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  1. harley

    2018-19 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Obviously being in Australia I can’t be there, but it would be awesome if we could pack out the Amway tonight! No excuses guys get there and be loud!! Go magic
  2. harley

    Welcome Markelle Fultz glad to have ya

    I just say I been down all year with this team, but gee whiz now I’m up and about. I really think he will be fine, can’t under estimate how much it changes our timeline and potential. Seen somewhere that our core has the highest ceiling but lowest floor in the nba. Pretty spot on I reckon. Bring it on. Now we just need Evan to regain his shot!
  3. Fultz trade. Magic win. I know I can be negative on here but o f%#kn love this team. What a day. Onwards and upwards from here. I’m all for playoffs now and not the high draft pick.a happy Australian magic fan here
  4. harley

    Trade Thread

    That meant to say first round. I’m delirious
  5. harley

    Trade Thread

    No we cooking boys!!! Add in afiesg round this year and we’re away. We won the oladipo trade hahahahaha
  6. harley

    Trade Thread

    It’s happening!! Bring me Fultz! Ross’ insta story says it all. Unless he’s trolling
  7. harley

    Trade Thread

  8. harley

    2019 NBA Draft Thread

    ?4thewin curious was to who you think we should be looking at in our draft range?? You prefer we trade the pick yeah??
  9. harley

    Magic vs nets

    We would have to attach an unprotected first round pick to get rid of Fournier. He is a worse asset than Mozgov! Am I overreacting?
  10. harley

    Trade Thread

    Yeah what I’m trying to say is mate is that New York would be be the only tanking team below us that would be picking a point guard I reckon, so with smith they most likely won’t pick Morant. Actually there’s Phoenix too. My bad. I’m on break and work and a lots happening in my head with what’s happened today haha
  11. harley

    Trade Thread

    They’re more than likely picking before us in draft, and they will pass on Morant. So he could fall to our pick?
  12. harley

    Trade Thread

    Not sure it’s been said, but with Knicks getting DSJ that means they won’t draft Morant and we might be able to snag him right?
  13. harley

    Trade Thread

    https://outline.com/ copy and paste link in this
  14. harley

    Trade Thread

    I reckon Garland or Morant. One will be. Both will be as good as smith. That’s just my opinion