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    Happy Father's Day to all the good dads in the forum.
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    Here’s my confession: I’m an Orlando Magic homer and will convince myself whoever we pick is destined to be absolutely amazing.
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    True Blue Nation, I return to you now, like the cicada, after nearly 12 years of lying dormant without a post, to impart my basketball wisdom once again. The game has changed a lot in 12 years. We are certainly in a new era of basketball: the era of the three. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are most certainly the model for this new era, but let’s not forget who helped lay the blueprint. We did. Back in the summer of 2006, True Blue Nation nudged our front office to draft JJ Redick with the 11th pick in the 2006 NBA draft, sensing that JJ would be the perfect jelly to Dwight’s peanut butter. I was one of the loudest voices in camp Redick in ‘06, not because JJ was a great shooter (and he most certainly was that), but because I saw his hunger to be a great player. The profile and characteristics of a successful basketball player has changed throughout the years, but one thing has always been at the core: hunger. The hunger and work ethic to be the best player one can be. As we approach the 2022 NBA draft let’s remind ourselves the importance of that characteristic when we make our selection. I won’t name names, but there are some players in this draft who look like they work a little harder (be that in the gym after the game or on the defensive side during the game). This is the player I want on the Magic in 5 years. Back in the summer of 2007, True Blue Nation called for the signing of free agent Rashard Lewis to add to our three point shooting repertoire. I was one of the most vocal proponents of Lewis because I knew what a dangerous weapon a selfless shooting big man like Lewis could be on our squad. Many at the time called for the Magic to sign the younger Gerald Wallace instead. While the Rashard Lewis signing proved to be an overpay, he was certainly a key factor in the Magic’s ultimately unsuccessful 2009 NBA Finals run. Let’s remind ourselves what it was like to have guys on the team who could put the ball in the basket. Let’s remind ourselves of Rashard’s heroic three point shooting that propelled the Magic past LeBron and the Cavs in ‘09. Let’s remind ourselves that we once had the best frontcourt in the NBA with Dwight, Rashard and Hedo. Now, consider the similarities between Wendell, Draft Pick X and Franz. I won’t name draft pick X, but there’s one guy who gives me that feeling I had back in 2007. I won’t say who I want the Magic to draft, but I think the writing is on the wall. There’s one player who not only fits perfectly with our personnel, but also has the work ethic to be great. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are successful not because they’re unicorns. They’re successful because they are selfless, hungry players with unmatched work ethic. Close your eyes and picture one of the 2022 NBA draftees hoisting a Finals MVP trophy for the 2025 Orlando Magic. Who do you see? Be the voice for that player. 15 years ago I was a loud voice on these same forums for the Magic to draft JJ, hire Stan and sign Rashard. While I know that I ultimately didn’t have much say one way or the other, it was so cool to see a team that I was so vocal about forming make it to the NBA Finals. I’m clearly not as active on these forums as I once was, but I’d like to remind all the fans of True Blue Nation that you are all the true voice of this team. Our collective voices shape the franchise more than we know. So, in the voice of an old poster Jack Daniels 999, “I believe, do you believe?”
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    Man, Bill Russell is gone. What a figure. What a person.
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    I just don’t agree with the “it’s not the right time” mentality. We have assets now, mainly they’re assets because they’re still unknowns and on their rookie deals. Guys like, Cole, Suggs, RJ, Chuma have shown some small flashes that they could be something, but our development team being able to develop them all in to something? And still developing Paolo and Franz who have shown they’ve got the most potential.. That’s not realistic with how many prospects we have. Superstar scoring guards like Donovan Mitchell, who by the way is only 25 years old, don’t become available like this very often. If we wait now because it’s not the right time and 90% of our prospects are busts we wind up right back into diving in on another decade of rebuild.
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    Fabulous. Let’s throw away another season and screw up the young player development some more for a 15% chance of landing the first pick. Tanking really is like an addiction. Edit: Sorry. 14% chance. Bonus: Demoralize further your fan base which had gotten a little excited about who we just drafted.
