season games, others have 5, and some have 6? Every team should have the exact same #. Has it always been this way and I was just ignorant of it? I am happy that we only have 4, by the way. It should give the team more time to practice which is more important right now. Just doesn't seem to make sense to have this type of difference.