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  1. Magic @ Spurs

    Yea...I know. Wish we could of actually got a look at our team this year. All these injuries leave us exactly where we were at the beginning of the season.
  2. Magic @ Spurs

    *We have the worst team in the league* Fixed.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    He's also like 26.
  4. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    He literally averaged 11 mins a game. What player post a double double while playing 11 mins? With consistent and ample playing time I think he can be or at the very least be close to a double double guy every night. Again I don't think he would be a world beater but he would be solid and do his job. I like him just not as much as others and not as little as you.
  5. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Yea I'm all for him playing more/starting just tempering expectations.
  6. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I do agree he is a double double guy who plays good defense on a nightly basis. I just want to make sure everyone doesn't get too carried away with their expectations. Birch is solid in most regards. He won't excel most nights but will do his job. Defensively he will look like a world beater simply because we haven't had a guy play good defense at the center position since Dwight. He's solid all around that's it.
  7. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Comparing a #5 pick in the draft to a guy who went undrafted is not fair. I'm not saying Birch can't or will not improve I'm just saying he is not much more than a good role player. Now, I believe that is exactly what we need at the center position so I am not discounting him starting just saying I'm not sure what else "develops".
  8. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    A lot of you keep bringing up the development of Birch. I don’t really think there is much more development to his game. He’s a solid guy who plays his role. Whether that means as a starter or bench guy he’s going to do his job. More playing time isn’t going to change much. He’s not some rookie who has never played professional b-ball. His time overseas served him well.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

  10. Magic @ Lakers

    Well that's *****ing absurd...
  11. Magic @ Utah

    What the hell is up with Gordon? He has been absolute trash for a while now. I thought he was just fatigued but that clearly isn't the issue. (I also haven't watched much just followed stat lines).
  12. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I'm with you with being checked out but another coaching change is not what we need.
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Most of these kids thus far took a little over or less than $1000. These damn dinner dates are nothing and I'm actually surprised this is such a big deal. Really? Who cares?
  14. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Another UNLV guy so that makes me pretty happy! Hopefully he finds a way to stick around.
  15. Bucks @ Magic, Saturday February 10th @ 7:00 P.M.

    Third strike. The draft flattening out was a dope move.
  16. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Plus Vuch is still tradeable even if that means taking a less than worth deal like we did with Payton. If we have the young rookie ready for starter minutes giving him up for second or whatever garbage hurts less.
  17. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    How important are PGs? They're obviously important but do we really need to be focused on one? Guards and Forwards have always been the guy on championship teams. "Game manager" type PGs have won ships since inception. To play off of HeHateMe I'm not so sure PG is our focus.
  18. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I think this positioning works in our favor. A Young or Sexton improves our team without much risk in deciding in the 1-3 range. I think I rather 4-7 than 1-3. I feel like in the 4-7 range we know what we are getting for the most part.
  19. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    What was the knick offer before you flubbed that?
  20. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Gordon always says the right things. He isn't going to say anything interesting.
  21. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Happy Payton is gone. The return is laughable.
  22. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    There was no way IT survived in CLE. He's been ****ting on the team since he returned.
  23. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

  24. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I'm definitely fine with moving on but for chump change seems lazy.
  25. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I think he's worth keeping around for cheap next year if we can swing it. I don't know if it's possible.