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    Rather not have either of you leave the forum. Instead, let’s make it for $5,000. As a neutral party, I’ll be happy to hold on to each of your 5K until we see who wins in a few years. At that point, if you’re able to track me down, winner gets the $$$ :)
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    I will say that I won't throw a fit if we draft the stick figure. Chet has bananas talent for a guy his height. My issue with Chet isn't even really about his weight, though that is certainly part of it. I don't like super-skinny guys; but I have missed on other prospects for that reason before. I thought Durant would get roughed up in the NBA. I thought Gobert would fold in half. I didn't like Mobley, either (though, to be fair, I didn't really like anyone in last year's draft except Cunningham and Green). I don't trust that guys like that will not spend most of their time injured. And Chet is WAY skinnier than any of those guys, in terms of frame. What bothers me about Chet (aside from the obvious) is two-fold: he wasn't the main focus of his college team's offense and he wasn't good against top talent. And I think Orlando needs a star with the first pick, not a giant Swiss Army Knife. Chet is basically a taller Isaac, from what I've seen (with a little better shooting), and while I like Isaac, he isn't the guy you draft at #1. I see all the talent that Chet has, different skills that you just don't see in a 7-footer. But the question for me is, 'what in Chet's game will translate and actually matter?' He's a monster of a shot-blocker, but so is Porzingis, and he was traded to make Dallas better because he was actually a defensive liability. The weird thing is: shot-blocking doesn't necessarily equal great defense. Chet's scary-looking in transition, because he's a 7-footer who can run the floor and dribble. But is that really all that useful? How many times in a game will that matter at all? Is it truly impactful, or just a novelty? Chet's got cool post moves, but will he be able to use any of them on grown men who will just put him off-balance and man-handle him? Bigger college guys man-handled him, NBA guys will EAT him. He would need to put on at minimum 30 pounds before 90% of the league wouldn't be able to gently nudge him to any spot on the floor they want him, and probably 50 lbs before most Centers won't be able to. Will he be able to do that, and if he does, will he be the same guy? What good will post moves mean if he can't hold a position long enough to use them? (so the weight does mean something, but it's more than just about whether he'll be injury-prone). Are we so enamored with this guy because he's so crazy skilled, or because he's got a lot of better-than-average skills and is 7 feet tall. Now Chet might very well come in and become the Dirk/Noah combo that I DO see in there if I squint. That's why I hate tanking so much. You can tank for ten years to finally get the first pick, and you get a guy who might be an all-time great, or he might not even be a starter; or he might be an all-time great who you lose when a stiff wind carries him off a cliff, or a toddler bumps him at Disney and his twig leg snaps. Or you draft Jabari and he's either taller Paul George/Jayson Tatum or he isn't a number one option so he's basically taller Mikal Bridges (better than Chet's worst-case-scenario, but not worth 10 years of tanking, that's for sure). Or you draft Paulo and he's either better passing Melo, or just Jabari Parker 2.0, a man out of time in the modern NBA who's defense is so bad his above-average offense can't off-set it. Or you draft Sharpe, and he's either whatever form of Jesus the Kentucky Stans seem to think he'll be, or he's Dwayne Bacon. What I know is, like many others have said, I'll convince myself I love whoever we pick. At least for a while.
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    His hands are freakish looking. And as far as the dunk totals go, that is more of offensive plays and coaching than the player’s ability. None of the top 5 can shoot from range like this guy. With our anemic 3 point shooting, picking him is a no brainer.
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    I’m the biggest Isaac fan but there’s no need to downvote this post. It’s a fact and at the very least weird that he still ain’t playing
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    We’re not building our team around him. That ship sailed. He’s a complimentary piece at best until he proves otherwise
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    If Franz played with the MVP I'm sure he would have contributed to a playoff team.
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    Agree DM sounds a little butt hurt tbh (crying that everyone was there to see PB). DM claiming he's the "Real #5"....Who the hell does he think he is Johnny-5? If PB has that much real estate in DM's head at 19, I can't wait to see what happens as he develops.
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    Yup. Your number 1 draft pick has a limp. He looked better than the #3 draft pick in almost every way. Even though it was ugly, he helped the team to a gutsy win in OT. Might as well give him some rest and gear up for the season. I could care less about summer league. Winning a SL championship means nothing. It's not even helpful for the organization because it's not your starting lineup on night 1 of the regular season. Of course, everyone wants to see the #1 v #2 but I'm not worried about it. Let's just get the W when we play them in a few months. Let the starters continue to build rapport off-court and start working out together, come into camp with good chemistry and build toward that future. We have a lot of things to be excited about! Don't sweat the small stuff.
