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    Basically, my hypothesis is we could trade vucevic for a point guard and we'd be fine
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    Quick question. Before, the mobile version of the forum would quick jump to the first unread post in a given thread. Now it only goes to whatever page you select. Is there a way to get back to how it was? Makes keeping up on convos a lot easier if I miss some things, especially once the season is under way.
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    Nah Mauro sacrificed his foot for the win. Who of you will match his sacrifice when we play golden state?
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    Your #29 ranked league pass team. Nothing exciting here
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    I'm stupidly hyped about this season and I can't tell if that's a good thing or if I've just forgotten all the lessons learned over the past 5 years.
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    To be honest I'm ok with anything that gets rid of Vuch. I'm not the GM though so I don't have to make smart moves lol.
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    Something has snapped in my brain when watching Vooch. It's like I've been bottling it up all this time and now I just can't take it anymore.
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    We are playing better with DJ imo
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    He was looking for Vooch but forgot the bench was on the other side of the court.
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    We knew this road trip was going to be brutal. Let's not enter panic mode just yet.
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    We need to run more plays for gordon. Can't have him consistently taking only 10 shots a game
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    Let's get the 1st game of the road trip.
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    Was at the game tonight. It could be confirmation bias, but it seemed clear to me the major issue, just like against Chicago, was not having a PG who understood how to run the team the way it had been successful the previous games. I don't think it's a coincidence that we lost DJ, who had been starting, and who has been with the team since last off-season and despite his limitations at least seemed successful so far this year in setting up an offense that focused on using ball-movement to get good shots; and after losing him we suddenly became a team the last two games of "pass, pound the ball, hand it to someone else, pound the ball, pass it to someone else, pound the ball, take a bad shot". That's not to say that I really dislike Mack. He played alright, and he is an asset as a backup PG. I obviously like Simmons, too. But our bench unit has not been successful in the same way that our starting unit had been. The bench unit, when we were playing great ball, was based on solid D, scrappy play, and Simmons being able to punish teams going at the bucket. Put Simmons into the starting lineup and he messes up the entire dynamic of ball-movement and finding good shots quickly that made the previous SL so good. The bench unit, without Simmons, has no one to go get buckets, so Mack has to pick up that role, which he's somewhat capable of, but not enough to sustain it the way Simmons has (he just can't attack the basket as efficiently, and he's not good enough at finding shooters, even if our second unit had really good ones. Because we couldn't rely on a PG to set up the offense, in the last two game we've had two guys who seemed to be trying to force bad offense through pounding hero ball. Against Chicago, Aaron looked frustrated and yet determined to make that bad offense work (and no one else was moving the ball, so he just kept doing it, though he at least didn't take a ton of shots). Tonight, Fournier took 9 threes, most of them not good shots, trying to force it. Aaron took too many bad shots early, before it dawned on him that getting all the way to the basket was better than taking a contested pull-up jumper. I don't think these things happen if a legitimate starting PG is there tonight. I'm concerned with how we've played the last two games, but not overly so. I think we really need to see what this team looks like when Payton returns before anyone panics.
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    Maybe Chicago isn't terrible
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    What a win hadn't won in Memphis in almost 10 years. No way they win this last year or in previous seasons. That's what good teams do....find a way to win despite not playing their best even though them missing shots late helped too but you have to get yourself in position to win at the end. Jonathan Isaac is going to be a special player. I knew he would be contributing right away on the defensive end of the floor but he's been one of the anchors of the defense. And that bank 3 was clutch, once his offense catches up he's going to be something to see. It's still really early so I keep trying to temper my excitement but they just keep getting it done.
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    All I want for Halloween is for Orlando to trade for Eric Bledsoe. The more I watch this team, the less sense it makes that we wouldn't at least make an offer for him.
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    I hope we still click like this when Payton comes back! Next miracle... Payton cuts off the front of his hair, sees the basket for the 1st time in years and shots start falling for him.
