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  1. harryfromphilly

    2022 Off-season Thread

    on the other hand, the franz video was great. Informative with a lot of detail and numbers to back it up
  2. harryfromphilly

    2022 Off-season Thread

    I dont know about this video I feel like he spent 50% of the video talking about he structure and hard work that ESPN has put in and said very little of substance about the magic
  3. harryfromphilly

    2021-2022 Orlando Magic Season Thread… Let’s Goo!!!

    OK, I just gotta say, after all of the complaining about not getting health updates... i am surprised that there is not more discussion now that we have had 2
  4. harryfromphilly

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    oh ok i had not seen him I posted this a few months ago i went to a game and he did not sit on the bench, stood in the exit vom
  5. harryfromphilly

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    I'm not even seeing fultz on the bench weird
  6. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    yes sir too bad about that free throw they were both good though
  7. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    I always liked him I know he didnt put up numbers and he had some haters. But I thought he brought so much energy
  8. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    got it, thanks
  9. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    i'm really disappointed But also confused. Why did we waive Moore AND Carter-Williams if we also waved Dozier?
  10. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    and who said the magic were not going to make moves at the deadline lol
  11. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    Yeah, I would definately do it for Issac if there is good return. I still am a believer in Marquelle, unless something is going that we dont know about. This quiet leads to more questions than answers
  12. harryfromphilly

    2022 NBA Trade Deadline Thread

    I just heard on talk radio that the magic are moving behind the scenes to get rid of both Marquelle and J.I. Thoughts?
  13. harryfromphilly

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Personally, I am disgusted by the lack of information from the FO about the status of the injuries. Its hard to be a fan when it feels like even the management is against you
  14. harryfromphilly

    Magic vs Heat Official Game Thread - Fri., Dec. 17 @ 7 PM

    does anyone think that there will be a markelle citing while we are home?
  15. harryfromphilly

    Magic vs Wizards Official Game Thread - Sat., Nov. 13th @ 7 pm

    im watching but what can you say flashes of maybe something there, followed by long stretches of very amateur play gary harris is acting like cole running down the court and throwing up 3's i have to say, our FO should be feeding us some info about JI and Marquelle if for no other reason than to keep fans from losing all hope