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  1. Magic vs Clippers

    I believe he had a slight injury that he tried to play through as well, which didn't help. But basically he wasn't given a chance to get all of the suck out of his system. Look at a bunch of the young players in the league. Look at Buddy Hield, at Brandon Ingram, at Wiggins, at Dennis Smith, at Lonzo Ball. The list could go on and on- for every Ben Simmons, there are at least three or four players who struggle a bit their first few years. I want to say though that through out all of this, we have barely if ever heard anything negative out of him- and that is something at least. He seems like a good kid, and, even though he is very unlikely to be on the team next year and seems less and less likely to put it all together as each season passes, I can't help but hope that he does.
  2. Magic vs Clippers

    He is fine in the open court, but struggles in the half court- his dribble generally looks fine, but he has a tendency to make poor decisions- not knowing when to drive/ pass the ball off which results in turn overs. Honestly, out of all of our top picks (all of the rest of whom turned out fine- Oladipo, Gordon, Isaac maybe), he, for some reason, has always been given the shortest rope to play on (though his mistakes can be very noticeable). I can't help but feel that some of his seeming lack of development is the fault of the team.
  3. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Lol at Aaron Gordon not being an untouchable player.
  4. Magic vs Clippers

    There you go Simmons.
  5. Magic vs Clippers

    Ehh, i think you should be laying that on the guys that seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to be putting the ball in the basket.
  6. Magic vs Clippers

    Honestly, only Biz and Mario have been any good so far- we are just lucky that the clippers are bad too.
  7. Magic vs Clippers

    They have all been dreadful.
  8. Magic vs Clippers

  9. Magic vs Clippers

  10. Magic vs Clippers

    Dat block Mario!
  11. Magic vs Clippers

  12. Magic vs Clippers

    We were basically playing a PG-PG-wing-C-C line up, and somehow it kind of worked.
  13. Magic vs Clippers

    It was struggling when I wrote the comment- they are lucky Biyombo in cleaning up their junk.
  14. Magic vs Clippers

    This line up is struggling
  15. Magic vs Clippers

    Helps that this clippers team is jus dreadful- probably almost as negatively impacted by injury as us.