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  1. harley

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    Great win. What an enjoyable season, bar the first 25 games. Get a couple shooters in draft and it’s on
  2. harley

    2022-2023 Season Thread

  3. How good has Fultz defense been this year. He’s unreal . Can’t believe more hasn’t been made of the fact he absolutely contested and affected those last 2 3p attempts from Portland
  4. harley

    Magic@Kings - Mon. Jan. 9, 2023 at 10:00 pm

    Love Mo B and Cole but the time has come to move them on or keep them glued to the bench. Even if Coles shooting percentage wasn’t so bad he would still contribute to losing basketball as he is such a liability on defense. Bamba too. Chuma has regressed on the offensive end but at least he’s a great defender. Keep him.
  5. harley

    Magic at Warriors - Sat. Jan. 7th @ 8:30 pm

    Me either. It’s like when he can’t think about it his shot in pure, then at free throw line or 3pt line when he’s open he goes back to that weird form. Rest of his game is insane though, we just gotta hope he keeps improving that shot. Just needs to knuckle down and nail that mid range even more.
  6. harley

    Magic vs Grizzlies - Thurs. Jan. 5th @ 7 pm

    We’re past the small sample size for Cole now. He’s barely an NBA player, his one thing he’s meant to be ok at is shooting, and he’s one of the worst in the NBA. His defending is a liability. I think we move Him, Bamba and Ross on as we have the assets to build a roster full of good defenders. Having these players on the court just break down your defence, absolute traffic cones. Hard to watch them.
  7. harley

    Magic vs Thunder - Wednesday., Jan. 4th @ 7 pm

    I hope we develop Houston right. Could be a steal. Him and JIs games are prob the perfect players to pair with Franz/P. Lucky to have Paolo guys
  8. harley

    Magic vs Wizards -Friday., Dec. 30th @ 7 pm

    Great post. 100% bang on. I just can’t watch him anymore, he must suck to play with. He’s the worst type of vet to have with a young developing team, doesn’t pass, plays zero defence and jacks up the worst shots early in the shot clock. People been asking to trade him for years, but I don’t think any team has been willing to trade for him. And why would they? He’s in “the worst player in the league” territory now. TBH he prob has been since 2019. Just get him off the team in any way possible please Weltham.
  9. harley

    Magic vs Wizards -Friday., Dec. 30th @ 7 pm

    We gotta waive T Ross right? He is deplorable out there. It’s hard to watch
  10. harley

    2022-2023 Draft Thread

    Cason Wallace and Jalen Suggs would be a filthy backcourt. Wallace can shoot, both play Elite defense. Would be incredible. Reckon we nab him with Bulls pick. That Vooch trade wowee
  11. harley

    Magic3:00Celtics_Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022

    Coles gonna be fine. He’s a bull in a China shop at times but that’s part of a sixth man role in weird way. He just needs to find that mid range pull up. That’s money for him.
  12. harley

    Magic3:00Celtics_Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022

    I’m so *****in happy. Admiral Schofield woweee. We all suffered through Dwayne Bacon, Fournier etc we bloody deserve Paolo! LFG
  13. harley

    Magic at Celtics - Friday Dec. 16 @ 7:30 PM

    The biggest thing for me during this winning streak is Bamba actually playing like a Big man. He’s a cheat code against second units playing like this. If this is the kind of improvement he keeps up, he’s a keeper. Still has a lot to learn and grow. Now let’s get the rest back and shake this eastern conference tree. Full strength were in this
  14. harley

    MagicVsHawks - Wed., Dec. 14th @ 7 pm

    Maybe? Maybe not? But we need to do all we can to develop this man and improve his defensive side. His offensive prowess is almost unmatched in the league. It’s amusing that there is still some negativity on Bol, he’s basically a rookie. He has his warts sure, but what if he was a good defender? He would then be a better Giannis right? Let’s ride the bumps with him because if he keeps improving he can be a legit big 3 with Franz and Paolo. Then we also going to have former top 5,6 picks etc as role players off the bench. It’s wild when you think of it. We’re about to be loaded as hell as soon as next year.
  15. harley

    MagicVsRaptors - 6:00 PM, Sunday, Dec. 11th

    Now we’re cooking. Keep getting guys back slowly and watch us go a run to end the year. Cole off the bench is a game changer for us. Also I know they cop some Heat, but shout out to Admiral and Kevon, They give their all. Can’t knock them recently