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  1. Stock

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Ok we wasn't expecting Briscoe even though I like this guy, but what's the deal with Thomas?
  2. Stock

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Nice to be back here. Been a while.. I'm from Estonia. This guy can ball, in Estonia he played in Kalev/Cramo and in VTB United League, they batteled strong teams from Russia (CSKA, Himki, Zenith and so) He played very well against them. I'm pretty excited to see him play in summer league.
  3. Stock

    2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

    I don´t think we make any move.
  4. Stock

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    I like to watch LA games lately. They started rebuilding their team almost same time like we and look at them right now.. and look at us. They are going up.. and we, well, still where we used to.
  5. Stock

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    I think this is a beginning of something big. It just doesn't make any sense.. give up so many for Ibaka. DeRozan is on the way
  6. Stock

    2016 Off-Season Thread

    I know it´s off-topic, but I can´t find Drive to the finals 2016 anywhere..
  7. Stock

    OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD: Magic @ Raptors

    Great start.. After 5 min we are down by 10
  8. Please season.. end NOW!
  9. Clarkson-Russell-Randle.. Future big 3. Or our defense just suck.
  10. This is too close game.. Not like it at all.
  11. Stock


    MY FUC*KING GOD.. We beat the damn birds..
  12. Stock


    Last sho.. And this better be a basket
  13. Stock


    Fu*k this.. Nice