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  1. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    I love Dipo, but he had one good season then has been injured since.
  2. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    He has to be one of the most effective guards, point guards specifically, around the rim. Like who is legit better. Bledsoe? And usually guards get more efficient over time around the rim.
  3. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Yeah, pretty crazy. I don't even think we are playing as good as we could defensively. Isaac has been balling out, but I feel like most of the other guys have more to give on that end and even Isaac could get better on some things. At the same time, a lot of this is likely statistical noise- there is always the chance that the numbers look good partially because teams are just not hitting shots rather than something we are doing. Yes, by design, but it looks like the design is working. (at least so far). All of this is more to show trends, more than anything else. I don't think you can really seriously look at the numbers until about 20 games have been played- giving a good sample size.
  4. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    So some interesting take aways from our team numbers: 1: We have done a good job of keeping teams from taking shots around the rim. Currently we allow the 3rd lowest percentage of opponent's shots around the rim of all teams. On the other hand, from 10 feet to the three point we allow the second most. 2: We are again towards the top of defensive rebounding rate and average offensive rebounding rate. 3: We are getting to the line at a better rate than last year (but could still get to the line more). 4: We have the second highest blocks per 100 and 6th highest steals per 100. On the other hand, as bad as we have been shooting, other teams haven't really been blocking our shots or getting a lot of steals off of us. (4th lowest steals and 11th lowest opponent blocks). 5: Almost everything seems to point to our team being better than our record suggests. We have a positive net rating, have actually scored more points throughout the year than we have given up, and sites hike fivethirtyeight still believe in our long term chances. Our offense has also been improving back to (relatively) reasonable levels. We no longer even have the worst EFG% in the league.
  5. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    So, weird thing. Fivethirtyeight is still pretty bullish on us. We actually have some of the best odds to make the playoffs (82%) and their model still has us winning 42 by the end of the year with a margin of +1. Probably because the East has been crap.
  6. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    Why are fans of this team so eager to give up our youngsters so easily?
  7. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    First part is a bad trade. Gordon for a bunch of role players doesn’t make any sense. The second trade, I think there would be issues with Jaylen’s contract.
  8. What do you think would be a reasonable expectation for his offense? KG/ Rashard Lewis-ish? Or is that still too high?
  9. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    No one would score on us though.
  10. love that last quarter. only 8 points scored by the grizzlies.
  11. ... some bs fouls. Ok the last was legit.
  12. It is so weird, a lot of the 3s are wide open and still can't hit worth crap.
  13. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    One statistical note: Fivethirtyeight's pre-season prediction for us really hasn't changed after these first few games. According to them, we still have a 75% chance of making the playoffs.
  14. Odin

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    We have played 6 games. We have only lost one game that we really shouldn't have, against Atlanta. Toronto is likely in a similar range as us, and Denver and Milwaukee will likely be two of the best teams at the end of the year. We really should win at least 3 of the next 4 games. We need to start scoring better. But the season is still early, and stuff can look weird.
  15. This is disappointing.