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  1. Dude let's hope the Heat lose to the Bullets tomorrow night. That would be beneficial to us as well.
  2. LeBron has the look of a winner tonight. He wants this win.
  3. Miami down 25 with about 5 minutes to go. I think the Nets will lose too.
  4. Maybe Brooklyn will lose to the Lakers too to make it a Trifecta!
  5. Watching the David Steele Story now. What an interesting dude. I actually met him at a Magic game a few years back. He is very down to earth and a cool guy. Also met Nick Anderson and Pat Williams. I met the Magic Dancers too back then and they were kind enough to sign my Black and Blue Magic balls.
  6. No way we lose to the Hawks.
  7. No more Truck Norris. Although we are now getting more of Jan from Toyota.
  8. When is the last time Vooch only had 4 boards in a game ? Heat down by 20 near the end of the 3rd qtr.
  9. Even if we lose to the Heat on Tuesday night we would still own the tiebreaker due to Division records.
  10. Dude why so negative ? Remember to never stop believing.
  11. Love, props, and everything good goes to you for the openers! DON'T STOP BELIEVING!!
  12. If they lose to Philly then that game will be a MUST WIN for sure. If we beat Philly and the Heat lose tonight then a loss to Miami won't be quite as devastating.
  13. Lol, Jay needs to follow the team on the 4 game road trip too!
  14. Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! Winner winner chicken dinner!! He also praised the fans which was cool.
  15. Jay where the heck were you man ?! You and your Pops have gotta be partying on Church St or something now!