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    Magic vs nuggets

    On the first three fouls of overtime, the other team inbounds the ball from the sideline instead of shooting free throws. Unless I missed one, I only counted three fouls on the magic.
  2. Extential

    Stuff needs your votes!

    The voting process has begun to see which of 6 mascots will be put into the mascot hall of fame. Currently our loveable Stuff is in 5th place. Please go to mascothalloffame.com and vote to show Stuff our love.
  3. Extential

    PHX @ ORL Game Thread 11/4

    I say lets wait and see what this team can do. I believe that having an all-star player on a team can be exciting but also overrated. Like Vaughn says neither he nor the other team knows who is getting the ball next. Instead of having an all-star player we have a team of well rounded players that can in my opinion step up when needed. I mean, why be like the caves (with James) or who we were with Dwight which never one them or us a championship.