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    That was one disgusted, dejected look by Pop. LMAO
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    We just need you to break something like 64 more times for the championship
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    I'm so proud of vucevic. He was 20 feet from a wide open shooter in the corner and he still ran out there to contest. That seems pointless but it shows a defensive energy that was rare from him prior to this year
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    I decided to track Gordon's touch time from the highlights because nba tracking still isn't up yet. I'm sure it's missing some shots and it doesn't count the possessions that don't result in something he does but I feel like it shows something regardless. numbers reflect time on the shot clock caught at 9. shot at 8 one dribble pull up caught at 16. shot 16. open catch and shoot three caught 24 shot 16. Russell switched onto him and he took him into the post. smart move. we'd want Isaac, vucevic, and probably simmons to do the same thing caught 15. shot 12. This one occurred at 8:10 in the first. evan drove to the right almost under the basket. sucked in hollis-jefferson and kicked it out to a wide open Gordon. Hollis Jefferson closed out hard. Gordon attacked to the left and the help never came. I want to talk about Vucevic's shooting on this one. Vucevic being able to shoot threes now (and his performance last week against Brooklyn sucks Mozgov all the way out to the three point line. Normally Mozgov would be just below the free throw line and could still defend Vucevic's 19 footers pretty well and be in a position to help. If Gordon is a solid three point threat going forward, Payton is going to live in the Paint. It's wide open. caught 24 shot 18. Gordon gets a rebound and starts pushing the pace. finds Russell on him again. takes him right to the rim. Caught 15 shot 13. looks like booker thinks Russell is going to switch because theres almost a handoff between ross and Gordon but it causes booker and Russell to both go to their left and Gordon just attacks the basket and draws a foul. caught 15 shot 15 alley oop caught 7 shot 7 open catch and shoot 3 caught 20 shot 19 fast break dunk caught 12 shot 10. soft jab once. pull up three as booker dares him to shoot it. This one is the closest jumper so far that you'd want to have him maybe decide faster. it doesn't really cross a line into last year but I don't think it's an efficient use of time. caught 24 shot 16. 9:30 in the third This is the first ball stopping play. he brings up the ball as the defacto point guard and the team runs a LeBron play for him. Vuc sets a high screen about 25 feet from the rim while Gordon is moving from half court towards the basket (as opposed to a typical screen where the action is parallel to the baseline) Gordon attacks Mozgov who decided to camp out at the restricted area and draws a foul while carroll was on his hip. So it worked. and its ok to bet on yourself like this once or twice a game. but you cant do it all the time. Lebron and Harden do this a lot. caught 15 shot 14. roll to the basket. one dribble foul. caught 21 shot 20. fast break miss then rebound then putback caught 8 shot 7 off ball cut (fouled) caught 16 shot 15 one dribble step back open three caught 17 shot 11. got Russell switched on him. this one was probably a travel. caught 24 shot 24. putback dunk caught 12 shot 12. catch and shoot 3. so you can see there were very few instances of an inefficient use of time at least on his successful plays. there was the LeBron screen that resulted in a ok shot when a good shot (vucevic at the three point line) was probably a better option. The only other one was the soft jab when he probably could have just pulled up immediately. That one was definitely an improvement from last year but, typically, bad things happen the longer Gordon holds the ball on the perimeter.
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    This year feels differently already
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    That performance was really crazy. Even if it's not sustainable, it was awesome to watch our guys drop bombs from 3 and players that seemed lost showing promise (a lot of it)
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    Our defense and rebounding is @#$%ing Terrible. I'd deactivate Biyombo next game and let Birch get some minutes. Send a message to Biyombo, we pay him to much to not rebound or play defense.
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    One ugly ass game so far. This always happens when CTmagicUK watches live.
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    It'd be cool to relive those no look passes from Jameer to Dwight...except this time I want Dwight to be the one not looking as the ball smacks him upside the head.
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    I'm scared I'm believing the AG hype. I'm seriously tempted to reach for him in the early rounds of our fantasy draft tonight.
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    On Thursday, Gordon said he’s not concerned about his own contract situation. “That’s not why I play the game,” Gordon said. “I trust Jeff Weltman and John Hammond to make the right decision, and I’m going to continue to play my game and continue to help my team get wins and improve as a basketball player. They see how hard I work. They see how far my game has come. I’m only 22. My game is going to continue to improve. There’s still no ceiling for me. I’m looking to be the best in the NBA at some point in my career.”
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    Gordon is currently shooting 44.4% from 3 this preseason. Man, if he could just shoot 34% from 3 this year that would make such a difference.
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    I enjoy watching preseason games and wish the Magic would broadcast them. Obviously we are all anxiously awaiting the regular season but to say preseason games are meaningless is absurd. We have a few players fighting to make this team and this may be the most important time in their professional career. I'm really hoping we find a way to keep Khem Birch.
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    We could've had Winslow geez. Just kidding he looks even worse if that's possible. So much for developing a shot. Kinda like iwundu but we didn't waste a top ten pick on him. I am sick of hearing that maybe this or that guy can become a good shooter in the nba. This is Extremely rare and just shouldn't be seriously considered plausible.
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    One of the few articles I've read that actually likes the direction we're headed. https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2017/10/6/16347458/orlando-magic-preview-2018-nba-playoff-competitors-orlando-magic-might-be-finally-on-the-right-track
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    With what we know of Biz's hands, its fairly likely he swung and missed
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    Can I give up my own team for this one lol? That's a ridiculous team. At least some of those guys will be available in the draft. Still can't believe I drafted Giannis my first year in the league and didn't keep him :(
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    Hello im a big fan of magic since 1994/1995 and im from uruguay. Im sorry for mi english,not is so good. Today i see de magic for LP free with a program who hack the LP jeje
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    I'll sacrifice a game if we actually learn something from this
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    This team is straight trash. Beginning was fools gold. History continues to repeat itself with the same players — who knew.
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    Oh wow I like that a lot. Pretty cool to have someone like that on our team.
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    EP has been fine. AG is just gonna get better and better!! So happy he is ours
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    Btw, I warned everybody that Lauri Markkanen would be good. This draft class is ridiculously deep. Lonzo, Fultz, Tatum, Smith, Isaac, Markkanen, J Collins, Kuzma, Bell, Mitchell and many more
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    Lol, this year might be the year that gets him another GM position.
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    Fouled too much. Turned it over a bunch. Hit a couple big shots. We ran an out of bounds alley oop for him.
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    You seriously believe that? Wow. If so, it just shows how much people really underestimate what Payton can do for this team and for this specific roster around him. Management has seen and accepted what he is, and is moving towards giving him and Gordon keys to the kingdom. Payton will show his worth this year. Maybe not in stats. But in wins. And in how he makes everyone else around him better. I have a prediction. I predict that before he retires Payton will beat the record for most assists in a game that was made by a former Orlando Magic player. Watch. I hope he does it this year.