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  1. harley

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    100%. We need a complete teardown. Its mind boggling that people still think the opposite. Vooch's value might never get higher after this monster playoff showing. A well run FO would realise this and cash in. Trade AG and 15 for the best value you can find. If Evan opts in, tell him he will be riding the pine and won't be seeing the floor. It would cause his future value to diminish greatly, thus he may change his mind and opt out now for a longer deal elsewhere. Let DJ, Iwundu, Frazier go, Keep MCW, Clark. Ennis 50/50. He can stay for a min deal.
  2. Man I hope so. I don’t think u can watch next year if he is still on team
  3. Evan was missing that game. Every good game Fultz has dominated, Evan has been out.
  4. If Fournier opts in then I would just tell him there is no spot for him on our teams. He can come watch or we can just post the cheque’s to his house. Don’t want him anywhere near us. He doesn’t even look like he’s trying. He’s a loser in every way
  5. Happy I set the alarm for 1.30 am here in Australia. Well worth it. Can’t get back to sleep now
  6. Destroyed them. Wow Vooch, if he could bring that more times than not I’d be happy to run it back with him. Amazing what happens when we have shooters on the floor! We need to draft a shooter this year. Add that plus Gordon, Isaac, Bamba and Okeke. Sheeesh! Let’s go magic!
  7. harley

    2020 Official Off-Season Thread

    Draft Ramsey with our first. Trade Vooch to either Chicago for WCJ or Brooklyn for Levert/Allen Hope like hell Fournier opts out. If not trade him to Denver for G Harris. Sign a high energy centre. Keep Iwundu and MCW Let Birch, Ennis, DJ, Frazier walk Start- Fultz, Harris, Okeke, Gordon, WCJ McW, Ramsey, Ross, Aminu, Bamba
  8. harley

    Magic Vs. Celtics - Sunday, Aug. 9th at 5:00 P.M.

    He is infuriating, on par with Evan for me now. Can't wait till they're gone. Boston might need Vooch, be nice if he has a big game here. Wonder what we could get off them for him? Salary matching would be the difficult part
  9. harley

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    BINGO!! Couldn’t agree more. Sick and tired of it
  10. harley

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Im not watching a NBA team that has a 34 yr old DJ Augustin, Ennis, Fournier and Vooch in its starting 5, thats maxing out at the 8th spot. I mean seriously. Either Clifford starts playing Bamba etc or he goes. We need an entire new direction. Im so tired of all of this. I really love our team but not sure how much longer I can stomach this. We need complete rebuild. Especially with JI out until 21/22 season. Time is now!!!
  11. harley

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Would love to know what our thoughts are going forward? esp you @Fultz4thewin? I think this is a good chance to balance out the roster until Isaac returns. I mean this should give the front office a reason to trade Vooch and Evan for picks. Even trade AG if the deal blows us away. Or do they stay the course and slowly add a mid first rounder each year and remain competitive whilst hoping Okeke, Fultz and Bamba make strides? Personally I would try get what ever we can for Ross, Evan and Vooch. Keep AG, give him Bamba, Okeke, and Fultz the keys next year and try for the Cunningham or top 3 pick in the 21 draft. Then Isaac comes back with a stud draft pick, Gordon, Bamba, Okeke, Fultz, this years first and 2021 first. Thoughts? now is the time to see if Bamba can sink or swim? he stinks we land a top 3 pick, he shows something we got another piece going forward.
  12. harley

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I mean what do we do now with his contract? 3 for 30? This is *****ed
  13. harley

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    Changes our whole future. Have to keep Gordon now. Can’t plan for Isaac. He’s a bonus going forward. What a damn shame. Bring on Okeke. Gotta hit in this draft. As in swing for the upside guy. Bamba is not what we hoped for unfortunately