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    It does look a lot smoother and effortless. But I never trust videos of NBA guys in gyms with nobody guarding them making shots.
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    Coming from a fan just like the rest of us. To say someone is absolutely not going to become something is absolutely ludicrous. The guy is just getting his feet wet and if you watched the games where JI was feeling good on offense you could just see the confidence coming out in his game. If you give the man more touches he’s going to produce more simple as that. To try and say he’s not going to be great in this league based off of nothing more than personal opinion is laughable. Give the guy a chance to at least grow into his body and get consistent playing time and some plays called for him. God forbid we are patient with our players and actually let them develop here instead of on another team. I think too many people are wanting to win the quick and easy way with how the league is trending with all this buddy ball super team garbage. If we are patient and actually develop our players correctly we will be a scary team to beat. I’d rather develop our players and build something the right way than pull these Houston moves and over paying to try and stay relevant.
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    The comment that 'fan for too long 2' made brings to mind Charlie Ward who played football and basketball at fsu and with the ny knicks. They both (Isaac and Ward) have something in common. Ward also preached while playing in the nba. In his rookie year, he played sparingly. He developed into a top notch point guard for the knicks. Read more . . . "Ward played sparingly in his rookie year under head coach Pat Riley, but the Knicks organization referred to him as "the point guard of the future." When assistant coach Jeff Van Gundy took over the head coaching position, Ward's time on the floor began to increase, becoming the primary backup for point guard Derek Harper. He became a fan favorite in New York for his hard work ethic and unselfish play. During his NBA career, Ward established himself as a good three-point shooter, a reliable ball distributor, and a respected floor leader. In Game 5 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat, with the Knicks holding a 3–1 series lead, Ward tried to box out P. J. Brown. When he tried to get inside after the free throw shot, Brown became frustrated, then retaliated by lifting Ward up and body-slamming him." About Ward's Preaching Work "Off the court, Ward became known for his extensive charitable work through groups like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In 2001, while playing for the Knicks, it was discovered that Ward had made disparaging comments about Jews during a Bible-study session." (Ward apologized and was forgiven by the Jewish community.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Ward Edit: Isaac and Ward has/had similar potentials in their rookie year in the NBA. They both have their spirituality that help(ed) them to BELIEVE that through hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.
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    It's not that stats are overrated, it's just that they assume that basketball games are identical environments when they're not. Stats are good as supplementary tools, not truths.
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    Yeah but his shot always looked a little weird which is why he tried to rebuild it after summer league his rookie year. I'm glad he's moving back toward that flawed but functional shot. Full reset back to July 2017. He can worry about fixing it down the line.
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    I would rather see him getting it from Fultz. That way we are keeping it out of Evan's hands and not watching Evan dribble around before passing it off to Vuc.
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    It's just really cool watching all of the little things he does in games. He's really useful even when he's bad on offense. Quite a few 0 point games where he had a really positive impact. He's almost 28 so I'm pretty sure he is what he is by now. He's gotta have one of the largest gaps between what he is at his peak vs what his numbers are over the course of a season. His off ball defense in space and ability to get through screens is special. He's a great rebounder, has really good timing with his passes, and does a pretty good job scoring in traffic in the paint. But his overall offensive numbers are horrendous. It's disorienting looking at what he does in his best games and comparing that to his career numbers.
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    I watched his interview with Stephen A. Smith and came away really impressed with Melo. I believe at this point you would get the very best of him.
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    I’m glad you can get a good laugh but when a guy is fighting to stay in the league he will take whatever he can get. Laugh all you want but Melo coming off the bench is exactly what we need with all the defense we have and no legitimate go to iso scorer. Again I’d take a flyer as long as he knows his role is to come off the bench and be a scoring specialist.
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    We can waive a two way guy at any time and replace him with another guy until January 10th I believe.
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    It really doesn't matter. Fultz is going to look fine shooting the ball today. He's going to be ready for training camp. His effectiveness shooting the ball in real game situations will be impossible to predict and it wouldn't shock me if he was never effective at shooting. While I'm not worried about him being ready for camp, I am concerned about what he's going to look like after he gets through a bit of the NBA schedule
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    He might be that for a season or two but I don’t see him more than an elite role player.
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    The only draft pick I feel like we missed on and could have gotten better talent was the year we got Mario Hezonja. There were better options available for sure but thankfully for us that management is gone besides the untouchables (Martins and the Devos family.) I agree with you though with the rest.
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    Who are you talking about? Are the near misses players we passed over or were they taken before we picked? Some things can’t be helped and some things can. I would be concerned about our talent evaluators if we passed over a guy.
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    Not just any player can score 16 points in one quarter against the Boston Celtics while both teams are competing for the playoffs. That is not just potential and that is not being desparate. That just proves he does have a chance to be that type of guy. Still will boil down to improving in the right area's, never being satisfied. I could see him being as good, if not better, than P. Siakam and that was awful good tjhis year. Will take a couple years but this was essentially his rookie year, so if he continues to improve next year (got to develop a game in the paint/near the basket) I think we will have mismatch at SF (in our favor) for most teams in the NBA.
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    he probably had one of the lowest usage rates on the team as well. He is really just asked to stand in the corner and shoot when open. Even when Isaac has like a 6 inch advantage, we dont go to him. I think it is sad, we dont look to him more.
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    Oh I dont mean assist to turnover I just mean turnover. I dont recall him turning the ball over much at all. I love JIs game and believe he has all the tools necessary to be truly elite
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    For all practical purposes 1 assist to 1 turnover per game. In other words not much. Biut his skill set says something different. Was a PG until his sophomore year in high school. He can handle the ball but has not done so yet. With Fournier dribbling the ball for 15 seconds how can he? lol. JI's growth, since we know he can shoot, has to become twofold......PF as a distributor like Leonard and Durant (and no I am not saying he is either of those two players) and a down low game (like Siakam). With his shooting either one will work and if he does both it will put him in "rarified air" status.
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    Anybody who can get in front of many people and preach their beliefs is an alpha in my book. fultz has a TON to show he is even a player still let alone an alpha.
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    I just hope we give Bamba every opportunity to become that best version of himself and not stunt his growth playing 16 mins a game behind Vuc.
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    I don't think anyone is denying this, but it might be a few years until we get that best version of Bamba.
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    It's not an argument you can really win because randle's box score numbers are better. All I know is anytime they're matched up against each other Gordon destroys him and randle can't get things going. Also he's been a free agent these past two offseasons and keeps getting 1-2 year deals in offseasons with better markets for him. He put up gaudy numbers on a team that lost to the McGee-rondo-Caruso Lakers by 30 points He dropped 31 in a loss against a Phoenix team that started okobo-Bridges-Jackson-spalding-Bender It's kind of impossible to judge his numbers from last season as he was given the role as a number one option on a team that had given up. Devin Booker had significantly better stats than Donovan Mitchell and Jimmy Butler, is Booker the best player out of the 3? Some advanced stats say no. Some say yes. Same deal with Gordon vs randle. Those same advanced stats say vucevic is equal to or better than embiid. Gross numbers say vucevic is on a completely different tier than Marc Gasol. That he's significantly better than Gasol. Gasol destroyed him in the playoffs. Who is better?
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    Some players play bigger than their size like Draymond and Thompson, so until Okekes shows he can play pf at 6'7" verse men. I am going to list him as a SF. Muggsy Bogues played great for his size, but it does not mean that other 5'3" 134lbs players will play at the same level or bigger than their size suggest - until they prove it. All I am saying is, he needs to prove what position he can be successful at or what position he can defend at before we say he is a NBA PF at 6'7".