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  1. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    But he really isn't better than they are. Basically in no measurable way. I am not sure I get this narrative that seems to have hung around Iwundu that he should be getting more time- because nothing from his on-court play suggests that. Clark and Ennis haven't been amazing or anything- they should be bench to end of the bench guys. But Iwundu isn't the answer there either.
  2. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Our PF position is cursed.
  3. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    This year he is in the bottom quartile, with a 40% FG% when posting up. Last year he was in the 50th percentile with a 49% FG% on post ups. In the 2018 season, he was again in the bottom quartile with a 40% FG% on post ups. In 2017, he just missed the bottom quartile, with a 44.6 FG%. 2016 was the only year he posted good numbers in the post, just squeezing into the top quartile (75.6 %tile), with a 50% FG%. While he has a variety of moves, the moves don't seem to create positive offensive production. He is not a good post player.
  4. Ennis has been great running the court.
  5. Two nice fast breaks with Ennis.
  6. I mean, I am not sure what more Clifford wants out of Bamba. Last 10 games: 13 minutes. Shooting 59/50/87, 6 points, 3.5 rebounds, .7 assists, .4 steals, 1.7 blocks, 1.8 PF. Our team has actually been better with him on the court than Vuch over those 10 games.
  7. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Takeaways from above: Looking at a lot of this, it can be hard to see why we are such a terrible offensive team, as we are average in a lot of categories, and even good in some of the categories. But where we are terrible, we are really bad. And this is really important with spot up shooting, which is the most prevalent way for teams to finish a play. So, while we are in the bottom 5 frequency wise in finishing plays, that is still 20 plays per game where we are only squeaking out .9 PPP. Compare that with finishing plays off of screens. We score a respectable 1.02 points per possession in those circumstances, and yet only 7.4 plays per game finish off of these actions. And, unfortunately, this is unlikely to go up, as we are already close to the top in that category. And we really need to get out into transition more. The slow pace is really hurting our team get easy baskets. We are not a bad transition team, but we play like we are a bad transition team- scared of pushing the ball up the court. Basically, we seem to make some bad offensive decisions when it comes to amount of plays run in different categories and we are so bad at the most common finishing type that our offensive ceiling is very limited until our shooting improves. This is why we really miss Augustin. And I can't help but wonder how much the difficulties with one type of play exasperate our difficulties in other situations.
  8. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Some interesting statistical notes I found when looking up other stuff: On an individual basis: We have two of the best cutters in the league in Gordon and Fournier (Fournier is actually better than Gordon, scoring 1.68 ppp when cutting to Gordon's 1.57. On a PPP basis, Fournier is basically the best in the league, though Gordon has twice the number of attempts). Neither are in the top 50 players when it comes to volume though. (To be fair, most of the top 20 or so are centers). We basically don't run isos, which is good because our team is terrible at it. We post up too much for a team that is terrible at it. (Vuch posts up 3.7 times per game. He scores .73 PPP in post up situations. Gordon has 2.1 post ups per game scoring .89 PPP) Post ups are in general inefficient, but sometimes you need that different look. Vuch is top 10 in attempts per game though while being one of the least efficient players in post up situations in the league. We are missing Augustin's spot up abilities. Besides Fournier, he is basically the only guy we have that is above average. We are actually pretty good with players coming off screens. I would say we should do it more, but with Fournier and Ross, we already have 2 of the top 12 when it comes to number of plays finished in this manner. Team basis: We are good at finishing in transition (top 10), but bad at getting into those situations (bottom 10 in the league in attempts) As noted above, we are terrible at isos, but clifford is smart enough to limit those attempts and we attempt the least in the league. We are average when the P&R ball handler finishes the play, but below average when the roll man finishes the play. We are the worst post up team in the league efficiency wise and attempt too many post ups. We are the worst spot up team in the league. We are average at hand offs. We are average at cutting plays, even while having two of the best cutters in the league on our team. We are good at coming off screens.
  9. I want to see some Fultz-Gordon pick and roll. Or just pick and roll with Gordon as the roll man in general. When getting the ball as a roll man, he scores 1.33 points per possession- which is pretty great. But he has only been the finisher in these situations on 24 possessions. That is 1/10 the number of times Vuch has been the roll man. Vuch scores a respectable 1.14 points per possession in these situations, but it only makes sense (to me) to have a little more variety.
  10. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Sounds about right. I think losing Isaac really hurt us.
  11. It's weird. We were looking okay for the first few games without Isaac, but it feels like we have fallen apart on both ends without Augustin.
  12. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    That actually is pretty good.
  13. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    Because he is not very good in my opinion. 1. He is inefficient. (He is less efficient this year than Fournier was last year. His efficiency has dropped every year that he has been in the league.) 2. Decent passer, but would have the most turnovers of any player on our roster. 3. Since his rookie year, the Nets have not been better with him on the court. 4. Might be injury prone- has never played a full season. 5. Not a good defensive player, going by NBA's tracking metrics and basically any advanced stat. Opponents average about 3% higher FG% over him than their normal averages. 6. Fivethirtyeight also seems to agree with me, as they note his 5 year forecast as being a "rotational player"- and that was before this year where he has not been playing that well/been injured. What makes you think he is any good?
  14. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    If we are talking about overrated players, look right there. Would rather keep Gordon.