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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Why in the hell would we be doing that? Honestly why? We don’t send him to the third party? What’s going on?!
  2. Magic vs nuggets

    We have a team that is currently in a power struggle...what do you guys expect? For them to go out and fight for eachother?!?! This won't change until our roster does. This is not a Vogel issue but a roster and fit issue. We are finally finding ourselves and everyone is up in arms. This is apart of the process albeit a very slow and obvious choice part.
  3. Magic vs nuggets

    Perspective gentlemen perspective.
  4. Magic vs nuggets

    You guys have to relax. The injuries we have suffered thus far play a big role in this game and the season as a whole. We need to tweak some things but we are fine. Relax!
  5. Magic vs nuggets

    Funny you brought this up. I saw Simmons shot count and said “man that would be nice off the bench with our limited players. Let’s start Iwundu. Limited shot taker. Plays his role. Good enough on defense.” Thought I would get killed so I didn’t post it.
  6. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    You know what's going to suck? When Gordon avgs 20+ ppg while Fournier is out and Vuch takes a few more shots and avgs 20 and the front office thinks trading Fournier is the better action instead of Vuch.
  7. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Injuries are really killing us this season. It's actually kind of surprising we have the record we do.
  8. Magic vs hawks

    It's a shame really....
  9. Magic vs hawks

    Let's *****ing go!
  10. Magic vs hawks

    So we give the ball to Fournier to make a play and he isn't a play maker....hhhhmmmm. Frank really bothers me sometimes.
  11. Magic vs hawks

    Our help defense has been phenomenal these last 5 mins or so we just cant buy a bucket!
  12. Magic vs hawks

    Vuch/Payton pick and roll is still terrible lol.
  13. Magic vs hawks

    Gordon is a goddamn monster! Wish he would of attacked the basket on that closeout. You got beat by Schroeder(sp) but jumps high enough to bother him anyways. Comes back with a great rebound and foul.
  14. Magic vs hawks

    Great shot by Vuch!
  15. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    It's not about him knowing the system. It's about testing the injury in a controlled enviromemt as close to possible as an actual game. This is how you keep guys from re-injuring themselves.