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    This is basically a no risk move for us. No impact on long term cap, we still have plenty of space. Can trade Bamba at some point if there's a market for him. Less exciting than a new face but reasonable.
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    After all the drama last night, today I meditated a little bit and I think now I can pronunce some sentences about it. Please don’t take it as a moaning, it’s not. I really like Banchero. I really see in him a terryfic offensive player, with a lot of strenght and the will to succeed. I think he can do the Magic’s offense better in a lot of ways. But I still think Jabari was the #1, for several reasons: defense, shooting, development ceiling… I can live with this just fine. But I still don’t fully understand some things around the draft process or the GM’s moves. 1) Why hiding so much your pick when you have the number one? 2) Why didn’t you bring your number one player to practice? If the answer to the first question is that they expected to trade down with Houston, that was a gigantic fail. If the answer to the second question is that Banchero didn’t want to working out, why can’t you talk to him and make him see that you are really considering him as the number one pick? I’m not comfortable with treating the GM like the are all-knowing persons, and right now I’m very confused about the Magic ones after the draft. And I think we earned as fans the right to question their decisions. With all been said, I hope Banchero lead us to the glory. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that :P (sorry for my grammar, I'm not a native)
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    That’s fair. Freak athleticism is probably reserves for guys like Dwight Howard and Giannis Antetokounmpo. I think Jabari is highly athletic, laterally quick but not necessarily explosive. One thing I think he DOES have that we don’t talk about is wide, broad shoulders. The guys frame naturally allows him to bulk up pretty significantly, which I think will put him into a different category of anything we’ve seen recently - a very strong, quick, and tall shooter. I still like him much more than anyone else in this draft as a fit for the magic.
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    You guys know how I want Donovan? I just passed him on the streets in Greenwich, CT. What are the chances?!? Ha! I was in a rush so I wasn’t able to chat but wanted to recruit him to O-Town.
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    Sharpe is too much of a risk so I’ve soured on picking him (unless we get another first rounder). If we leave the draft without one of Chet or Jabari I’ll be really mad. They’re tied in my mind right now, with different pros and cons.
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    Agree with this 100%. It’s been non stop articles on Sharpe and why the Magic need to draft him without contributing much else. Now challenging CT to make a bet where if whoever loses they need to leave the forum? Sounds like we are back in middle school and not grown men sharing our differences of opinion on an online team forum. Clearly CT was joking with the comment he posted about the intelligence and quality of posts going down if he left. At least he brings insightful content and although we all know he wants Chet he doesn’t have a problem discussing other candidates as well. I’d rather have CT here any day of the week instead of seeing the same posts over and over again about a guy the Magic aren’t going to draft with the 1st overall pick or even trade down to get. I initially appreciated your posts when you came back junkie but you just keep flooding these boards with the same Sharpe propaganda and now you’re being petty with that bet you proposed. Just my 2 cents.
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    Well, than my opinion is that CTMagic is surely not the one here having a problem of an inflated opinion of himself... or an inflated opinion of one single player btw. I wonder how many other forums have more than half of the draft thread posts dedicated to the only and mighty Sharpe (slighty annoying, when you're a Magic fan and not a Kentucky one). I imagine that the answer is: NONE. Just my two cents.
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    Did we get Chris Paul yet?
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    By the end of the year Jabari was calling for the ball and was visibly upset when his guards didn’t provide. His desire for the ball to be in his hands leads me to believe he has Alpha in him.
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    The closer we get to the draft, the more I’d rather trade the pick, I think. Open for trading down and asset collecting while still getting a top prospect, or trading out if it lands us an established all star. I still think it’s Jabari if we go 1, but I’m also in a bit of a superstitious camp with him all of a sudden, which admittedly is 100% unreasonable and dumb. I didn’t like him wearing Laker colored shoes to his workout, left a bad taste considering that we lost 2 faces of the franchise that we picked 1 overall to that team.