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  1. harley

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Stuff Brown just draft AJ Griffin. He’s a stud.
  2. That’s just so ridiculous to even bring up. In what world are GS gonna part with Kuminga and Wiseman for bloody Bamba and Ross. Christ. Anyone got any realistic trades for these two? Can’t see it being more than 2nd rounders which means we’re prob better off keeping them right?
  3. Any of us left that still hold out hope for Bamba and RJ? Feel like I have seen enough now. They won’t be part of the future I don’t think. RJ stinks, no basketball IQ and Mo has been a disappointment from the start.
  4. harley

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I’m leaning Jaden Ivey and Kendall Brown both could be superstars. Swing for the upside in this draft. We don’t need another piece, we need a superstar talent and the only way is to swing for the fence.
  5. harley

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Tough year huh. Personally now I don’t see the point in being fultz, Isaac etc back. What’s the point? Imagine them going down again in a game with 15 G leaguers in it. Bank a top 5 pick and go again. I reckon if Franz was in Covid protocol about 3 people would watch our games.
  6. harley

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    Neeeeeed a top 5 pick, any of Chet, Banchero, Hardy, Duren or Jabari would complete our roster. Then winning starts to become a priority from next year. My personal fave and best fit would be Hardy.
  7. He’s been really bad, like I don’t even know if we should bother developing him. Such a bummer
  8. You would have to seriously think WCJ for Vooch alone would of been a fair deal.
  9. Coles my favourite magician ever I reckon. Most fans on the boards/Twitter criticise him like he’s a vet, crazy to think he’s only in year two. What if he keeps improving at this rate? Sheesh
  10. Eh sucks to lose but we will take alot from that game, Chuma is back which is huge. Lose a close one to a top team and keep the lottery balls. Refs were *****ing disgusting, we looked the better team. Harden is a hard watch
  11. Rough game but still nearly got a trip dub and also big clutch shot and free throws.
  12. Fournier has been benched all of the last quarter for the past 6 games. Ha don't say we didn't warn you Knicks fans
  13. I love that Cole had a stinker and nearly got a triple double. Great signs. Franz is something else! We got something brewing, just 1 more top 5 pick please!
  14. Cole cops alot of criticism and magic forum's but imagine where we would be without him on the offensive end. It would be brutal. Chuma is looking like he has regressed a fair bit, I'm sure he will come good I really rate him. And finally people are coming around to what I have always though of Ross, he's the worst player I have ever had to root for. I just hate the way he plays on both ends, get him and Gary Harris away from this team ASAP. Doing way more harm than good.
  15. This will go down as an all time fleece of a trade. What a stupid trade from Chicago, good to be on the other side of the trade for once